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  1. I use those reverse osmosis dispensing machines that are in front of some groceries stores. The water comes out mineral free. .40$/g in So Cal. Henry
  2. Hi, So I just spoke with the vendor & he said that the only practical way is to slice, install & glue them together. I wonder if the black silicone Permatex adhesive would be a good choice? Henry
  3. Oh, no way. I'll call the seller tomorrow & find out. If so, I'll return them. I was originally thinking of just cutting my own; but they seem specialized to keep the rain out. Maybe slice them - fit & glue them? I'll let you know, Henry
  4. Hi, As I'm installing new rubber on my 510, I bought these. I have no idea how they are installed. It seems like the openings are way to small for the handle mechanisms to go through. I don't want to force them on, as I think the rubber might rip ( .. although the rubber is somewhat thick ). Anyone know how it's done?? I bought them from DAPS Thank you, Henry
  5. Thanks! ...and do you mean with the door left on the car? Henry
  6. Thanks Mike, I'll let it go for now. Henry
  7. Hello, While checking the tightness of the bolts on the lower drivers side door hinge, I sheared the head off the lower bolt. So before I get all involved in taking the door off & trying to remove & tap -out the broken stud, I wanted to get your opinions on actually just leaving it alone & letting the two other two bolts carry the load. Dumb idea? (..probably ). I may add that all the insides of the door have been removed; as I'm replacing all the rubber parts. And the hinges are in pretty good shape themselves. Thank you, Henry 1971- 510 SW -
  8. Thanks a lot for checking it out! I appreciated. Henry
  9. This is what my lock looks like Mike. thanks
  10. I believe the part number is 38418 ( ROD RETAINER ) & yes it is included in the lock assembly. i hope i did this right.
  11. Hi, So I'm referring to those little plastic connectors that would connect a metal rod to a lever ( like what's behind the lock tumbler for example ). Where does one find that sort of thing. Can we buy them specifically for a certain vehicle? Mine are mostly shot & the connections are sloppy. Thank you, Henry 1971, 510 SW
  12. Hi Shawn, I don't know if this would apply to your vehicle. But just in case: https://jdm-car-parts.com/blogs/news/how-to-fit-front-door-handles-to-the-rear-doors-1968-1973-datsun-510 Henry
  13. Hi, So, I ended up buying the front doors rubber squeegees from Daps. I'm not sure how to install the inner ones. Does anyone know how it's done. I really don't want to mess it up! Thanks folks, Henry 1971, 510, SW
  14. Good questions. I took it for granted that they would be quality parts from that company. I've used them for my 1955 Chevy pickup & always been very happy with their parts. Henry
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