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  1. Time Left: 25 days and 21 hours

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    Wanting to buy a stock '72 horn. Need a passenger side horn in condition similar to the one I have pictured here which is my driver side horn refurbished. Could pick it up at Powerland/Canby meet June 8 & 9.


    Port Angeles, Washington - US

  2. Almost done with the garage to studio remodel and have only had 5-10 minutes here and there to work on the wagon. New single car garage is finished and the wagon is in it: VG33 is patiently waiting... I did start working on rust removal on the strut towers. Primed and waiting for color and clear. Also had a chance to clean and de-rust the heat connections - once I get the motor in I sure don't want to work back there. I am not a body shop guy and have no desire to strip the whole car or engine compartment - so it's piecemeal to take care of rust wherever I am working. It most;ly looks fine from 3 feet away and this is to be a daily driver. Here's my procedure - let me know if you think the rust will come back: Wire brush the rust 2 coats Gempler's Converter - 20 minutres between 48+ hours cure 2 coats grey primer Light 320 grit sanding 2 coats body color or engine enamel black as above 2 coats clear over body color Any suggestions for improved method/product ? June 1st deadline to finish the studio convertion, then I will have more time to work on the wagon.
  3. Hey D-Mike, I am not familiar with the charcoal canister to which you refer. Perchance you could send a diagram of the setup, a photo, or a link to a later model Datsun that has that system. Most of the 510 restos here and images found on the net show the engine compartment stripped of almost everything that was once attached to the fenders and all the holes filled and painted for the "clean" look. I am not looking to do that, but would like the simplest solution to all the extra stuff I have. Thanks.
  4. Yahoo - electric choke relay! Thanks - '72/73 only and I will have an electric choke on the Holley 2-barrel on the VG33 (so I connect the blue wire to the new carb's choke?) And I will have to look at the jumper setup for the new alternator to get rid of the external voltage regulator (completely or leave connected and jumper across?) Thanks a bunch!
  5. Thanks, so what is this thing? I see the two relays on the back of the strut tower but can find nothing in the wiring diagram that indicates this thing with 4 wires going to it. Blue Black Yellow Blue-White Is there a better wiring diagram that someone has that shows this thing? Thanks in advance to any helpers! Electrical is not my strong point with cars.
  6. Thanks, I will continue to look, I was hoping it was solid enough to use as a starting point/template for a lip under my chin spoiler or for a new rear spoiler for the 510 wagon project.
  7. Nice looking grill !! Good job. Do you know the part number or name for the middle piece - the long flat one that runs across the middle? I have an idea that I might be able to use that on a different old Datsun. Or even better, where it is possible to buy the piece. Thanks
  8. Here are my T3 coilover kits installed on the 280ZX struts. Not shortened. Retaining rings are welded so top of threaded sleeve is just far enough below the top of the strut to allow tightening the top big nut. The spring perch is set temporarily all the way up to keep the spring captured with shock extended all the way. The perch collars have a nylon ball in the set screw hole so that when you tighten the set screw it presses on the nylon ball and that presses against the threaded sleeve This was a very inexpensive way to get a coilover setup on the front. They offer a store credit for struts and this kit fits both the 280ZX and stock 510 struts I won't get to installing them until after I finish the garage into studio remodel and I have some time (May 1 goal).
  9. Been off for a month+ working on the garage to studio conversion so no work being done on project until today. Doing a little cleanup under the hood in preparation to put the VG33 in the car. Had a couple of questions about old 510 pieces that can be taken out maybe. pollution control/gas vapor recirc thingie - will this be needed for anything with the VG33 carburated motor? I was planning to leave the hard line and just plug the rubber hose and remove the valve(?) thingie. voltage regulator? Not needed with VG33 alternator but some of the wires from here in the original harness have to get connected somewhere - yes? Horn relay - I need to keep this, correct? No wiring changes, it's just straight 510 stuff. I cleaned the heater hose fittings on the firewall and one horn, replacing the rusted screws with yellow zinc bolts. and one horn to go (the worst one, ugh I hate those screws, rusted solid). Anyone have good suggestion for good impact screwdriver? cheap Harbor Freight ones don't work (for me). I still have some 13" wheels to sell (in classified).
  10. Wow! Looks great!! If I can get mine to look 1/10th as good as yours I will be over the moon. It will be a couple of months before I get back to working on my 510 wagon and VG33 project since I am doing construction on the other half of the garage now. I am looking for new wheels in 14" or 15" since I decided to use the 280ZX struts and brakes and the 13" wheels I had will not fit. What size wheels and tires did you use? Are you open to having more people PM you? My project page is '72 510 Goon - Provo. Stock rear springs with 2" lowering blocks and front techno toys tuning coilover kit. Probably will not be quite as low as yours but looking for the same front rake. Fabulous job and I look forward to seeing more.
  11. Time Left: 1 day and 23 hours

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    I have some 13" wheels that I need to sell and make space for a garage remodel. All are 4x114.3 for Datsun. Per the photo they are: **SOLD** 4 each of Western Wheel Superlite 13x5.5 all good condition almost no curb rash Made in USA. $200 I was planning to use these on my 510 but went to 280zx brakes and they won't fit. I still have these PRICE REDUCED: 3 each Vial 13x6 red painted. Good condition made in France no curb rash, some paint is flaking off.. 2 each Octavia 100+ 13x5.5. One good wheel, one has curb rash on entire rim . Made in Britain. $75 for all 5. Large hi-res image: https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7864/47374792161_98568fc4f6_o.jpg Open to offers


    Port Angeles, WA

  12. Read this article about using BMW E30 seats - it looks very easy but I have not tried it. http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?t=24538
  13. Hey D-Mike, I could have worded that better couldn't I. You're right, camber plates are for, well, camber. No news there and since I don't currently have a problem with camber I chose not to use them or spend any money I don't need to. Just wanted to pre-empt people asking me where the camber plates were on my setup. Some people can accept the extra roughness when they need the camber adjustment. Solid metal plates and all. Cheers
  14. rosso

    been a while

    Blairis, I can only hope that my wagon will look this good someday. Fine, fine, fine. Any chance you can post details about wheels/tires? I will be needing both since I have converted to 280ZX brakes and my 13" wheels won't fit. Cheers, Michael
  15. Once I decided to use the 280ZX struts and brakes that I had, and accept buying new larger wheels, then ordering parts was easy. First to arrive: Weld on coilover kit from Techno Toy tuning installed on my 280ZX struts with stock 510 top mounts. This is for a daily driver so no camber plates since I think it would be too harsh. Dave Carroll did the welding of the retaining rings and cutting off the stock spring perches. He did a really nice job. Thanks Dave!! KYB Excel-G shocks and 200# Hypercoil springs. I went with the softer spring because the KYB shock would (probably) not respond well to a higher spring rate. This is a street car. Costs: T3 kit, $255 Welding, $100 KYB shocks, $72 280ZX struts came with the car as spare parts 510 top strut mounts, came on the car. 🙂 Total: $427 Sold stock 510 struts, $80 Net Costs: $347 All I can say is WOW.
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