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  1. I don't think I have ever had an AGM battery but looks like the way to go. And since I am doing a VG33 swap, I don't want to spend a lot on a really good battery now only to find it won't fit later.☚ī¸ It's also a wagon so I want to keep the battery in the stock location rather than relocate to the rear and inside the car.
  2. thisismatt, thanks for the recommendation for O'Reilly's AGM battery, I will keep it in mind - for now I need to spend as little as possible for a battery until the project is done (in a year or so) and I can budget a new good battery when I am daily driving. Until then - I will have to get a less expensive option just to have juice in the car for wiring, troubleshooting etc.(Walmart $49.88) Here's where I am at now...
  3. I figured if I was going to do a brace, better to do it before the motor goes in - so planning ahead. And I agree - looks fab. Thanks, I sent you a message too.
  4. My project car didn't have a battery and I'm not sure of size. Original was Group 34? I will be installing a VG33 V6 and wonder if the full size battery will fit or should I get a smaller size. Anyone BTDT? This is a wagon and I do not want to move the battery from the front. Thanks in advance.
  5. rosso

    71 2 Door from Atlantic Canada

    Car is looking great - what black are you using on your steering pieces?
  6. rosso

    pic of your dime

    Technically it still is a dime isn't it?. And yes, that is really my house number - how lucky I am.
  7. rosso

    Rims...post what you have & had

    Thanks Tedman, back when Western Wheel was in business I was on the east coast so had never heard the name. I thought maybe they made them for some other brand - but they are definitely stamped Western Wheel on the inside of the barrel and are 13" x 5 1/2". I haven't found any model # or name anywhere else on the wheel, so thanks for the info. Cheers, Rosso because my first 510 was red
  8. rosso

    My 510 Fuse Box Cover - a photo

    This is from my '72 goon, built 06/72, serial number 986742 If that info helps with variation breaks during production.
  9. Hi Guys, I'm not sure if anyone has a good photo of the fuse box cover so I took a photo of mine. Everything is legible and not too worn. Maybe one of the decal people can use this to create something for the needy covers. 🙂 cheers
  10. Paradime, you hit it out of the park with that post - love it! I have not figured out anything yet for the rear axle. I'll have to take it easy on the stock unit. Cheers, Michael aka rosso because my first 510 was red
  11. It is going to be a street driven car and a few club events - maybe occasional track day or Maryhill hill climb. All for fun, not going full tilt race bonzo..(that will likely change the minute I put on the helmet.) This was my son's car and he planned the VG swap along with Dave Carroll (Experimental Engineering).. I have a lot of the special pieces needed - motor mounts, crossmember, flywheel, distributer for carbed motor, and will pickup intake manifold and headers from Dave when I can meet up with him. Seems like good driveability with torque and smooth midrange power. I don't need ultimate horsepower. Obese? That would be a Datzilla motor, the V6 is tiny compared to that. 🙂
  12. Sounds like math class I was smiling when I said weak arms - I'm good for driving once the car is rolling and enjoy the manual steering. Parallel parking in a tight space in the city, not so much. All my 510's have had Momo steering wheels smaller than the stock diameter but not tiny.
  13. Hey Mike, So I have a small steering wheel and weak arms - so I won't stress the steering box for the foreseeable future? :-)
  14. I am thinking ahead about installing the VG33 in my 510 goon project and wonder about the need for a (DP Racing) steering box brace. With a bit of added weight on the front and extra power/torque what is the need for a brace? I will have very inexpensive unsticky tires for some time 185/70-13 on 5.5 wide wheels. Is there going to be extra stress on the steering box and should I plan to buy a DP Racing brace to install before I stuff the V6 in? thanks.
  15. rosso

    rust treatment before paint

    Daniel, Regarding Gempler's I guess I should have said "Chemically converts rust into an inert, black barrier." but I thought I had seen a rust converter that mentioned zinc. My poor memory, thanks for the clarity. I'm not sure how it all works, but Gempler's say it functions as a primer and can be painted over. I plan to use it on my frame and running gear then paint.

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