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  1. Got it! So in my case not having that hollow base screw is of no significance? Thanks. Henry
  2. Is it possible that carburetor just does not use a power valve? Henry
  3. Hi No, there is not. It's just a hole. There is an un threaded hole under the air horn that sits directly above the hole that I thought was for the power valve. The worksheet that came with the carburetor repair kit ( Hygrade 733 - from Rockauto ) shows that a " Bowl passage plug & washer " goes into the hole that I thought was for the power valve. This hole is right next to the hole for the pump discharge nozzle. ( as a point of reference ). Thanks, Henry
  4. 1971 510 SW 1.6L Hello, I'm in the process of rebuilding my Hitachi carburetor model 328- manual choke. I've taken it apart & cleaned it. Ready to assemble. There are few things that I'm confused about. In my unit there does not seem to be a power valve; just the hole ( that leads into the fuel bowl ) where it would be located in. Although the shop manual that I'm using shows that there is one. And I'm also missing that one hollow screw that I believe is part of that system. I was under the impression that these carburetors all had power valves. Do i need to worry if there isn't one? Thank you for any information that you can give me. Henry
  5. henry


    Hi, Does the oil have to be drained when removing the oil pump? Thanks, Henry
  6. henry


    Yeah, it was a re manufactured unit from Krageng's . It always worked like that from the get -go. I removed it today & noticed that the oil pump drive shaft tang is not really at the 11:25 position, but more like at the 11:35 position. I guess I'll have to take care of that first. Does the oil pump shaft suppose to have a little bit of play? Mine does. Does the EI matchbox require a different pedestal than what I have already? Thank you for taking the time to answer, Henry
  7. henry


    1971/ (1972 motor) 510 SW 1.6L Hello, Bought the car with the dual points distributor. Later on I decided to go to EI; purchased a single points distributor & installed it on the same pedestal with a Crane Cams EI conversion kit. It's always run well although the distributor has a slight movement from side to side. It's not super firm. Also, the idle has never been as smooth as it was with the points. What I'm wondering is: should I've used a different pedestal for that single point distributor? (I'm actually considering switching to a 'Matchbox' one day). Thank you for considering Henry
  8. I just bought a kit from these guys for my '71 510 SW Very happy with it. Good quality. Around $180. https://stockinteriors.com/
  9. 1971 510 SW Southern California Everyday also. Between Ojai, Ventura, Santa Barbara, sometimes LA. Have had it for over 30 years. Happy not to have lost it in the great fire :thumbup: Henry
  10. henry

    Shift Boot?

    I bought this boot a while back. Way too big. Was not easy to get a refund. I've recently installed a gearshift boot from a 1991 Mazda Pick-Up B2200. It fits pretty snug; and looks good too. The rubber is much better quality. Good luck! Henry
  11. I bought mine from the dealership some years back. Not very expensive; and they fit very tight. Henry
  12. Hi, Seeing that a certain type of oils were mentioned on this thread ( 15W40 Dello 400 or Rotella T ) I've always wondered: Is it alright to use an oil that's recommended for a diesel engine on a non diesel car. Specifically a '71 510 1.6L. I would appreciate your opinions. Thank you, Henry
  13. On mine the inside threads are stripped (..on right side). I guess I'll have to install a Heli-Coil. Nissan Part No.: 44200-22000 ADJUSTER-BRAKE is no longer available. Too bad. Henry
  14. Had to laugh when i saw those pics. It's been such a long time that I've lifted the back seat up. thanks man! Henry
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