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Exhaust/Driveline tunnel Question

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So I know I need to redo my exhaust anyway because the axle now rests on it, basically, and I've seen this done to a few cars. Using parts of a pipe, you channel the driveline tunnel and make a "hump" for the exhaust to tuck into.


The extra ground clearance would be awesome, as I'm already low and want to go a hair lower still!


Besides a new transmission crossmember, a welder, pipe and patience, what else do I need/need to know? Any pictures and first-hand experiences would be awesome!

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When I cut up my driveline tunnel, I had to reconfigure the exhaust to clear it. I didn't need to channel it, I just squeezed the curve as tight as I could between the body and the axle. The muffler was relocated to the spare tire location and that seemed to help because then I could concentrate on a nice smooth pipe run where I needed it. The axle pretty much rests on the exhaust when I'm aired out but I still have some ground clearance at this height for cruising around parking lots. To drive it on the street I have to put the air shocks at about 70 psi, it raises the back about 1.5 inches and then I can put my kids in the back seat and hit bumps without banging on the stops. I don't hit any part of my tunnel anymore. I think the airshocks are a big key to getting low.









I did have to cut up my rear seat to get it to sit right and the green tunnel cover came from my sunroof removal piece. I bent the metal around the post of the basketball standard in my front yard. I have 3" blocks, 1.5" dearched springs and I modified my front leaf hanger so that it does not hang as low and that gave me a little more drop. My wheels are Infinity M30 15x6.5 +25, 195/50/15 and I have about an 1/8" clearance in my rear fenders when aired out. Here is a pic aired out and a crappy shot of the height that I drive it with the rake. I can clear most everything at this ride height.





Good luck!:D

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Sorry I've been really busy the last week. Lets see if I can give you any helpful advice.


I originally did the tunnel in my turbo car, then I did one in Dillon's car. Each one learning a few new tricks. When I did mine I thought I could just cut a section of the floor out and flip it over. It didn't really work like I wanted. At the time I had parts of a cut up 510 laying around. I noticed the drive line tunnel had a nice curve to it. The rest is history haha first lets look at a few pictures.




































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Thanks for the pictures! How has this affected the seats? That's my main concern is how much, if any, the seat would need to be modified to fit on there...


HAHA well I was going to write more but I realized I was late to my grandma's house. :D


After doing 2 off them and being at the exhaust dudes shop he says that the tunnel really only needs to be half the hight (He hates doing exhaust in them but always does a nice job) to get 3" exhaust higher than the frame rails. When I built them I put a 2x4 across the frame rails and had a short chunk of 3" exhaust and made sure I had plenty of clearance around everything. I guess I got a little carried away :D As for seat fitment.... It's kind of a bitch if you want you seat close to the ground AND your going to install a cage. My seats are about a 1/4" away from the B pillar, well at the widest point. I test fit the seats just to make sure while I was constructing the tunnel. I personally like the seat SUPER low (just like my cars :D )






I thought I had another pic but who knows where it is...




I guess really to me it's an awesome mod. Some people hate it and some people love it. I just know as low as my car is in this pic I could make it over HUGE speed bumps, the tranny was dragging before the exhaust!!!!!! If you saw the speed bumps I went over hunting for the yellow 4 door we found you would be amazed. Damn I gotta get that thing back on the road :D






My new plan is to cut and raise more stuff :D Got a new welder on the way, gotta get ready to "ruin" my 68 some more :D

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The extra ground clearance would be awesome, as I'm already low and want to go a hair lower still!



haha that's me too!!! It's never low enough :D




Besides a new transmission crossmember, a welder, pipe and patience, what else do I need/need to know? Any pictures and first-hand experiences would be awesome!



Are you still running a front sump pan? using the 620 isolators or making spacers for you engine mounts may not be a bad idea. I don't know shit about DL angle but I like the engine to sit as high as possible. When my SR car ran the pan was about 2" off the ground!!! I made sure when I built Dillon's X member to raise everything as high as I could. I hate shit that is important scapping the ground :eek: Frame rails and floors I could care less about :D



I guess for guys like us we'll never be happy, always looking for a way to be a little lower :D Hopefully my new plan goes well.

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No no, you don't understand, let me explain it again: "Step 1, steal underpants. Step 2...., Step 3, profit! :D Damn underpants gnomes!


On that tunnel, I like it, particularly for rally, but how does it affect the gas pedal placement and the foot pivoting? It looks like it's right in the way?

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