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  1. I put a WTB in the classified here also and have a response and purchase! Thanks deans510 !
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    Here is the wheel I have and I need 16 lugnuts. Datsun 280ZX 6-spoke wheels - apparently a very special size lug nut with washer is needed to fit in the hole to tighten down the washer on the larger shoulder area without bottoming out the lug nut at the very end. I talked with a guy at Powerland last month that said he had a set of these specific lugnuts, but I have not heard from him. So still WTB.


  3. To the guy I met at Powerland last month that said he would put together a set of 280zx 6-spoke wheel lugnuts to sell me - I haven;t heard from you. Please contact me if you have them, here are the zx wheels I bought at the meet: Thanks
  4. I am working on parts for my front brakes and wondering if these are the right stainless steel lines. I have 280zx struts and calipers going into my '72 510 wagon. https://zcardepot.com/collections/510/products/brake-hose-kit-stainless-steel-braided-510# I think these are for stock 510 brakes but will they work with the ZX caliper?
  5. I plan to use a black blaster 2 coil in my VG33 swap into the 510 wagon and will put the coil in the stock location and stock bracket - two less holes I have to think about plugging and it's close to the distributor.
  6. Duncan, you are right on with the link, I logged on to post that I had found that also when I read your reply so problem solved. ☺️ I will pull a bolt off the back of mine (so you don't have to, thanks) and just get a couple new ones from Fastenal here in Port Angeles. Thanks also about suggesting leaving the side bolts off and not possibly damaging the body work. I'll get the main bolts secured and then see how it feels. I've got a long way to go on the project before the empty brackets on the sides of the bumper and the holes in the body panels get to bothering me...
  7. rosso

    My Little Goon...

    Here's a link to an older dime quarterly article about installing BMW seats into the 510. Looks easy. And they look good/appropriate for the 510. http://dimequarterly.blogspot.com/2012/10/e30-bmw-seat-installation.html Good luck and post pics update when you do it.
  8. I was looking at the back of the 510 wagon and noticed I only had two bolts on the main brackets (one on each bracket) and nothing on the side brackets. I have this parts diagram but no legend for parts numbers - does anyone have the listing that goes with this diagram? I need all the parts for the side brackets: 11, 13, 14, 16, and 37, 38. And also two more bolts, nuts, washers,etc for the main brackets.(12, 13, 14, 15). Thanks in advance for any information.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation 4perrev, I am trying to stay away from a rust encapsulator product like POR15 and Chassis Saver. Trying to spray or reach into all these areas in the cowl would be difficult for me. Still looking for someone with BTDT experience using DRX.
  10. As DMike says, 280ZX struts, calipers and rotors are a great upgrade. Then you can get a TechnoToys Tuning coil over kit and you are set for adjustable front suspension. This is one of the most affordable ways to improve the front of a 510. If your 510 top strut mounts are good you can use them as is. Here's my setup with 200 lb springs and KYB strut inserts.
  11. I am sure that this has been discussed but I don't seem to find anything when searching so here's the question. My wiper cowl area has a lot of surface rust on just about the entire area. I have been using a rust converter (Gempler's) and it works well but only on areas that are easy to get to for me. Painting on rust converter (x2) then spray primer (x2), then spray color (x2). So getting the spray paint into all those corners and nooks does not look easy. So, has anyone used DRX rust remover which is a spray bottle applied remover? Then pressure wash. Seems like spraying it into those areas and letting it pool up and run down into the recesses might be easier . Also need to spray bottle a rust neutralizer, and then a sealer. All with spray bottles and using lots. http://drxcleaner.com/product/drx-metal-rust-remover/ I am not able to do a full rust restoration ala a body shop. What does everyone think? Anyone used the DRX stuff? Thanks for any advice or BTDT.
  12. rosso

    Powerland 2020!

    I'm in for Powerland 2020 - this year was great and thanks again Jay! Now my goal is to have the VG33 swap done in my 510 wagon. There, I said it. Challenge laid down to myself. I'm too old to camp anymore, so will be in the motel in Salem again Saturday night in a comfy bed. :-) Thanks to all the vendors who came out, I had a great time scouring the stuff and scored a set of wheels.
  13. And some more photos of random neat stuff: A coupe Wagon with a super clean swap super clean - it's a beauty... not to ignore some of the other variety and talk about stuff(ed) All in all a great day and the start of a wonderful new annual meet! Next year I have got to have my wagon done!
  14. Just got home from Powerland Datsun and it was great. Thanks Jay for putting it on. Lots of nice cars, plenty of good stuff to buy. Here are a few cell phone shots. Since I am doing a VG33 swap into my wagon most of the photos are: and and wagons and a really sweet sedan Good deals on wheels from multiple sellers that somehow ended up in the back of MY wagon. 🙂 Really had a great two days. Thanks to everyone that came out and again an extra thanks to Jay.
  15. Leaving in the morning, be there shortly after lunch. 5 hours from Port Angeles, WA. Will miss meeting CarterB and DMike.
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