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  1. Found this carrier bearing replacement on amazon. Seems it should work. Only $30! Planning on a tuneup on Monday or Tuesday and trying to start the 620 for the first time. Then replace this bearing. I will post pics of course. Need to clean the engine bay up some also. For all those who like before and after pics i will have some soon!
  2. Thanks @datzenmike thats some good history i am glad to know! Lots to learn. very thankful for this forum. And glad to clarify that for you @620slodat. Now we can both search junkyards for parts knowing what swaps with what! Haha good hunting!
  3. This is very helpful also since im going to be trying to salvage as much as i can off the 75 since it is the only one ive found nearby so far. Thank you!
  4. Thank you @datzenmike Below is the info i got from datzenmike about all the glass for the 620s! It was very helpful for me so i wanted to share it here since i did not see it any where else when searching. It is probably somewhere else i just didnt find it so here it is. Hope it helps @620slodat Front and sides are but King Cab rears are larger than the regular cab and long box. Doors are all the same but before '76 the vinyl covered door card on the inside had a clip that ran all along the top to hold it in. From '76 on they used those plastic buttons. Fenders are all the same as are hoods. A regular cab and a King Cab used the same box but the long box was .... longer. '78 and '79 grills are different than the earlier ones but will swap.
  5. Haha welcome larry. Congratulations on the awesome truck! I am new as well and here to learn and share also! Cant wait to see pics! I'm sure your grandpa is excited to see what you do with it!
  6. Yes sir will do! If someone else doesn't chime in and confirm before then. I will be done with my day shift friday. So i will update you as soon as possible.
  7. @620slodat Yea im counting on it also. I will find out this weekend hopefully. I want to get over to the salvage yard and see what i can get.
  8. I was thinking this but wanted confirmation. So thank you! Very much! I'm going to try and go scavenge whatever i can off that 75 or even the whole truck if possible haha
  9. So i called the closest salvage yard and they have a 75' 620. Im wondering if the windshield is interchangeable with my 76' and also if so...what other parts should i try to salvage that will work on my 76?
  10. Sounds like it has been sitting for about 10 years!! Sadly. But better for me! I definitely want to take these precautions and try to be preventive rather repair if possible. I really appreciate the tip. i will start looking for these parts now! And keep the original parts to rebuild! Great tip about the master cylinders!
  11. That is great advice! I will definitely get it back on the road before any cosmetic changes! Well except repaint the steelies. Haha i can imagine you cruising like that happy as can be still
  12. I was asking my dad about it also. He said it is true mileage. Our town is only about 5 sq miles big and he did take it out of town a few times but mainly just around our small town. It really is pretty complete. I am very thankful to have such luck and blessing from grandpa to get it in the condition it is.
  13. Definitely will get some of both of those. thanks for the recommendation! I am definitely going to be looking for donor cars nearby to start stockpiling anything i might need in the future! Thank you!
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