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  1. hey fo0manchu, its worth a shot but do you still have the side view mirrors that you posted 2009 by any chance. i really like the one on 3rd picture.



    thanks masa

  2. I haven't been here in awhile but to the naysayers, you can turbo anything. Your engine is probably cutting out because it's running to rich at 4000rpm once the secondaries kick in. For a draw through, fuel is atomized as it is compressed and cools the air charge. So you don't need an innercooler at 7-10 psi. Don't use just a washer nozzle before turbo, it doesn't atomize enough and will destroy your compressor blades. Does your motor have crankcase ventalation? You can lesson the dip stick from shooting out oil if you run a proper crankcase vent into a catch can with a vacuum line running before the turbo. If your block has no crankcase vent and you seal everything up then oil is probably getting shot up and past the rings, that's probably why you are burning oil and smoking out the tail pipe now. Just my two cents.
  3. whats your budget? i'm guessing if you are asking these questions then you are looking for a welder to learn on? I've had my lincoln for almost 10 years now, never skipped a beat. It was about $4-500 from Home Depot. Works great for hobby use. I also have a thermal arc tig, but i still use the lincoln for hard to get places and for a quick weld or tacking things up. To absorb heat on thin metal you can also use a copper or aluminum backing plate so it doesn't warp. Good luck and have fun!
  4. What gear ratio do you have in your 510? While my wagon was running with my KA24de motor, with 3.9 gears a 350z could not pull on me. I wonder if your motor is just tired or wrong gear ratio out back. In a 3rd gear pull with my brothers 02 wrx, he could not pull on me either. We were neck to neck. Stock 240sx were mated to 4.10ish gearing I believe. There's more to getting out of corners quick than just power. Proper gearing has a lot to do with it as well.
  5. new flares and valence? What rear flares are those? or did you make them? Did you add wheel spacers too? Looks mean!
  6. You mean on the sides? Not as far as the bre ones. 100 bucks is why i got them to test out. When I got them they were only 80 bucks.
  7. I got them from this guy. You can ask him for different sizes as well. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fender-flares-/321044871318?pt=Race_Car_Parts&hash=item4abfc3f896
  8. I have a build thread! hahah. Dang I miss driving the wagon! The more I work on it, the more I end up doing. Should of just kept it stock, hah! I decided to redo the crossmember to move the motor back some. So I ended up making a new trans mount as well. Just for the heck of it I am using some hockey pucks for mounts. While I had the crossmember off, I decided to install rack and pinion as I had an extra 320i rack in the garage. Fits pretty darn well! And as long as I had everything a part, i thought I should make new control arms since I had some extra parts around. And I also moved the control arm mounts upward. And then I bought some awesome TC rods from Dave. Also made a tunnel for the exhaust. All the big stuff is almost done. Still deciding if I want to make a new turbo manifold or buy one. I got a cheap cast iron one of ebay, but it sits the turbo way to close to the break master now since I moved the motor back. The rear end is 95% done.
  9. Burr King's got that industrial look that every other belt grinder has, yours looks way better. And variable speed control boxes are not to expensive. Can't wait to see what you got in store!
  10. Putting in some good hours with work, so taking advantage of it. Wagon is a garage ornament at the moment, but planning on putting in some time this coming week. Its close though. I've been itching to finish it and test drive it, thats why I got to stay away from reading all these project post. I feel like a crack addict when i look at everybody's sweet projects, i just want to go hide away in the garage for a couple weeks and tweak out on the wagon. hah!
  11. living room sounds good, I'll tell my wife she can file her nails with it. hah!
  12. Sweetness! Now to justify what I would need this for, besides a show piece in my garage... hmmmm...
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