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New Guy In Oregon

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I've been lurking on here for a while, but just recently registered. Thought I would post a quick introduction.


I'm in Jefferson Oregon. I live a few blocks from Jester who's on here. My first experience with Datsuns was with a 61 320 my dad got when I was pretty young. I ended up driving it all around, and working on it. I always liked it. a few years back I saw a local 510 wagon, and really wanted one.


About the middle of last year I saw a 521 pickup that looked like a good project. I remembered how much fun the 320 was, so I bought it. I ended up tearing a lot of it apart, and what seemed like a quick project to get on the road just kept dragging on and on.


Then, I just recently had the opppurtunity to buy a pretty straight 510 wagon. I couldn't really pass it up (because I could actually afford it), and it was almost ready run as it sat. Here are pics of the wagon:










It looks pretty rough, but it is completely stock (except the weber carb I put on), and complete. I drove it to work for the first time today, and it was pretty cool. I've been driving a 95 Ford cargo van. This is way more fun!!


Short term plans are to buff the paint a little, go through it mechanically, lower it a little, Panasport or similiar wheels, and drive it until the 521 is done.


Long term I'd like to take it all apart redo paint, seals, interior, etc. Plan to keep stock motors in both, but I'd like a 5 spd in the wagon.


Guess that's it. I've already gotten a lot of good help here. Maybe I'll be able to contribute something in the future.

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nice wagon and welcome to the forum


Thanks. It's a lot of fun so far.


ha hey am in salem not to far !


Yeah, only someone from as close as Salem would know where Jefferson is:) Nice 620 btw.


Nice clean & original wagon! Go check out the "goons check in" thread in the 510 section :D


Thanks. I've looked at that thread quite a bit. Some really nice wagons on there. I'll probably post a couple just to "check in", although mine has a long way to go!

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Thanks everyone for the welcome. The plan is to get the wagon to the daily driver stage. Then get my 521 to the daily driver stage so I can drive it, and start taking the wagon apart.


Once I can tear into it, I'd like to lower it a little. Maybe raise the driveshaft tunnel a little, but i'd like to keep the interior fairly stock, so probably no major rear suspension mods. Still reading about lowering wagons. 5 spd is pretty high on the list. I'd also like to get some panasports. I like the silver rims with dark gray spokes. The body is almost rust free, but it's got a few dents. Eventually I'd like to fix all that, and repaint it the stock color. Somewhere in there I think I'd like SU carbs too. That stuff is probably a ways off, and subject to time and money, but that's what I'd like to do.


I'll probably go ahead and start a project thread. There probaly won't be tons of progress right away though :D

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