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wtt bagged 720 for a bagged 620

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ok i will just stop coming on here if your going to complaine about ics some people cant afford cameras so if you want to give me one or buy me one dont EVER call me fail!



relax. They're just having fun. They said pics, so he posted a pic. It just happened to be a "fail" pic.

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no you dont ever call people fail! EVER

i dont take that thats why im getting out of vw becuse they are rude and only car about them self and hink they are better than you



so if you want to say sorry shout at it.


and btw look in the truck section for my pics

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that was it im done with this fourm why did you have to go and be a smart ass pce doode

Shesh dude....Ive been here for about 6 months and I get hell sometimes....Its part of life....Im willing to bet your under 27.Why do I say that cause the problem with kids these days there babied from day one.Kids dont lose in sports anymore why cause its not fair.You pick on anyone cause it affects there feelings.FUCK!.....when I was a kid thats what built character....You got tough skin and learned to dish it back out.Relax man you dont wanna piss off a Ratsun member cause it might come back to bite ya in the ass.Some of these guys here know more about a Datsun in there pinky then Ill ever know.:poop:

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Guest DatsuNoob

Come on guys, go easy on the new guys. He doesnt know how much we all love pics, and hasnt been here long enough to feel out the vibe of how we really are. It could be easy to misinterpret a playful ribbing as an assault of douche-baggery from a bunch of guys you dont know. Especially since some forums are notorious for being asshats to new members

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