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  1. Agree with you John about workings being important vs castings; however the B-A cylinders also seem to have a stamped steel retaining ring for the seals instead of a formed wire. Seems like a sharp edge holding the rubber seal in place is not a good idea vs the round wire. I guess it's a toss up for which is likely to be better. Thanks for the info, I'll continue to look.
  2. Seemed logical, but was still wondering. Thanks.
  3. Here's what they look like now.
  4. Mike, I beat on the drum so hard to get it loose (since I wasn't going to try and save it) that I am sure it is distorted/dented and wonky. Whatever drums I do buy, I might have the local machine shop check for roundness if you think that is such a big problem. And I haven't got the cylinders off the car yet - so maybe they will be okay to clean, lube, and reuse. Thanks. Next time you come through Port Angeles, give me a shout out and come by to see my strawbale house and the goon. (where did that name come from?) Michael
  5. Thanks John, I looked at some Beck Arnley wheel cylinders and they look really rough, so far the Dorman seem to have the best castings and retaining rings for the price. The Centric also looks good for price and including shims and parking brake lever. Still investigating... Cheers, M
  6. Thanks Mike, The car has been sitting for many years so I figure the wheel cylinders are probably all dried out, even though they appear to not leak yet. All parts I order are free shipping and Dorman brand I thought was better than average. What about Centric or AC Delco? https://www.ebay.com/itm/163084940210?ul_noapp=true What about brake drums - local auto parts store wants $46 each (Duralast) and A1 Auto or Wagner brand online are about half that. It's been 20 years since I have been working on a 510 so I am really out of touch with how to economically work on the project wagon. And there is lots to do and I still need to get an engine. :-) Cheers, Michael
  7. I am getting all the parts together to redo the rear brakes on the 510 wagon project. Has anyone used Dorman wheel cylinders? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Drum-Brake-Wheel-Cylinder-Rear-Dorman-W96472-fits-68-73-Nissan-510/361981117025?fits=Year%3A1972%7CMake%3ADatsun%7CModel%3A510%7CSubmodel%3ABase%7CEngine+-+Liter_Display%3A1.6L%7CTrim%3ABase%7CEngine%3A1.6L+1595CC+97Cu.+In.+l4+GAS+SOHC+Naturally+Aspirated&epid=1018875200&hash=item5447c18261:g:DtYAAOSwg4tbIS8W&vxp=mtr I thought I would just replace them since it's so cheap even though the ones on the car appear to be working and not leaking. New shoes and drums are just from local parts store. Thanks, Michael aka rosso since my first 510 was red
  8. First task for project car - is everyone just using the local auto parts store to get noname brake shoes and drums, etc? Not going to convert to discs because so much else needs $$ first. And sticking with some 13" alloy wheels I have. Cheers, Michael aka Rosso because my first 510 was red
  9. Thanks ranman - I am leaning towards the Achilles - glad it works for you, that's great incentive for me to use it.
  10. Hey DatzenMike, Thanks for the info - the Tirerack conversion chart lists 5.6x13, 185/70, and 205/60 as equivalent size tires. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tiretech/45_conversionchart.jsp Achilles is not the strangest name - some are like Wanlu, Duran, Sailun and many have no UTQG rating so would not consider any of them. At least the Achilles apparently did the testing to determine the rating. I looked for you at Canby - did you go? I survived the rain, lightning, and hail. Still had a blast. My goal is to bring the wagon with VG33 next year! Cheers.
  11. I'll try to continue this thread before starting another. I have been looking at 185/70-13 tires to stick with stock stuff for now. Has anyone used the Achilles tires? https://simpletire.com/achilles-185-70r13-mad187013-tiresThey are one of the only tires to list They are one of the only tires to list a UTQG rating, let alone one with 420 AA A specs. Many tires have only the A traction rating and B heat rating. Anyone used these or have another tire with similar specs in the lower price range? Cheers to all. Michael PS: I survived Canby 2018. Such fun!!
  12. I like SSR mesh wheels and would love to go with 15" but have 3 sets of 13" wheels already so will stick with them. Western Wheel minilite reps Octavo Finned Vial finned
  13. Yes I would keep them, except even though they have good tread, they are very old Goodyear snow tires (like 6 years old at least). EDIT: A quick look for the 185/70-13 seems like more tires are available - will consider it.
  14. Have 185/70-13 on stock steelies on the car as bought. Want to go wider. I have Western Wheel Minilite replicas in 13" x 5.5". What size tire can I use? 205/60-13? Car has 2" lowering blocks in rear and similar drop in front. I test fit the wheels in back and clearance looks good.
  15. I checked and the link works for me. Try cut and paste. www.datsun-france.com/Ratdat/ratdatblog/?p=319

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