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  1. WooHoo, way to go guys! You amaze me, congratulations. :-) ðŸĪŠ
  2. Looking good, much the same but maybe a bit lighter than the CRC Dry Graphite Lube, 10 oz Aerosol Can, Black I used. Amazon - $9 and easy to spray on just like any rattle can. Good for 850 degrees F. Here it is on my brake calipers
  3. Thanks Daniel, I am definitely planning to paint the interior reflector of the lights. I have to do wire brushing, rust converter, then primer, then final shiny stuff. Just looking now at options for spray paint in a chrome. I looked at LED but they are a bit more money and I read alot about problems getting them to work. I need simple stuff at this point and not create any possible problems myself. I am fine with regular bulbs probably the 97 since I think one more watt would be better. 🙃
  4. While we are stuck at home I decided to try and restore my side marker lights on the 510 wagon. So I am going to install new bulbs while I have them apart. Most application guides say they are #97 bulbs, but I have at least one #67 bulb and all the rest the markings are long gone to corrosion.The physical size is the same and the only difference I can find out is the wattage, 67 is 8w and 97 is 9.3w. I was planning to put in all #97 for a wee bit more brightness and visibility on the sides. Any reason not to do this?
  5. The Calyx dressing is a graphite paste from what I can find out. Let us know how it works out after a few heat cycles. It should give similar results to the graphite spray dry lube I am using.
  6. Hey Duncan, Try wire brushing it and then spray with dry graphite lube. . These are my VG33 manifolds that I have in reserve if Dave Carroll can't make headers for me. After spraying and letting dry, the left header has been buffed with a microfiber cloth, the right one is left alone as sprayed. Here's the stuff I used - although I have not had any heat into these since the car is not running yet.
  7. Wow Carter, I hope you got well paid for taking a good 510 and making it an exceptionally clean and cool 510 !!!!🙂
  8. It may be smaller, and may be there is steering to clear, but it still fits and looks great.
  9. I agree with the others about keeping the L-series motor. It's a lot simpler - I am doing a VG33 swap into a 510 wagon and there are tons of details and gotchas to deal with. But the VG33 is not that big and looks quite at home in the 510.
  10. Carter, Glad you are okay - bummer about the car. Nice to see you are already planning the rebuild of the swamp thing - I love your adventures. I take it you will be the third driver for the next few races 😞 I hoped you wouldn't take the rice wagon for a race car <big sigh of relief> I like it for inspiration to keep going on mine! Cheers, M
  11. Here are 195/60-14 tires on my '72 wagon with no rubbing. Have 2" lowering blocks on the back too. The track width might be different on a wagon - not sure of the specs.
  12. Looking good! What about the rice wagon? I keep waiting for updates so I can figure out my wagon. No progress on mine in months - not going out anywhere and don't have expected income for parts and supplies. Once the covid thing is over I will get down to the Ridge and watch you guys tear it up! Love the reports from the pits.
  13. rosso

    Exterior trim

    Like dis. 🙃
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