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  1. datsun510

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    Hot Wheels Convention Car
  2. datsun510

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    I got one with each of my memberships.
  3. datsun510

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    Got mine as well.
  4. datsun510

    Adjustable Rear Crossmember Local Source?

    The DP fully adjustable crossmember is all I use. I have them in all 3 of my 510's with the spherical bearings in the trailing arms. I remove the factory brackets which saves Don time and saves you some money. Works great.
  5. datsun510

    l20b DCOE fitment and tuning help

    I run 50 DCO's w 46 chokes on my built 2.3 but on a comp manifold. Not enough meat on the cannon manifold.
  6. datsun510

    DatsunNippon carshow/swapmeet at Eagle Rock

    I have a KA24DE side draft intake I will be bringing
  7. datsun510

    Please help me I.D. this crossmember kit.

    Design Products Racing (DPR) in Huntington Beach, Ca. (714) 892-1513
  8. datsun510

    510 rims

    18 x 8.5 under unflared rear fenders w/ 245/35/18 tires.
  9. I vote round port. Plenty of port size.
  10. datsun510

    WTB z22

    Also need the 6 bolt flywheel to install.
  11. datsun510

    L series intake/ header gaskets

    I use the comp ones that are available from Nissan PN 99996-D1128. Seth
  12. datsun510


    818 here
  13. datsun510

    When to use spray bar

    Don at Design Products (714)892-1513 in Huntington Beach, Ca. He made them for Datsun Comp.
  14. datsun510

    71' Rear Right Door

    Where in California are you located. I have a passenger rear wagon door but am not willing to ship. I am in Socal. Let me know.

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