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40mm mikuni carbs deal or no deal?


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i talked to the guy that has these for sale and he said he thinks they are for a datsun or a toyota, but what i need to know is if the manifold on them is the right one, i know somebody on here can look at it and tell me if it will bolt up to my l20b, if so then im gonna go pick them up tomorrow, thanks guys

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You're going to need a new gasket anyway... so buy one and place it on the manifold and see if the holes line up. Probably will.


You may still have to re-build that set but nothing wrong with doing that and learning something about them. Good score!

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bought the set with the manifold, look decent, kinda crusty, now i need some help in identfying them, i thought they were solex type s4 also known as PHH44, i got my info from here http://www.rmcarburetors.net/oem_toyota_solex_type_s4.htm so are these 44mm carbs? i need to get complete rebuild kits and a linkage kit for them so if you guys could either give me some more model numbers or part numbers, anything will help, thanks here are some pictures



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i know they are 44 mm because the throttle blades say 175 instead of 165, i need help finding rebuild kits and venturis and trumpets, or part numbers so i can go to the parts house and buy some, i took them to oreilys and they didnt have a clue

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