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~78 Datsun pickup~

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There is this nice '78 KC on Craigslist right now and I have some question? :D




1978 datsun truck for trade

runs n drives great

nothing wring with it

has stereo in it with tweeters, 6x9s, deck


wanting to trade for an old vw bug, no super beetles. in good condition


503-393-7424 ask for sunny or cody




I have a VW bug and I'm wondering If I should trade this guy for the truck. I got the bug for free from my uncle for doing so good in school. but, I don't really like the thing. I just need some feedback if I should or what not.



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I would. It's a '79 so already has the EI matchbox dizzy, internally regulated alternator, ball joint suspension and disc brakes. Only down side is it only has the 4spd, sits too low and has that horrible grill. :D

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Yeah but, I don't want my uncle to get mad at me or something. He gave the bug to me as a project and he's seen what my truck looked and looks like and knows I have motivation with things. I mean its not like he got it from his uncle or anything. He got it from his neighbor that could take it to where they where moving. Idk....

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I was thinking the same thing tdaaj. The members at The Samba said I could sell that bug for $3,500 easy. and that could bag my truck and turbo the L motor. :D Or SR swap. :D


I think I might pass on the truck. and just try to sell the thing.


Thanks every body for helping me make my decision.

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I'm surpised 420n620 hasn'nt got a pic of the 77 kingback up by where he lives that has a paint job similar to that. its for sale for 1450 bucks, has the console, i think even the center storage bin and original buckets.

i'll grab a foto tomorrow if i get a chance.

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