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  1. rosso

    Rims...post what you have & had

    Western Wheel stamped on back - real name is ?? 13 x5.5 replica of ??
  2. Hey Tom, Do your Shelby 13" wheels look like these: Mine are stamped Western Wheel on the backside. Michael
  3. Datzenmike, Glad I took a picture of what I had (so I would know how to put it back together). Didn't count on it being done wrong. Thanks again for the info, I will put it as in the diagram and second photo. Icehouse, I didn't put the shoes back on since I didn't like that there was much less friction material and it was so differently orientated. The picture assembled was from another car and I wish that my shoes had as much material. Where did you get your Porterfield shoes, when was that, and what did they cost? Thanks.
  4. Hey datzenmike, You mean the old ones are leading and trailing and the new ones are all the same so are universal fit but not as good? On the new ones, all the friction surfaces are bonded in the same place on each shoe. I am also concerned that the previous owner's installation had the shoes mounted incorrectly with both "small tongues" at the adjuster. Or should it be this (disregard the red arrow, that was from a post about the adjuster) like this was done Thanks for all the help - just trying to figure it out to have good brakes - because VG33. 🙂
  5. Update: I received the AC Delco bonded brake shoes and the friction material is shorter and in a different position. See photo. What do you think about using these? AC Delco used to be a good brand for my American iron. I have no idea what the old ones are. Or order another brand and hope for better?
  6. Hi Banzai, Appreciate the input, that's what I am trying to decide. cost + hassle versus weight savings + extra cooling.
  7. Thanks Tedman, I see you have a nice electric cutoff tool - and you did a great job trimming your backing plate. No way could I do that by hand. 😞 Datsunwizard, thanks, that is what I thought to do since I could have it done off the car by the local machine shop. Nice to hear that it is possible, and retain the double U seal. I hope it is not too expensive to machine since the aluminum drums are a bunch more expensive than stock 510.
  8. Hi all, I am slowly working on the rear brakes of my '72 510 goon. Has anyone actually installed the aluminum rear drums on a 510? What I have seen so far is that people have said you need to trim the 510 backing plate. Anyone BTDT? Since trimming the backing plate on the car (and having it not looked hacked up) is probably beyond my tool ability. What about trimming the drums at a machine shop? Here's the 240Z drum specs - and I will be staying with 13" wheels if I can work it out. Extra cooling and would save as much as 3 pounds per drum. Thoughts? Thanks, Michael
  9. rosso

    510 rear drum brake adjuster disassembly?

    Hey datzenmike, Which of these copper anti-sieze lubricants do you think is better? Or something else for the rear brake reassembly. https://www.amazon.com/3M-08945-Copper-Seize-Brake/dp/B00HSCN9IS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1535678248&sr=8-3&keywords=permatex+copper+anti-seize https://www.amazon.com/Permatex-09128-Copper-Anti-Seize-Lubricant/dp/B000HBM8HU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1535694141&sr=8-1&keywords=permatex+copper+anti-seize Thanks, Michael aka rosso because my first 510 was red
  10. rosso

    510 rear drum brake adjuster disassembly?

    You bet - when i I put it all back together I will. What about putting a bit of lube on the backing plate where the brake shoes touch?
  11. rosso

    510 rear drum brake adjuster disassembly?

    No, looking at the adjuster from the back (like you would with it on the car) clockwise screws the adjuster to push the pistons out. With it out of the car and to remove the adjuster you would continue to screw clockwise to go all the way through the body. My adjuster is completely free but does not easily go all the way through the body. datzenmike is correct - clockwise to spread the shoes. My adjuster is free so I have no need to weld a nut on it. MikeRL411 suggestion of a socket also works but I used an adapter, 1/4" drive female to 3/8" drive male. A 10mm open end wrench fits the 3/8" end perfectly and is easy to turn. Harbor Freight adapter set of 4 for $2.99 - so cheaper than a singe adapter and now I have other sizes to add to my tool set.
  12. rosso

    510 rear drum brake adjuster disassembly?

    Thanks Dr510, That's always the route of last resort - just thought it would be nice to completely disassemble to check the adjuster is not borked because of a frozen piston. And it is a bit hard to see inside the body even with the pistons out If I can;'t get it apart after a bit more fiddling I will inspect to make sure there is full travel to push the pistons out and just reassemble as you suggest. Michael aka Rosso since my first 510 was red
  13. rosso

    510 rear drum brake adjuster disassembly?

    Since I already have the pistons out, and I soaked the adjuster with WD-40 and worked it in and out a lot - with it still not coming out through the bore, I guess I need a bigger wrench. 🙂 It's what I figured, but wanted to check here, thanks for the confirmation. I am picking up some Permatex copper anti-seize on my errands today and an assortment of small wire brushes from Harbor Freight. Brake shoes ordered (AC Delco) and some Gempler's Rust Converter.
  14. I am rebuilding the rear brakes on my '72 510 wagon and have the adjuster off the car and wanted to completely clean and rebuild. Does the adjuster screw unscrew in through the body all the way to get it out as indicated in the diagram above? I have worked it loose, but cannot get it worked all the way out. Does it just unscrew or is there something hidden I am missing? I have the little piston things out and only have the adjuster screw to finish. Thanks to all.
  15. rosso

    Datsun 510 2 door sedan "SHAKOTN"

    Thanks for the info - and your car is great! The plating really is a nice detail.

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