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First off , hi everyone. So ummm , yeah , I've had this '66 L520(bone stock:eek:) for about 11 years now , used to daily drive it till about 7 years ago and now I think it's finally time to start doing a resto/mod with her if I can find parts easy enough. Sorry , no pics yet , but she comes home from storage this weekend:D. She hasn't been started in about 4 years:( so first thing is a new fuel pump , carb kit , oil change and clean out the gas tank. I'll get pics as soon as I can. Getting kinda giddy wanting to drive her again!


Oh , and any advice on parts sourcing would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome you to Ratsun :D


It is a rule to show pic's of your ride.:cool:


if your needing parts, put up a list, someone just might have what you need.


looking forward to seeing the 520, them are a little rare I hear.

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Thanks for the replies. As for parts that I'll be looking for they will be the somewhat harder to find parts I'm guessing , stuff like control arm bushings , a stock and correct bench seat , the piece that the shifter boot attaches to on the floor , strange parts like that and the usual odds and ends.


As for pics , she isn't the prettiest truck yet , but I'll get those when she gets home , although I do think some local members from here may or may not have seen her in the storage lot. I've been told that a LOT of people stop by and ask if "that little truck" is for sale.

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It's ratsun, could be a rusty hulk held together with bubble gum and everyone's still going to want pics.


:lol:So true. Makes me think of a few old Dattos on the list where the owners say "needs paint" :blink: Just cuz its faded and has a few rust spots. WHO CARES! Its a Datsun and its F'in cool!


With that said...... Welcome and we look forward to seeing PICS of your truck. 520's are really starting to grow on me:D

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a stock and correct bench seat


you might just be in luck, I found a 521 that has a nice bench seat in it. I still have to go get the 521 ( hope its still there) but I believe the 520 are the same size.

I see you live around the Tacoma area and it so happens that a friend of ours that lives in Kent wants the wife & I to come over this summer to go boating and hang out for a week end.

when I get the 521, I'll send you pics to see if your still interested, if so, I'll bring it w/ us.

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added more bla bla bla, thats all,have a nice day everyone
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Thanks , my first Datsun truck was a '69 521 with the J13 and always regretted letting that one go so when I had the chance to get this one I was stoked!


Calling around for parts right now.

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