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  1. @bananahamuck you brave enough to cross the ridge? First Helga Dog is on me. Leavenworth is open. We could just pick a weekend and go there. Pick a bratwurst stand and time then just grab a table. Im in for any weekend in July.
  2. I met Mike once. I heard him say “he” to me. I’m calling the BC Human Rights Tribunal for him not getting written consent from me that it’s my preferred pronoun. justine “blackface” Trudeau PLEASE SAVE ME!!!
  3. Ooph, I understand that’s how CA’s current laws work, that is not how the EPA criminal code reads. This hurts me to say, but the CA law “makes sense” by comparison to the criminal code. Also if your 1999 truck fails, CA won’t criminally charge you, fine you, and crush it. I’m not opposed to EPA restrictions, they just have to be reasonable. The first rig I saw the EPA crush was a 2009 Dodge 3500 diesel in 2010. The owner had made it capable of coal rolling. They fined the owner $40,000, shut down the tuner shop that the dude had setup, and crushed his truck.
  4. Liiiiiiiiike GA is a shady s-hole. I really enjoyed my time there. Resistance is great, but gauging up the wires reduces heat. Best to let the load draw what it needs efficiently.
  5. There’s a lot of awesome shit in that picture.
  6. They got stuck there after the 2010 earthquake. Clinton Foundation kept all the disaster relief money... and the country was never rebuilt. It’s interesting to look into if you like proven conspiracies. Not just theories.
  7. Trying to gauge interest in if anyone would want to attend an event in 2021 in East Wenatchee or Leavenworth, Washington? E. Wenatchee is a small town in the Cascades that can be very fun to get to. https://www.eastwenatcheewa.gov Leavenworth is not far from it and it’s setup as a Bavarian Village it can also be very fun to get to. https://leavenworth.org I’ve reached out to both cities since I’m dealing with the gov today anyhow I figured I’d ask. We’re presently in COVID Phase 3 here and it would require we wear masks, and draw a hard limit at 400 people. Of course the cities and counties may have additional regulations. We’re also aiming at a moving target, because who knows what our COVID phase we’ll be in later this year. I need a rough headcount of interest to determine what resources we’d need to do it. And gimme some dates you’d be interested in doing.
  8. We just need to do our own meet in Washington State. We’re in “phase 3” state wide and can have a 400 person attendance at an outdoor gathering. I haven’t organized one of these in years, but I’m sure there’s an industrious person who would be willing to sort it out.
  9. Just got off the phone with my State Rep, I’ll be having a conference call over this later in the week. We’ll be discussing the wording for the enforcement code. Apparently the wording currently is from a CA proposal. Looks like the EPA is trying to mandate all states use these Emissions Detection And Reporting (EDAR) systems with them going up in 2021. The enforcement codes were written as a hodgepodge of stuff by a variety of states. Like most bills which become law in the US they’re hastily typed up by legal aides, who are not experts in the field of the Bill. They’re then sent to a committee who typically doesn’t have the time to read them before they are voted on. The one for WA and the one for CA both contradict themselves... However, the bill currently requires manufacturers to “make replacement emissions parts for the life of all vehicles”. How exactly that would be enforced they have no clue. Are they going to fine Datsun? What about Saturn, Pontiac, Mercury... Its totally a nightmare in its current state. My input is to stick to the 25 years and newer. If they want to legally mandate the manufactures make replacement parts they need to have a start date sometime in the future and then have a reasonable end date. Opened a can of worms here.. but a grassroots resistance to a law has been able to change things in the past. Maybe we can derail this train before it leaves the station.
  10. I’m pretty sure by “those type of people” they mean... we’re not invited.
  11. Excellent information! Will do, thanks! The CARB stuff in 1970 was hastily forced on manufactures and insufficient R&D was done due to the time constraints. Thank God they did it though because it avoided Global Cooling... remember that was the fear... I compiled much of the information in this thread and sent it off to my buddy at the Washington State Patrol to see how this will be enforced. From what I gather, the EPA would need to validate location of original sale for vehicles up to the OBD switch over. I’ve requested a “reasonable officer standard” review by another friend who quit being a cop to become a prosecutor. The EPA rules contradict each other, so having an attorney in this state who prosecutes criminal cases is reviewing it is most prudent. We've stopped number of potential enforcement actions like this before by bringing in the right people. I have formally requested non-OBD cars be exempted within a “reasonable pollution standard” which would need to be defined in a chemical formula of parts per million. If you’re kicking out clouds of smoke then they could take enforcement action. I believe the burden of proof to charge someone with a criminal act on this is below the WA State Constitutional Threshold. So I included a bunch of cases where our State Supreme Court threw laws out that were vague and/or contradictory. Hopefully this works.
  12. When I was a lad, there was one of those Toyota’s behind a store I worked security at. It was a guys shop truck for his handyman business. This was back in the late 90’s. I’m a truck dork so I drooled over it. Glad to see there’s still some social interaction going on out there, and that this red beast is still prowling WA streets.
  13. I hit it with primer at 320. I had to change the way I viewed tasks like sanding. I use it as a form of walking meditation. I get a chance to create something when I’m sanding, and by using the natural repetitive movements I’m able to generate alpha brain waves. It becomes an exercise in peace that way. It took sanding from being a dreaded chore to being a calming and enjoyable exercise.
  14. They have to work it off here through various forms of human trafficking. Either forced labor, sex trafficking, producing children, carrying out criminal activities like drug production/transport... hell, I’ve even seen them charge organs.
  15. It’ll be a great project for you. I suggest taking a weak magnet, cheap one you’d see on a refrigerator, and see if it’ll stick in the areas circled in green. If it won’t... that body shop might need to be a bit closer. If it won’t you’ve got more body filler than you’d like. It’ll keep cracking, just something to be aware of.
  16. 7 months and no pictures... don’t tell me you sold this bad boy. Also, that yellow Toyota is amazing.
  17. I’ve heard Parnelli’s bronco is going up for sale soon. If any of you millionaires are looking.
  18. Happens. Saw a convicted human trafficker take his own ear off and blind himself “loading” one once. I purpose he was unloading it...
  19. You have due process before the crushing. There’s a judicial review and a 30 day hold. US civil forfeiture laws for criminal violations just require you violate a criminal code WITH a piece of property or that you purchase an item of property with proceeds of criminal activity. The case law which permits civil seizure is the same which allows law enforcement to seize a firearm used to commit a murder. If you commit a CRIME with ANY piece of property, it can be quickly seized and destroyed or sold by the US Gov. The threshold for committing the crime is that you have a vehicle that which was certified by the EPA as having met the year, make, model requirements established by the EPA, which fails to maintain that standard. If you posses, modify, instruct in the modification of, or allow your “smog” equipment to cease proper operation, you’ve committed a federal crime. The federal criminal code is more than 40,000 pages describing this. I read the pages pertaining to the seizure, crushing, and extreme fines back in 2011. It read like a maze. At that time it would reference addendums that didn’t exist, contradict itself, and be maddeningly broad. It’s been revised since then, but the EPA is only enforcing and interpreting it as they see fit. This has been increasing in restriction since this Criminal Code was enacted in 1970. We’ve had Democrats & Republicans in charge since then. They both suck. Any car manufactured after 1970. The restrictions were very hit and miss by manufacturers until the OBD systems came out. I’d encourage anyone to look into this. Here’s a video that discusses part of this topic. It includes actual video from Congress talking to the EPA.
  20. Here’s a list of enforcements they started taking over the last few years building up to this, from June 2020. They went after a shop I’m affiliated with for allegedly installing a test pipe to do a dyno tune of a car. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2020/01/14/epa-launches-crackdown-on-emissions-defeat-device-makers
  21. The EPA has changed their interpretations on “modifying vehicles”. When I was a cop our head of the WA State Patrol teamed up with the EPA in 2010 to stop cars from killing polar bears and sinking Miami into the ocean. There were a couple troopers who had EPA enforcement abilities and they crushed any car they found in violation. I retired in 2015, but I still have a few friends in WSP, one of them advised me that drive by emissions checks will be installed later this year. It looks kind of like a streetlight and it has a camera on it. As it is a criminal offense to modify any EPA tested system in anyway, the “deputized’ troopers will just send you the fines and start the civil forfeiture of your vehicle if you fail. The CARB testing is a State Law in CA, but failing it is actually a Federal Offense that has had limited enforcement. CA opted to make it a civil citation to increase compliance and to gain state revenue off testing and “fining” violators. In WA we have several counties that kinda/sorta adopted CARB, but I don’t live in one of those. With the rollout of these lights that determine your emissions, and the automatic assignment of criminal activity for failing to maintain your EPA mandated equipment I want to avoid the headache. Here’s a link to the ones my buddy at the state patrol said they’re calibrating for installation. He believes that this is the enforcement tool they’ll use to push electric cars. https://www.heatremotesensing.com
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