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Went for a spin with the OG BANZAI

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so i went for a cruise in da wagon sat ended up near maple valley so i figured I'd give the Godfather (aka Braddah HainZ) a shout see if he was home. sitting jacked up with the hood up he had just finished with a little tweakin on his banzai beater and says "lets take her for a spin". little did I know....


I was fighting to get his seatbelt to adjust to fit my big ass a that wasn't happening. so by the time i looked up we were well on our way. we are at the stoplight, turns green as his motor revs real high it pulls real well, i was like this is a L series and he slams into 2nd next thing i know my head snaps back into the shitty stock 510 headrest and i hear his mikunis and exhaust really start to sing. we hit this corner at pretty good speed and says "lets take it on the highway" so i think to myself i hope this suspension is as solid as the motor (did i say it pulls good, damn good actually) he was already going through his gears like a mad man, ST springs shortened stock struts (ZX inserts) and his endorsement of the Konis really surprised me i was impressed. i felt no struggle at all when we hit the on ramp this sucker was like 180' curve it really stuck to the road. I had no chance to look at the speed all i remember was sayin HOOOOLY SHEIIIIT his frickin L motor tuned into a little beast that had never ending power. we were passing cars for less than a 1/4 mile. He's one crazy fool let me tell you.


he knows how to set his shit up to run, if you've seen his video you know what hes running in there, $ spent in the L motor, carbs and just enough on the suspension. no coilovers and almost cadillac feeling.


all in all if i wanted a good street/slalom/occasional track car I'd want it setup just like his.


My wagon is just for cruisin and its an auto. dont get me wrong I've ridden in $$$ cars STI's M3's Evos g35's well done S13's you name it.

I don't think I can truly say i ever feared in a car until yesterday.



thanks man that shit was fun you just need better seats.

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YOu can have one

If thats a SSS head its ported out already to 1.5 inch


Just find a 2 carb set up(mikuni or Weber) with 1.5 in manifold


add a cam and pretty much be close to what I have.


Maybe just get a cam set up. I think you were looking into that last time you wer on the forum. Schneider cam and use your SUs. Might be good enough.


yeah, you gave me some advices about cams.....but I ran out of money for the shneider kit. I have to start saving again hehehe I guess the willwood brake kit will have to wait a lil longer.

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Guest DatsuNoob

Sounds fun! I'm debating on building a L20 with dual sidedrafts and a cam, or go get this KA I found for $150. Both have their good points, but I cant decide. Hainz, I've been wanting to cruise out to your place and b.s., but cant seem to get anywhere on the freeway. Last time I tried, my rev's were up around 6500 and I blew up my carb, I'm kinda scared now HAHAHA. I really need that extra 5th gear, but NO HAINZ, I'M NOT GONNA SELL MY TRUCK, NOT NOW, NOT EVER! My goal is to lay my friend's doubts to rest and build something that is a true competitor, unique, and eats up Hondas like nothing.

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