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"How to" KA24DE single belt mod

Creepy Cruiser

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I searched around for a long time and found so much great info on here, but I couldn't find any writeup on how to do the single belt mod for the OBD-II KA24DE (when eliminating the power steering and AC pump) all in one place, so here it is.


(This is for OBD-II 96 s14 KA24DE)


This may not be the only way to do this, but this is just how I did it.


List of things you'll need:


1) 1- KA24E (single cam) thermostat housing

2) 1- lower 720 alternator mount

3) 1- 510 upper adjuster bracket

4) 3- 6mm-1.0 x 40mm bolts and lock washers

5) 1- Goodyear belt# 4030365

6) 2- water outlet gaskets (fel-pro 35466)

7) 1- Custom 3/4" spacer (more on that later)




The top one is stock KA and the bottom one is 720. (the block actually has 4 holes so it bolts right up)





The left is the one from a dual cam and the right is one from a single cam.





You can see how the original one hits the belt.





You can see how the single cam one runs the hose right into the TPS plug, lol.





This is the spacer I made (3/4" thick)





Here it is installed





You can see how it now clears the TPS. (It should look real nice and not stand out so much, once the rest of everything is all blasted and cleaned up nice)




I want to give credit to (agentalpha) for the lower idea and (Duke) for the single cam housing idea. Thanks guys.


Let me know if I missed anything, lol.

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I couldn't find this info anywhere(and a huge PITA), so EXCELLENT write up.

Very important info to share.


NICE spacer. Looks like a very well made part. GREAT job.


What year of 720 did you get the alternator bracket from?

I was told that the later year 720 bracket might not work, but I can't verify this.

I have taken them from 82's-84's, Z22 motors.


For some of us, having the twin cam housing TIG'd may be cheaper/ more convenient then having an adapter made.

However, if you don't have a way to easily cut die-cast aluminum, or don't trust yourself modding a part that if it fails, you might blow your motor, find a single cam housing, and buy one of his very nice adapters.


So, you can also use the twin cam housing, and clearance the housing for the belt, and make a small patch to fill the area you removed. Have someone TIG the patch in, with enough material for any other clearance you may need.

This is how I've done it. It leaves the twin cam housing stock appearing.


Or, you can cut a @ 1/8"-1/4" wide "pie wedge" shape at the base, around the circumference, on the motor side, inside of the hose fitting. Leave @ 1/2" long area attached, and bend it in towards the block. Find someone to TIG it up for you. These measurements are an approximation from memory, and I haven't done it this way, so you will have to figure out the actual dimensions to cut.

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I found that the lowers from 81-84 Z22 (all from 720's) seem to all be the same (since I bought a few at the JY) Not sure about other years or models though.


I thought about TIGing up the dual cam one also, but I thought it would be more fun to build a spacer, lol, and I like it tucked back in there a little more.


Both ways would work just fine.


btw, thanks again for the lower mount idea, it saved me from wasting a bunch of time making one from scratch, lol. (instead I just walked out to my race car that just happend to have a 81 Z22 in it, yanked off the mount and bingo, lol)

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Good work man, thnx for the write up. I bet a lot of people are going to find that useful.


A modded harmonic balancer or a single light crank pulley would really add to the advantage of this mod I think.

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I whole set of nice pulleys would be cool.


Ya really free up a few hp on top of the convenience and reliability I bet.


I'm cheap though, I would just drill out the stockers and machine down the harmonic balancer lol. Unless a cheapo set of alum came along, can't beat that. I just personally don't like not running a balancer, those cast alum crank pulleys are bogus.

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My fabricator had a custom aluminum water pump pulley made for my KA24DE conversion. It lines all the belts up and use all the factory brackets. Just used the 12V thermostat housing for clearance.





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I agree it's really looking nice. Just don't agree with that nissan boys sticker. Should say fan boys lol :-X. ANY sticker takes away from the quality imho. All that fab to slap a sticker on there? :eek:

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Oh I see, well that's good to hear. Is it like a shops/someones mantra or something or you just had the sticker laying around?


A nice engraving would be classy I think if need be.

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Sorry to bring this back, but I have a question...


Could you use a shorter belt with the DE thermostat housing to get it to clear?

From the photos in the OP, it looks like the alternator can be pulled closer to the thermostat housing (requiring a shorter belt of course)

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I just did this swap. There are multiple ways to get the desired results. I used an alternator bracket from a Z24 out of a 87 D21 and a modified alternator bracket from the same truck. No matter how short I made the belt it rubbed on the bottom of the KA24DE thermostat housing. I ground a hole in the housing and had a buddy weld a piece of flat plate in the hole. It cost me $20 and now I have no issues. I can't remember the length of the belt, but I just set the alternator in the middle of adjustment, used a metric seamstress measuring tape and went online to match measurements with part numbers. I went to the local parts place with a list of close part numbers and walked out 10 min later with a belt that was close and ended up working perfectly.





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On 2/19/2009 at 12:39 PM, Creepy Cruiser said:

Thanks. Glad I can give back.


Yep, we thought about poping out a few more of them for the people that don't have the tools or time to make them themselves.

Resurrecting this old thread!


Did anyone end up making/selling this awesome spacer? Before I get a friend to fabricate something like this for me, figured I’d start at the source! 

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