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    I have some 13" wheels that I need to sell and make space for a garage remodel. All are 4x114.3 for Datsun. Per the photo they are: **SOLD** 4 each of Western Wheel Superlite 13x5.5 all good condition almost no curb rash Made in USA. $200 I was planning to use these on my 510 but went to 280zx brakes and they won't fit. I still have these: 3 each Vial 13x6 red painted. Good condition made in France no curb rash, paint is chipped. $100 2 each Octavia 100+ 13x5.5. One good wheel, one has curb rash on entire rim . Made in Britain. $50 Large hi-res image: https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7864/47374792161_98568fc4f6_o.jpg Open to offers


    Port Angeles, WA

  2. Read this article about using BMW E30 seats - it looks very easy but I have not tried it. http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?t=24538
  3. Hey D-Mike, I could have worded that better couldn't I. You're right, camber plates are for, well, camber. No news there and since I don't currently have a problem with camber I chose not to use them or spend any money I don't need to. Just wanted to pre-empt people asking me where the camber plates were on my setup. Some people can accept the extra roughness when they need the camber adjustment. Solid metal plates and all. Cheers
  4. rosso

    been a while

    Blairis, I can only hope that my wagon will look this good someday. Fine, fine, fine. Any chance you can post details about wheels/tires? I will be needing both since I have converted to 280ZX brakes and my 13" wheels won't fit. Cheers, Michael
  5. Once I decided to use the 280ZX struts and brakes that I had, and accept buying new larger wheels, then ordering parts was easy. First to arrive: Weld on coilover kit from Techno Toy tuning installed on my 280ZX struts with stock 510 top mounts. This is for a daily driver so no camber plates since I think it would be too harsh. Dave Carroll did the welding of the retaining rings and cutting off the stock spring perches. He did a really nice job. Thanks Dave!! KYB Excel-G shocks and 200# Hypercoil springs. I went with the softer spring because the KYB shock would (probably) not respond well to a higher spring rate. This is a street car. Costs: T3 kit, $255 Welding, $100 KYB shocks, $72 280ZX struts came with the car as spare parts 510 top strut mounts, came on the car. 🙂 Total: $427 Sold stock 510 struts, $80 Net Costs: $347 All I can say is WOW.
  6. Ugh is right !! You are taking on a daunting task, so thanks so much. It was too frustrating for me with just the one paint code name I wanted. Keep updating your reference chart and over time it will become the go to resource.
  7. All I can add is my paint code, barely visible on the sticker is 906, and has been named some variation of gold or orange, and most reliably as Safari Brown. And here is a photo of my 1972 which is listed as orange on my title. I am 99% sure it is original paint.
  8. The KYB 365013 from rockauto fits the 280zx strut perfectly. It comes with a new strut cap and beveled washer for on top of the insert.
  9. 280ZX struts are about an inch shorter than the 510 struts. Using the 280zx kyb strut inserts means you need to cut the 510 struts to the same length. Either measure both struts and cut or insert the new KYB short struts and measure how far they don't stick out. Then when you are ready to switch over to the 280zx struts just swap in the KYB inserts. If you want low, why not buy a Techno Toy Tuning weld on coilover kit and use with the 510 strut - you get as much low as yo want. Then when you change to the 280zx struts just swap the T3 kit to the new struts - the kit is made to fit both. My T3 kit should arrive tomorrow - I tried to save all the 510 stuff to use until I could afford to change over to the 280zx but the 510 brakes, etc., was going to need to be replaced so I decided to swap over and put the money into the bigger stuff. And it means buying bigger wheels (not in the budget) and not be able to use the 13" minilite style wheels I have. Finding 510 stock rotors was almost impossible - and expensive. 280ZX stock rotor rings are $12 each from rockauto. Hope this helps - PM me if you want.
  10. Ordered my T3 coil over kit Friday - should ship tomorrow. Dave Carroll will cut off the spring perches and weld the collars on for me. Stock 280ZX struts with KYB shocks and 200 lb springs. (softer springs recommended by both T3 and Dave even with the VG33 swap) This may be a little soft, but the KYB shocks apparently can't handle stiffer springs and the KYB are way less expensive than Koni, Bilstein, Tokiko etc and my budget just couldn't stretch that far. Drywall being done in the garage all this next week so the car and parts are all covered and no work being planned.
  11. rosso

    Front struts

    Hi SB, I have a set of 510 struts just taken off my '72. I am in Port Angeles. PM me for details - It looks like the springs were cut to lower the car but they would work to get your car as a roller. I was planning to use the strut mounts with my 280zx struts and coilover kit on my wagon project. All the other pieces would be there. Michael
  12. Congrats on the 510 - I am in the middle of a VG33 swap into my '72 510 wagon. I look forward to reading about your project, for example about your coilover suspension (I did see that peeking out in one photo didn't I?) and wheel/tire combo sizes. I have a thread on the forum: '72 510 Goon - Prova - because it will be a test Good luck with your build! PM me anytime.
  13. Getting ready to install the motor so pulled all the front suspension, steering, etc off the car because the motor is going in from the bottom. The stock 510 stuff was in worse shape than I thought and was going to require some money to be spent to use it. So since I also have the 280ZX struts and calipers I decided that I would go ahead and swap over. Did a lot of interwebbing to find deals on pads, rotors, shocks, tie rod ends, etc and have an order ready to go in to rockauto. In the meantime I cleaned, wirebrushed, rust converted and painted the crossmember, lower control arms, and tc rods. Now ready to bolt to the motor along with the transmission and slide under the car. Also doing last minute check on anything in the engine compartment that needs attention before the V6 goes in. There are a lot of unmarked wires to sort out still... Now all I need is some 14" or 15"wheels to fit over the ZX brakes. And I have a set of Western Wheel Superlites 13x5.5 now for sale. Anyone able to help with either of these?
  14. At a crossroads - the front suspension and brakes were much worse than I thought and all needs replacing with finding stock calipers being a problem. So I am rethinking the use of the zx struts and brakes I have and buying a coilover weld on kit from technotoys for $255. https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/510/front-weld-coilover-kit-datsun-510 It means I have to buy shocks for the zx struts (which need shortening) and eventually larger wheels. What were you doing for front suspension and brakes? I am open for suggestions or help from forum members who might have parts to fit something together. It's been cold and we have had a foot plus of snow so I have not been working on the project at all - so rethinking and decision making by the fire has been the order of the day.
  15. After all the efi stuff is taken off for the carb manifold to be installed - there looks to be only one water tube. I am checking everything out and hopefully will not have any surprise leaks. This is a low mileage motor from Japan, 50-60,000 miles. Thanks for reminding me to keep looking while I have things apart. :-)
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