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  1. Any difference in mid eighties 720 oil pans rwd vs 4x4? Z24...

    1. datzenmike


      Yes indeed!!! 2wd were like any other truck oil pan deeper in the middle to allow steering cross link to pass across the front, more or less like the 520/521 and 620. Z series engine 4X4s had a differential hump in the way so it was offset to the right for clearance.  Note below that this is an L20B 4x4 oil pan and they were offset to the left side, but you get the idea.



    2. Logical1


      Well fuck me, Have been prepping for a KA24DE (frontier rear sump) Swap into an 85' 720 4x4. However This pretty much derails me as all the shops I work at ( I am a event scenery fabricator) are closed do to Covid bullshit. Anybody interested in a frontier KA with under 40k on the clock, lol! 

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