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  1. Looks like they disappeared long ago by a previous owner. I think I will use a zip tie just to keep it from rattling for the time being. Thanks! EDIT: Done!
  2. I am tidying up things - like putting the splash panel on. Only problem is there does not appear to be any fasting place for the REAR part of the pan. Front two bolts are fine. I have the pan sitting on top of the sway bar but underneath the frame is nothing either. Any BTDT or picture of one installed. Here is what I am seeing: And yes, you can see the messed up paint from all the leaking master cylinders I have been dealing with.
  3. HI Matt, Thanks for the links - I usually search for one specific item that is my first choice and then move on to 2nd, 3rd. Searching all results for each item trying to find available and best pricing. The master cylinder I prefer is the Raybestos like this:
  4. I am set on using the master cylinder from a 620 which is direct bolt in and 13/16" - just a tad bit larger than 510 stock. ( I have 280ZX calipers) I have all the cross reference parts - all are currently not available at any site I can find. Raybestos MC39279 - Rockauto - signed up to notify me when available Bendix R11839 - good caps like Raybestos Beck/Arnley 072-6570 Wagner MC96889 Premium (Tokico body) ACDelco 18M146 Nabco body - ordered from Summit Racing - back ordered ACDelco 18030388 Nabco body same as above My backup plan: Centric 130.42303 master cylinder for 620, 13/16" bore (plastic caps, generic body) So now I wait and check sites daily to try and score one of these. Centric is available at many places.
  5. Fixed the small water leak at the thermostat housing outlet. Speedometer pinion gear is not leaking and it's been about a week since I replaced the seal. So all the fluids are taken care of. I am waiting for a master cylinder to replace the replacement that has been leaking no matter what I do. Back ordered of 620 Raybestos 13/16" cylinder. If it does not ship in a week, I will order a Centric premium from ebay or rockauto. I ran the engine up to temperature today to check the water leak, and the thermostat opens, the electric fan starts and stops and idling in the garage at about 70 degrees ambient the radiator and fan just keep the VG33 cool. Good thing I live in the Pacific Northwest! 🙂 So other than the master cylinder, I'm done. I can drive it while I do all the other cosmetic and doodad stuff. The car sounds better in real life. 🙂
  6. I have been searching my garage and house for a headlight eyebrow trim piece that has disappeared. What I found was trim pieces I didn't know I had or needed, such as the cargo mat metal rear hatch trim. So I installed it. One more thing out of the garage! Yay!
  7. Looking at the trim more closely (sorry I did not post an end view) it is all one piece. Just folded over on the upper side to form the big lip that fits over into the "U" shaped rusty clip.
  8. Love the wheels and car in your private car show lot. Now you just need to get the rice wagon to haul those toilets.
  9. Here is a rusted clip on the back side of my spare wagon trim. I don't know if there is another piece, I agree with Draker - post a picture and I will look for it in my searches. I am scouring ebay and other search compilers for some hard to find parts for my wagon and would be happy to look for clips if I knew what they looked like.
  10. Ordered 303 Interior Cleaner from amazon, will post results here.
  11. I have seen and read about their products but not tried them yet - I will investigate again. Thanks.
  12. So waiting for parts I decided to work on the cargo area now that I can get to everything. Decided to work on sound deadening. Start after a bit of cleaning and polish: add sound deadening back together The panel is really dirtier than it looks - everything I try just does not seem to get it clean. Anyone have a really good cleaner/protector/not real shiny suggestion?
  13. Thanks, I jumped on fleabay and found one - so I snatched it. My shifter may be a bit farther back than yours but the cover plate is the biggest and closest fit I have seen - so I may need to mod it a bit. Looking forward to having the trans tunnel sealed up.
  14. When you post, in the lower left corner there is the option to add pictures directly from your computer. Simple.
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