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  1. Muffler shop is now next week, I have two flanges ordered so the guy can build the pieces to mate the manifolds to the existing tailpipe. Working on more details while I wait - installed a day/night rear view mirror from a Pathfinder. I can't remember who pulled this for me and sent it, but thanks, it works great. It bolts right in to the 510 holes. I have the cover piece, just waiting since I need to replace the windshield. Since I am now driving the car on the road to get things done, I have taken the temporary battery hold down off (some of you mentioned t
  2. Well, the muffler shop did not have any flanges to fit the exhaust manifolds, so could not do anything. I was so looking forward to having the exhaust done so I could drive it and hear what was going on. Drove about 3 miles and the car really seems good. It's loud, especially when lifting off the gas. Soft brakes but I have been waiting for some stainless replacement lines to fix the drips. All in all easy to drive, steering is fine, ride is fine bumpy but not harsh. If anyone knows or has exhaust to downpipe flanges that I can buy please PM me. They are 3-bolt flanges,
  3. Took it for a drive around the block after buttoning up the cowl and last minute details. It's off to the muffler shop tomorrow. 🙂
  4. Finished painting the wiper cowl area and freed up the wiper pivots. Reassembled. where I started:
  5. Definitely. Even the 13" stock steel will not clear the ZX brakes in the front. So if I ever have a front flat I will need to put the spare on the back, then move the back to the front flat. Not ideal, but I can live with that since no larger tire or wheel will fit under the car easily.
  6. That could be the answer, the previous owner had a 1200 coupe and maybe just stuck one of the tires under the wagon to make do. Sorry to hear I will again miss meeting you at Powerland. 😞
  7. PM'd - let me know cost and shipping. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Mike, I was trying to confirm that the 12" was something a previous owner put on - not stock for the wagon. Given how much I have spent on the car, and it being a spare tire, I was thinking of saving the $50 cost of buying another steel wheel. Maybe the 165/13 will be cheaper than the 155/12 to offset the new wheel a bit. You going to Powerland? I missed meeting you at the last Canby. Cheers, M
  9. Working on being ready for Powerland so I dropped the spare down to check it - found out it is 155R12. Is this weird or normal for the 510 wagons? It's an old tire so I need to buy a new one regardless of size - if I go with the 13", then I need to buy a wheel too. Anyone know of cheap stock steel wheels?
  10. Time Left: 16 days and 2 hours

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    I am going to need to buy a stock steel wheel for the spare on my '72 510 wagon. Appearance not too important - but it needs to be straight and true. Anyone have one to sell in the Seattle, NW area? I want to have a spare when I drive down to Powerland next month.


  11. I need to get ready for the road trip to Powerland - I thought I better check out the spare. I lowered it down and it is a 155R12. I said what the? Is this the correct size for a 510 wagon spare? I thought all 510 were 13" - but I never had a wagon before. It is about the right diameter compared to the 195/60-14 I have on the car. It is a rather old tire, so I am going to buy one tire no matter what - the question is do I go with the 155R12 or is it better to have a 165R13. And will that fit up in the spare wheel space under the rear of the car? If I go with
  12. I have a stock motor that works just fine so I will use it until it goes kaput - then I have another motor of unknown status that is on a shelf as a possible spare. I need to get the cowl area painted before I put it all together. I have seen the posts about intermittent wiper motors and setting them up - that will have to wait since I still have so much to do to get the car drivable.
  13. Yep, ZX 14x6 in brown. Budget does not allow for 15's yet. But will when all is up and running. I have the same front suspension as you - T3 kit on ZX struts and brakes with 2" lowering blocks in rear. See you in a few weeks!!
  14. Found a jack and where to put it. Just under the front seat edge. Air filter installed - 10" that I will run until I make sure I have clearance for something bigger if I want. Started to do some interior clean up - replaced vinyl trim under the doors. One down, three to go. Have to keep at it...only a wee bit more than 7 weeks til Powerland. 🙂
  15. Wow - two cool wagons! Drive one to Powerland and if MrBigTanker shows up we can have a good corral. Ride height and wheels/tires of the orange one look perfect. Are they 15" wheels?
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