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  1. I actually have a buddy who did this the summer after we graduated waaaaay back in the 90’s. He stayed with state highway and was a heavy equipment operator making six figures by the time we were 25. He liked it.
  2. Great place for your miscreant children. https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/washington/wsdot/jobs/3048144/high-school-to-highways-maintenance-worker-in-training?sort=PostingDate|Descending&pagetype=jobOpportunitiesJobs
  3. Here’s a fun story for you. So I’m at my desk in the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) waiting for anything to do when my Maj came in. He looked at me and said “fuchfase, you’re up”. Typically people only call me by my real name when they want something, so I trotted after him wondering what a humble Senior Airman could do for such a majestic Army Infantry Commander. We walked across to another tent where his 1st Sgt was, it housed a platoon of the Army’s finest soldiers. A 1st Sgt is the enlisted person who doles out most of the discipline. If you haven’t served this would be like being called over to answer to two strict parents. Someone had put a banner up that read “every time you rub one out in the spank tank god kills a terrorist”. It was a nicely done banner, if I do say so myself. It was clearly professionally made with screen printed letters on weatherized canvas. “Fuchfase, you know anything about this?” The 1st Sgt asked. For those of you who haven’t served, I’ll fill you in on how this goes. If your branch of service loans you out to another branch of service you get blamed for everything they think you did. It so unfair, but I know the foolproof response. It’s a three step process that goes like this; ‘deny everything’, ‘admit nothing’, and finally ‘make counter accusations’. Pasting on my most innocent face I replied. “This would never happen in the Air Force 1st Sgt.” Step one complete. Now the 1st Sgt was about 4 inches shorter than me, but I really wouldn’t want to fist fight him. He seemed like the kinda guy who’d eat beer bottles in his spare time. I’m no wilting daisy, I was 6’ and 190 lbs with a solid frame. However I’d seen this goblin bench 400 lbs. He turned to me stone faced and continued his inquisition. “You sure that’s your answer?” With those beady brown eyes were boring holes into my pristine soul, I moved to step 2. “I’m positive that I didn’t make that sign 1st Sgt.” ”That’s not what I asked.” Still holding eye contact he continued. “This has Fuchfase written all over it. Did you put that sign on this tent?” “Shit” I thought, he knows how I operate. Only one thing to do. “Have you talked to 2nd Platoon 1st Sgt? They could have done this.” Which is true... I dunno how they could have gotten a banner made at the McChord AFB Sign Shop, and had it flow in country on a McChord C-17. But, I’m sure there’s a way an Army Platoon from Colorado could have pulled this off. I might have also left out, I was with the 5th ASOS, which made McChord my home base. Minor detail. The Maj chuckled at my counter accusation and told me to look at the back of the sign... the McChord print shop logo was on it. Busted. “The banner needs to be moved inside your tent.” The Maj said to me, then turning to the 1st Sgt, “told you he wouldn’t lie about it.” Which was literally true. I might have omitted some things, but I didn’t technically lie about this. Because of a pattern of these stunts which word got around, when I rotated back I was given an incentive ride in one of these bad boy two seaters. The pilot of the plane agreed to it because he’d seen that sign. I’d love to say I was all though and didn’t puke, but... well... maybe I did. I will say riding second seat in that plane ruined every roller coaster ever for me. Nothing on the ground can compare.
  4. Very true. I was on range as a Joint Terminal Air Attack Controller (JTAC) called in a few JDAMs from one of these, and it was equally spooky. I wasn’t watching the screen but this thing had to be 15,000 feet when it dropped its load.
  5. During my testing to obtain my “flash” or job badge as a TAC-P I called in a bombing run at the Nevada Test and Training Range from this. I didn’t hear this air frame until the munitions were released. Then I had the shadow of it cross over me. It absolutely scared the hell out of me. I never called one in during combat actions. But this is what nightmares and UFO tails are made of.
  6. @BrothersGarage I wish you the best of luck with Kel-Tec. I’ve had negative experiences with them when friends used their handguns as backup weapons and had the critically malfunction in firefights as police officers.
  7. That’s like calling out a straight guy who just walked outta the sucking side of a truck stop glory hole.
  8. I have. When you enter what’s referred to as “danger close” every fucking one of us puckered so hard I’m sure there are engagement rings made of our shit.
  9. I was in the Air Force as a Tactical Air Control Party. On of the Close Air Support (CAS) missions I was on involved the A-10. When you see what this does to ground troops... it’s only description involves magic. I’ve never seen anything like what the 30mm GAU-8 cannon does. It’s like something that would be done by Sauron in Lord of the Rings...
  10. In the very rural part of WA I’m from there’s a couple churches that require carry. If I ever go back there I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the “Know Guns, Know Jesus” and “no guns no salvation” signs there. There’s only about 400 people in the town and let’s just say it’s not a place you’d want to fuck around in. (I can almost hear the banjos from here)
  11. If I have to go to one of those places, I carry. Mostly if I see that sign I ignore it. In WA State it’s not a crime to violate a business restriction on carrying a gun. There are state laws on carrying into bars and some other places, which I also don’t go to. In this specific case two men were carrying which created a hostage situation. I was told by Dan McKown, one of the good guys with guns, that he and the other good guy that I didn’t know, were both banned for life from the Tacoma Mall. This is an interesting opinion, although it probably won’t stand up now. I’m very familiar with a couple of cases where the woman was still charged and convicted. Im also aware of a case that happened in my jurisdiction, in my patrol beat... perhaps even on my shift... where a woman, single mother of three, was illegally carrying a concealed handgun that she legally owned. She used it to stop her own kidnapping by a multi time convicted rapist who had recently been paroled. However due to utter incompetence by the officer the paperwork on her was so fucked up the case was thrown out of court. The officer, who shall remain nameless, didn’t arrest the woman, and didn’t follow procedures for referring potential criminal charges to the prosecutor’s office. The charges of attempted 1st Kidnapping on the bad guy were flawless and he went back to prison.
  12. There’s a learning curve and you’re right in it. Nice light coats are best watching your flash times. It’s much easier to touch up a light spot by doing an extra coat of paint than to deal with runs. I still had a few in my first couple cars so I’d say you’re right where you should be. Good job Witch and I look forward to the pics!
  13. I’m curious, why is this age restricted? How old do you have to be to know you need to harden the fuck up? It’s a cruel world, I’d assumed you should teach your kids about this early and often.
  14. Back to what this thread is for, and speaking of compacts, I give you the Glock 19.
  15. Personally, after surviving the 20 Nov 2005 Tacoma, WA Mall Shooting, I’m a huge fan of compact handguns. Also, I will never comply with private business rules on carrying firearms in their establishments.
  16. She was and idiot. Also a lot of the video/images were taken by her phone without her knowledge. However in the TOS with your phone carrier you agree to gov remote monitoring through the expanded Patriot Act. I believe my late sister created some of the videos which were done for the purpose of having audio proof. An old friend. Since this is a public forum I won’t go into it. Ask me IRL after a couple drinks.
  17. Here’s one of the things, that recording device has a Terms of Service agreement that, by purchasing it, you agree to monitoring by government officials. So not only is your house bugged... you paid them for the pleasure. New tech is great, but there’s too many back doors to things. For instance, I had a sister (RIP) who worked at and alphabet agency. In 14’ she accessed my then wife’s phone and cloud. My sis found clear evidence of cheating and dumped all those compromising photos into my cloud account, which lead to a divorce. She never admitted she did it but I knew my sis’s tells when she lied.
  18. Compacts are “no good” anymore in YouTube gun culture. Everyone wants the micro-compact or sub-compacts. Just look at the Hellcat, P365, G43, Shield, 503, and everyone else. Those are the flavor of the week. I’m a huge fan of whatever works for the individual shooter and level of anticipated threat. For instance bear hunting doesn’t cause me to carry an FN 503 9mm. Also going to Dutch Brothers doesn’t really warrant a chest strapped Model 29 S&W.
  19. When they start kicking around ideas like this, they have a plan. From old gov friends the discussion is revolving around tracking your meta data on your cell phone. Since most of us have gps in our cars thanks to the phone, they’ll track it that way. When we used to do certain things as contractors in 2008, we’d be required to drop all our phones in the training room. Then we’d all pile into pre 2000 cars and go do the job with short wave radio only. Now ppl have watches, phones, tablets, laptops, and cars that all automatically connect to GPS sat-nav. Thanks to the expansion of the Patriot Act in the US under Obama were all tracked all the time. I recently found a GPS device on my truck. I sat outside my house having a cigar thinking about what to do with it when a delivery van pulled up. I met the guy at his truck palming a nail I’d found in my yard after having my house resided. I told the guy to hang on and bent down to pickup the siding nail. Might have left a small magnetic item on the truck while I was down there. I know who bugged me, and why, after they tracked a delivery van for two days the informed me they were not amused. I imagine they’ll get us to bug ourselves soon enough.
  20. It was sold as the Israeli Military Industries (IMI) Jericho. I had one in .40 S&W right after Cowboy Bepop came out in 2002. I liked it but I sold it to fund a 240SX drift car in 2004.
  21. Which is why this just needs to be a gun porn thread now.
  22. It’s cool, sec of transportation Pete Buttigig is looking at taxing everyone per mile the drive in the US. So we’ll have our $0.65 per gallon tax plus mileage taxes. I think they were talking about $0.14 per mile (USD). https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/buttigieg-a-mileage-tax-shows-a-lot-of-promise/ar-BB1f0j3M
  23. This is what I’m looking for.
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