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stock dual su/s vs 32/34 down draft webber?


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I say the SUs, if fuel economy is no object.


You are feeding 4 cylinders with two separate carburetors. The carburetors are 38mm diameter and directly inline with the way the engine gets fed anyway. The downdraft 32/34 is obviously smaller in the diameter department, and non-synchonous (do not open at the same time) like the SUs are setup. The downdraft a/f mixture has to make the 90 degree bend to get the air/fuel mixture into the combustion chamber (which, some argue, is helpful for the mix process) As for the junk department, any SU can be fixed to near-new condition, depending on the condition of the SU bodies. Go with the SUs.

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Hands down the SUs are the way. I used to work on MGs and swap out peoples SUs for the Weber and mani they bought and laugh after they left. I would tell them what I thought and some would let me tune, rebuild as ness.


Check for play in the shafts, if worn they tend to suck air there and nice idle would be a problem, they can be redone though.


On the other hand the weber is a simple reliable carb it just not a better performing set up. People tend to buy the name when the Weber side draft made the name great. Not the down draft.

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ALRIGHT up and running now it's tune time.


anyone know a good spot to score some air horns?


What style are you looking for?? Old school "horn shape"? or more like these velocity stacks?


8th picture down:




I got my velocity stacks from a British Shop (APT) in Riverside California.

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The more i think about it i might go a different route.


Im thinking one wide housing made out of sheet metal i get from HD cut to fit a random filter from kragen with a lexan (clear top housing) adhesive pieces to keep the filter in location.


Ill post pics when i start.

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The more i think about it i might go a different route.


Im thinking one wide housing made out of sheet metal i get from HD cut to fit a random filter from kragen with a lexan (clear top housing) adhesive pieces to keep the filter in location.


Ill post pics when i start.


Be careful for the "random" part, wouldn't want it to go the way of the sunset...


Rumor has it that the Subarus out of the early 80s have a decent oval air filter, could be something to look into.


Then, of course, theres the idea I came up with...:rolleyes:

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That sir is HIJACKERY!!!!! :lol:


a diagram would be nice but it you dont have all the smog equipment it's really easy.


block the fuel return line.


The vacuume advance for the distributor is on the front carb on the left side (looking down the barrel) right in front of the butterfly (on mine at least)


the breather i have a little k&N filter in and the engine pvc is blocked off.

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dood i dont really care im just making fun. if i can help with your carbs im more then happy too. I just drove mine into work today and she purrs like a kitten and the acceleration is so much smoother in all rpms.


here are some links i found helpfull







lastly the most important function here is the forum search.

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