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  1. Just another update... Well I am trying to focus on one task then move to the next without getting in a rush. I decided since I have no table vice to hold my driveshaft safely to get to the carrier bearing I called a one man mechanic shop I’ve used in the past. I was able to have him replace my carrier bearing and went ahead and had him replace my u joints all for only $125! I know it’s cheating and I do. Or get the glory of fixing that, it does feel good it is done! So today I focused on just getting it out back in. And I did! One small victory felt great. It is installed and off
  2. @Stoffregen Motorsports @datzenmike Alright will do this weekend on my next set off. Really glad i have so much to troubleshoot and get this done!
  3. @banzai510(hainz) haha appreciate the clarification!
  4. @banzai510(hainz) thanks for the chime in! I will try this too!
  5. @Stoffregen Motorsports i have not messed with pedal stops at all so i will check that out now. I was hoping gravity bleeding would be enough but i think i need to do what yall are saying with the hook and holding my finger over the line to let the master actually suck some fluid into it. Right now the level of the master is not changing so that makes sense to to that j hook method first and get it primed then it should go to the regular bleeding. Hopefully anyways. Once again I'm pointed in a better direction. Kind of been at a stand still with it. A little embarrassed to say it
  6. @datzenmike Yea im pretty sure its just i have air in the master so its not pushing through the line yet. Once i get that I'm pretty sure itll do just as you said. Something so simple takes me a lil longer. Nothing unusual but i will get it! Thanks @Crashtd420 also for the tips
  7. Yea im sure i sound like a idiot. Haha it is giving me more trouble then i expected. I appreciate the tips because i know the master still must have air like yall said. Got dome hose to try and bench bleed it. I dont have a vice so i am trying it while installed in place. So far just haven't had time off on days my brother can come over to press the clutch in for me so its been a uphill battle haha. I stopped trying to prevent adding more air into the line. But i will give yalls advice a try this weekend. Also im not too proud to say i got the driveshaft out but will be taking t
  8. Well still making slow progress on the 620. Having a hell of a time bleeding the clutch. Replaced master and slave. Not just waiting for a day after these holidays to get out there with a friend to give a another shot. Also ordered some u joints to replace while i have the driveshaft out for the carrier bearing. In the meantime i was going to need new rearview mirrors so i went ahead and ordered me a pair of the oem bluebird fender mirrors. Very excited about them but not allowing myself to install them until my other work is done. I did test fit the rims again and will have plen
  9. Still waiting for my decals I purchased back in November. 

  10. @banzai510(hainz) Ya i decided to hold off on the other rims for now. They are actually 17x8 but i have enough to work on for now and will be focused on jujust getting back on the road.
  11. Yessir it does! For a elementary school in Roswell New Mexico.
  12. @Crashtd420 I really appreciate that and thats a good idea! Maybe something on the truck might look good. I will think about it. I took your advice and have it marked just havent got to a table vice to get it separated. I am thinking of just taking it to a shop to help me out. I'm wanting progress! Last couple weeks seem to be more parts collecting then progress on the build. But i am making moves for it at least. Progress shots and updates soon!
  13. @]2eDeYe Hahaha when i saw them i firsted laughed them off remember seeing them around on trucks. I just have to figure out if they fit ot if i need to modify anything to help them fit. I still want to lower it i was planning on just a 2" static drop for starters but will cross that road when i get there. Hopefully soon. Still have a few things to finish before these wheels even get tires haha
  14. Well i went ahead and bought these rims i found at the salvage yard today. I have wont be putting them on yet but didnt want to lose out on someone else getting these. I got these for $35 per rim. Measured at 18x8! Very lightweight aluminum wheels with unique 90s style to them i don't see very much. Figure at the low cost it was worth getting and cleaning up for later. Im wondering how 18x8 rims fit on the 620 and how much i will be able to lower it with them on and not having rubbing issues or if im going to have to do some trimming. Also took the nice set of original mudflaps off the truck a
  15. Whats up my ratsun krew! Just wanted to give an update. Work and my side business have been keeping me busy. But i have still been frequenting the forum doing research. I did get the book..how to keep your datsun alive...and also made a trip to the nearest salvage yard and brought home a few goodies. Windshield, passenger window, shift knob, speedometer cluster, fuse box, blinker cover for my one busted on my front lower bumper and a sweet old liscense plate i found on a bumper in the yard that is perfect for my long body orange 620 in new Mexico! Here is a pic of the liscense plate and driv
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