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  1. Thanks for the idea - I can definitely see doing this for black stripes. Great find of your wagon in Port Townsend, I look forward to seeing your progress. My VG33 swap into my '72 wagon is going well and I like it more and more even though it's still in pieces,
  2. I checked out the website and the wire selection looks great! Thanks, I bookmarked the site so when I am ready to do the wiring I have the link handy.
  3. We'll give that a try tomorrow - it's next on the list to do. Thanks Matt
  4. I have the engine ready for the transmission and on a dolly for sliding under the wagon: I A few questions came up: 1. How clean do I need to make the bell-housing area of the trans? The flange is completely clean and smooth and I have degreased & scrubbed the inside of it - Is this clean enough: 2. Is the circled notch a drain hole or is there a plug/grommet I need to install? 3. How hard is it to replace the shifter bushing(s), here's what I have: There is at least a 1/2" slop in all directions. The big collar with two notches appears to unscrew from the trans cover and then there are 3 spring clips holding ?? The plastic looking collar at the very bottom of the stack (and the gear lever) have a lot of play. I am just looking for some advice before I take this apart and things fly all over the place. 🥴 LAST question, here is the offset starter I have (recommended by EE/Dave Carroll for better clearances) and I want to test the starter to flywheel engagement. I will bolt it up to the engine and then just want to kick the starter gear out and see that it engages the flywheel - but I don't want to spin the engine since I have it set for TDC. What wires would I need to connect from a battery to engage the starter but not spin it? Anyone know if this is possible? Thanks, things are moving along
  5. What is this self adjusting slave cylinder? From what or part number? I have a '72 510 wagon that I am converting to VG33. I may need a clutch slave cylinder. Somewhere else on ratsun I thought it was mentioned about a self adjusting master cylinder being needed for the 5-speed conversion and VG. If this adjusting slave will work, it would be lots easier to do. Any help is appreciated, love your wagon and hope to see you in Monroe one of these days with mine.
  6. If you want black - you might give dry graphite spray a try. Dries almost as fast as it hits the metal. Can be buffed or left flat. Left is buffed, right is not buffed.
  7. Hey Pidge, I checked on my iPhone 7 and IOS 13 and the photos show just fine.with Safari. Most settings are default since I just got the phone about two weeks ago. Hope this helps, I am not the best for iPhone tech support.
  8. Hey Pidge, I looked at the post from mainer311 and all the photos show fine on my Windows laptop. My guess it is a setting on your iphone or in Safari - like telling your phone you are on a metered connection so it won't download extra stuff. Good luck.
  9. 18" of snow here - no work except keeping the fire going and enjoying the white stuff.
  10. Did you ever find a shifter boot? Here is an oval one that is supposed to be correct for the 1969 510. Scroll down to see the boot. http://www.new-datsun-parts.com/datsun-510-parts-rubber.html
  11. Anyone reading this thread will know I am swapping the stock 510 strut/brakes for the 280ZX stuff. I have been wondering what flexible brake lines to order - 510 or 280ZX. So here is what I found out from Centric: Centric brake line part numbers and lengths; 280ZX Hose #150.42300 is 324mm long 510 Hose #150.42004 is 370mm long So I am going to order the stock 510 hoses (which as stated in the Brakes forum about this same question) that appear to fit just fine when the 280ZX calipers are used. Thanks to Centric Tech support for this info.
  12. Centric brake line part numbers and lengths for 280ZX brake swap into 510; 280ZX Hose #150.42300 is 324mm long 510 Hose #150.42004 is 370mm long So I am going to order the stock 510 hoses, which as stated above appear to fit just fine when the 280ZX calipers are used. Thanks to Centric Tech support for this info.
  13. Thanks, I will find the drain plug and see what is in the tank. I have so many parts in the back that getting to the tank will probably have to wait until I have the VG in and and all the suspension and other parts back on the car. I have a really tiny garage to work in so the cargo area has become a storage unit. 🙂
  14. I love how your posts are so timely for what I need to know about my '72 wagon and next step on my journey with the carburetored VG33 swap. My car has been sitting for probably 18 years with no idea how much if any gas is in the tank or what condition the inside of the tank may be in. I just got a key to the locking gas cap so I could at least add gas when ready. How hard is it to get the tank out? How best to go about checking it - any suggestions? Thanks and keep up the fabulous job you are doing on your car.
  15. still working on it little by little - redid the hood latch area: you may recall my first attempt - quite the failure (although I did get rid of the rust): Wire brushed, de-rusted, and painted the inside of the rear bumper: straightened the bumper brackets and mounting points, de-rusted and painted sanded and painted the rear valance, de-rusted the bolt holes and rustoleum painted - it's still dented - but I can live with it - here's what I started with: and finished (enough for me) Still aiming for Powerland 2020 !!
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