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  1. I definitely read that in some of the Grey stuff. So let’s address this from another angle. Let’s say I’m wrong, which I often am, and relying solely upon Honsowetz isn’t my best option. Staying in the L20b block, what is the best head to make power for a fun to drive street truck?
  2. Given these two bits of information I think I need to start all over again, head back to the drawing board and reassess.
  3. Not to point out the obvious... but I think you’re in all the tech threads after 2012 or so. Interesting, it’s nice to see my individual research was wrong, and right... basically it comes down to a “all bulldogs are dogs, but not all dogs are bulldogs”. Do we have good solid pictures I can use for reference when sourcing a head?
  4. What... is... that abomination... Ive definitely learned something in this thread. Everything you think you know about L-series heads is wrong. Thanks for ruining my day Draker... 😥😢😭
  5. Ok, so basically I need to tattoo how they should look in my mind and go off memory to find the right head. Sounds like I should skip the 210 heads then. Cool, so the A87 closed chamber works despite Honsowetz? I know that Jason Grey made some claims about Honsowetz focusing too much on the 6 cylinders and having some errors with the 4 cylinder engines. and.. tragically... no. The People’s Communist Republic of Washington doesn’t give us good gasoline.
  6. PM sent. Thanks! Nooooo.... so, what I’m getting out of this is: take them off, flip them over, and look. Only way to be sure.
  7. It’s good to see I was on the right track. I really did try to “use the search” but there’s conflicting information from credible sources. I’ll just take my time and attempt to source a U67 that I can rebuild and an L20b. While it would be cool to have the 219/912 head, the calculations I’ve seen on the compression indicate this is less than optimal. My notes say that would give me a compression ratio of 8.903. Unfortunately I don’t remember where that number came from. Although @flatcat19 is saying I should start with scrapping the L20b in favor of Z20S. That’s without stepping into the Jason Grey info on Frankenstein engines.
  8. There appears to be no universally accepted way to distinguish between them. So I’ll tell you what I’ve come up with and feel free to correct me. I’m gathering this information for building about a 115 hp L20b in a 74’ 620. Currently I have a U67 head off an L18. Step 1 I sat down with my trusty copy of How To Modify Your Nissan & Datsun OHC Engine by Frank Honsowetz, pg 42 states: ”For 2000cc-or-larger-displacement L-series engines, use a standard L20B head, part number 11041-U6702. This head is identical to the SSS head except it has a larger chamber volume-45.2cc versus 40cc. This larger chamber is more compatible with the swept volume of the larger-displacement engines.” Looking up that part number I’m inclined to believe it implies a version of the U67 head. I’d also read elsewhere that the “peanut heads’ (closed chamber) were the best ones for a mild street build. A set of heads such as the 219 SSS 510 heads. I kept going down the rabbit hole... Step 2 I used the search feature... stumbled on some old threads that lead me to this article Julian Serles covers things in much greater detail with pictures than I will here. “The U67 casting is marked in the typical L-series head location. The U67 head was used on L20Bs in differing applications up to about 1976. U67s have 35mm (1.375”) intake ports and square exhaust ports. Intake valves are 42mm (1.65”) while exhaust valves are the familiar 35mm (1.38”). The U67 head is an open-chamber design. The open-chamber heads have combustion chambers of approximately 45.3cc. These are typically the head of choice for L20B and larger engine builds due to the larger combustion chamber compared to closed A87 heads.“ http://dimequarterly.blogspot.com/2012/02/tech-how-to-l-series-cylinder-head.html Serles goes on to discuss the rarer U60, 219, and V912 heads. There could be a V912 out there that was special ordered which would suit my needs but I’d probably die before I find one. Further there appears to have been an OS Giken aftermarket head made... but let’s keep this simple. Step 3 Ask for clarification. It appears I need an open chamber, U67, with cooing ports, mated to an L18 exhaust manifold with some quality side drafts. Annnnd... probably cams. What do you think?
  9. I worked evenings at a gun shop as a gunsmith long ago. We had three of these come in for loose breaks. After tightening them up I’d test fire them... weird guns. Probably the only gun you can get on the fictional continent of Australia.
  10. It’s great to see small businesses succeeding again.
  11. You know... what to do with this. IVC200_06_26.pdf A blank WHO yellow card...
  12. Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer made some very clear admissions of the agreements the US and Canadian governments made to permit the anal probing. He has a very interesting story. Unfortunately I have never been abducted and probed. So I’ve been getting waxed and bleached for 40 years for nothing... I’ve actually studied the incubus and succubus accounts. From my analysis the “wet dream” is definitely part of the lore. However I believe what’s known as Sleep Paralysis. I think that sleep paralysis can account for many of these experiences. I also think that PTSD contributed to some of the lore.
  13. You’re mistaken sir. We’re talking about going to other worlds with life, and abducting them. I don't know a thing about alien anatomy, which is why I wanna start with the anal probe. And because so many people are into butt stuff, I’m sure I can fund my alien anal penetration business by selling seats. This is going to be the Pet Rock of 2025. Now is your chance to buy in. All you need to do is meet me at the boarder with a proper cup of Tim Horton’s and some of Canada’s finest beer... Kokanee.
  14. Unfortunately that bill died in committee last year. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/2602/all-info
  15. I’m pretty sure with the state of the world I could auction that part off. “Soundline’s Alien Anal Probing” *As Seen on Ancient Aliens* only $1,995! Act now!
  16. There are so many people who claim to have been abducted by aliens. I think we need to return the favor. Id preorder an Elon Musk Malibuick.
  17. Once your PM takes off the black makeup and releases your lockdown, I’ll make you one.
  18. Any American made car from 1962 until 1979 is a Malibu. It’s like going to Alabama and ordering a “coke”. All sodas are cokes.
  19. I’m just giving you a hard time because it’s the internet. One of the reasons I’m a fan of live music is because of those mistakes. Very true...
  20. I’d like to see you play the same piece in the same clothes. Draker’s YouTube would get more views.
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