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    1971 510 SW; 1990 Geo Prizm; '55 Chevy pickup;''87 Mazda 323
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    woodworking, my vehicles, the ocean
  1. henry

    510 carpet kits???

    I just bought a kit from these guys for my '71 510 SW Very happy with it. Good quality. Around $180. https://stockinteriors.com/
  2. henry

    How much do drive your vintage Datsun???

    1971 510 SW Southern California Everyday also. Between Ojai, Ventura, Santa Barbara, sometimes LA. Have had it for over 30 years. Happy not to have lost it in the great fire :thumbup: Henry
  3. henry

    Shift Boot?

    I bought this boot a while back. Way too big. Was not easy to get a refund. I've recently installed a gearshift boot from a 1991 Mazda Pick-Up B2200. It fits pretty snug; and looks good too. The rubber is much better quality. Good luck! Henry
  4. henry

    1972 510, front dust caps

    I bought mine from the dealership some years back. Not very expensive; and they fit very tight. Henry
  5. henry

    Refinished instrument cluster

    Nice job; looks good!
  6. henry

    Where to buy timming chain kit??

    Hi, Seeing that a certain type of oils were mentioned on this thread ( 15W40 Dello 400 or Rotella T ) I've always wondered: Is it alright to use an oil that's recommended for a diesel engine on a non diesel car. Specifically a '71 510 1.6L. I would appreciate your opinions. Thank you, Henry
  7. henry

    510 rear brake adjusters

    On mine the inside threads are stripped (..on right side). I guess I'll have to install a Heli-Coil. Nissan Part No.: 44200-22000 ADJUSTER-BRAKE is no longer available. Too bad. Henry
  8. henry

    stock jack location SW

    Had to laugh when i saw those pics. It's been such a long time that I've lifted the back seat up. thanks man! Henry
  9. henry

    stock jack location SW

    Thanks Edekalil, Got everything tucked around the front seat. Seems to be pretty tidy. Will check out under back seat though. ( Never thought about that ) Henry
  10. henry

    stock jack location SW

    Thanks guys! It's odd that they dont explain that in the Station Wagon glovebox manual. Henry
  11. henry

    stock jack location SW

    Hi again, Forgot to include the lugnut wrench with that group. Thank you, Henry
  12. henry

    stock jack location SW

    Hello, I kwow the storage location for the jack & adaptor (under the drivers front seat). I'm wondering if anyone would know where and how the handle & that long bar (...im not sure of the right name for it ) are stored? 1971, 510, SW Thank you, Henry
  13. henry

    What type of oil in steering box?

    Hi, Is it possible to simply drain the oil out of the steering box? That is without removing the box out of the vehicle? I would like to replace all of the fluid. 1971 510 SW Thanks, Henry
  14. Yes you need the single point unit. Put one on mine (..from Crane Cams) Henry
  15. henry

    Cylinder Lock Assembly (for the front doors)

    Hi, For that link: http://www.ebay.com/...7269e9c&vxp=mtr unfortunatly my vehicle is too old. They state that none of them would fit. Thanks, Henry

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