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Skib takes a drive.

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i know gnarly blow out right? i was just crusin along at like 75 and then i just hear rim on pavement :blink:


lol my bday is right after canby, guess what im askin for :lol:



i didnt try to go to in-n-out since im going in July :fu:

ill be hangin out in norcal for a while

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You rode the fuck out of that poor thing lol. The car didn't take to one side?


Really glad is wasn't a blow out, a front wheel blow out at 75mph is no joke.

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it was fun, hung out in S.Or for a while so heres a few pics that wernt sightings.



dipped into cali for a bit





the way back wasnt as fun :blink:






Dude you were like 18 miles from my house. Next time one of you guys get down to NorCal you should take the Klamath River Hiway. Cool drive down to Happy camp then over the top to Grants pass.

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Holy Damn! Well at least it's cruising! Can't wait for you to get down to Sacramento, we'll kick it long and hard. (No homo)


haha i sold the L26 to pleb today and took the money strait to 4 new tires for the Z, lol no more monster truck tires on her

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