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  1. Forgot to mention zcardepot sells tons of bolts and bolt kits for the 240Z in yellow zinc chromate and lots in stainless steel including JIS. Probably a good site to browse and consider how many of the 240 parts/kits would fit the 510 (with a few bolts leftover). Here's a link to their page for M6, M8, M10 stainless JIS bolts - packages of 10 - use the drop down list to select the size you want. https://zcardepot.com/collections/stainless-steel-bolt-kits/products/stainless-steel-jis-original-style-bolt-m6-m8-240z-260z-280z-510#
  2. Many of the original nuts and bolts were yellow zinc chromate although each owner nowadays seems to have their own preference for the look and finish of their car. I have had to go to different companies to find all the various size bolts since no one seems to have everything. Here are some examples: for M6 bolts https://jdm-car-parts.com/collections/datsun-510-1968-1973/products/m6-bolt-set-for-all-vintage-japanese-car-restoration-nos M10 front strut nuts https://jdm-car-parts.com/collections/datsun-510-1968-1973/products/m10-nut-and-lock-washer-for-front-and-rear-strut-tower-set-of-12-for-japanese-vintage-cars Locally I have a fastenal store that I can get stuff or online at Belmetric, for example https://www.belmetric.com/coarse-c-3_749_750_857/nr6ylw-hex-nut-yellow-zinc-class-8-p-141.html?zenid=u3ehhnfuhdd0ikipik01d6rbe5 Belmetric has a huge selection so browse their site. The only problem is that most suppliers like Fastenal do not have the JIS nuts and bolts used on most older 510s so for example a 10mm bolt will have a 17mm head rather than a 14mm head (JIS). Belmetric does have some JIS bolts so check their website. For a few bolts the shipping from Belmetric will make it rather expensive, but if you figure out all your order at once it is not bad.
  3. I do need to turn it over by hand to install the distributor so figured some lube in the cylinders would be a good idea. Also with all the plugs out so turning by hand is easier. WD40 is my last choice, but I have not come up with any other aerosol to spray in the cylinders. It's been sitting dry for 9 months at least. Yep, good suggestion, after I get the motor in the car I will take the valve covers off and pour oil over everything on top when I fill with oil. I plan to fill the oil filter also then crank it over with no spark or fuel until I get pressure on the aftermarket oil gauge. Hopefully the oil light will also go out. ☺️.
  4. I'm back to work on the project this week - have the VG33 on the engine stand and want to turn it over by hand and lube the cylinders before sticking it in the car. Will WD40 work fine to spray into each cylinder then crank it by hand using the crank pulley nut? Also want to confirm that the VG33 runs counter clockwise? Once the motor is in I will need to crank it to TDC to put the distributor in so, want to lube it while it is out and easy.
  5. rosso


    Here's a photo of a 14"x6" wheel with offset +10. This has 195/60-14 tires on the rear of my 510 wagon with 2" lowering blocks. Lots of clearance - with a zero offset the tire will be 1/2" farther out and should still be fine. Here's a great site to compare tires and wheel fitments. https://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp Look forward to seeing more pics of the car and progress. Welcome to the forum.
  6. I can't comment on what D-Mike says vs what the composite spring manufacturers might say but give them a call or email. http://www.flex-form.com/ Flex-Form 104-5 Construction Way Anderson, SC 29625 phone: 864-225-8070
  7. I am surprised no one here has suggested composite springs. http://www.flex-form.com/Default.asp There are several wagons with them among forum members or that I saw at Powerland this past year.
  8. rosso

    Lock set

    Not cheap but some here: http://www.new-datsun-parts.com/datsun-510-parts-locks.html Or ebay with probability of not fitting maybe? https://www.ebay.com/b/Locks-Hardware-for-Datsun-510/33648/bn_51074174 Hopefully one of the forum members with lots of 510s will reply here.
  9. Thanks Duncan, I will keep an eye out for one of these - until I get the VG swapped in I will let it go that I see the brackets and dented valance panel. 😞 By the way - your wagon is fabulous! M
  10. Found the reference - it's carpartsmanual.com and the part number is 79101-22900 I keep forgetting that this website has a Futofab banner on it so I always go to the Futofab website instead and can't find this. http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/bluebird-1968-1973/body-(wagon)/tail-gate-bumper
  11. Thanks Carter, that is a great shot of the body work and rear valance early on in the thread. I had read a few posts of recent but had not gone back to read the whole thing. Great reading! tr8er, I don't have that piece on my car so wasn't aware it was there - thanks and is that piece really necessary? Item #3 in the following diagram. I can't find the source for this diagram or actual part numbers. Anyone have a Nissan part # for it or where it is available?
  12. Found one on the interwebs that shows the rear valance is relatively flat across. Mine is not. ☹️☹️☹️ It got dark before I could grab a photo tonight. Will have to figure out something, at least the hatch closes and latches.
  13. Does anyone have a photo of what the rear valance panel looks like on the '72 510 wagons? I think mine is dented in at least two places but hard to tell. I would like to see a photo of what it should look like to see if I can save mine or need to source a new one. Most of the body is in great shape except for this rear valance. Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. Working on the oil pressure gauges - here is the center section of my dash this morning: No radio and a bit cut up - so scrubbed it off, grabbed a piece of plastic from the car stereo store for $2 and made the oil pressure gauge block off plate. Not planning to have a radio for a while so did the easiest and cheapest way to get a gauge in. Here's what I ended up with: Still needs a bit more cleaning and renewing the black but much better and hopefully I can see oil pressure when I crank the VG33.
  15. Congrats - look forward to seeing the build. 🙂
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