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1968 Brake master cylinder

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Make sure the photo matches the one you need.

I just order 2 Clutch masters cylinder for a 510 and they had the correct photo but one was different but had same part#. Not RockAutos fault but I did tell the chick could she verify the they match the photo. She said What on the photo is the part. Well I got 2 different ones and they are working on fixing the proplem( I hope since I havent heard back from them) mine was a mid year 1970 as there are some differences in hyd line layout unless one want to bent your hyd lines

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I'd recommend putting a '79 280z m/c(disc/drum) in. Easy to find. You have to rebend some lines a bit, but I don't think it's enough to have to replace them. The extra advantage is that it has a bigger bore.....so when you do a front strut upgrade, you'll already have what you need and won't have to change m/c's again. You can get that m/c at pretty much any parts house.

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haven't done any playing with rear discs....I would think it would ...just might have to add an adjustable proportioning valve in the rear line. Since you're not using the m/c in a stock application...it won't be perfectly biased anyway....might be a good idea to put one in to start with :)

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