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  1. cjg

    how can i contact you?  Tried a PM and got a reply that you cannot receive messages

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    2. yenpit


      I do!  You can text me 269-598-5836 or email yenpit@hotmail.com.  I am in Denver CO


      Are you missing the switches, so you need the canister that holds the bulb, the fiber optic, the switches AND the green illuminated knobs?  Or do you have some parts?



    3. cjg



      I spent last night rebuilding my light switch. The ball bearings had come out of their homes, springs sunk in and this kept the contacts from touching as the switch slid back and forth - it also wasn't 'clicking' in the parking light, then headlight position. It now does and seems to be working fine, along with the fiber optic in the headlight and wiper control.

      Thank you for getting back with me on this, and if for some reason mine quits working,  I will hit you up at a later date.  I plan on posting some pics of the build as I progress. I did attach a pic of the ride from the day I picked it up a couple months ago.

      Thanks again.



      day of purchase 10-23-21.jpg

    4. yenpit


      Cool! 😎 I always suggest rebuilding ANY Datsun pull push switch, unless it was pulled from a running driving working vehicle............I get many of my parts that I sell from boxes of stuff, some out of parts cars, but rarely out of runner drivers!  Looks like a good solid truck!


      As Mike stated, do some random posts, to get your participation #'s up & you should be able to contact others normally!  You have mine now, so let me know if you need anything else!



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