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  1. The DP fully adjustable crossmember is all I use. I have them in all 3 of my 510's with the spherical bearings in the trailing arms. I remove the factory brackets which saves Don time and saves you some money. Works great.
  2. I run 50 DCO's w 46 chokes on my built 2.3 but on a comp manifold. Not enough meat on the cannon manifold.
  3. I have a KA24DE side draft intake I will be bringing
  4. Design Products Racing (DPR) in Huntington Beach, Ca. (714) 892-1513
  5. 18 x 8.5 under unflared rear fenders w/ 245/35/18 tires.
  6. Also need the 6 bolt flywheel to install.
  7. I use the comp ones that are available from Nissan PN 99996-D1128. Seth
  8. Don at Design Products (714)892-1513 in Huntington Beach, Ca. He made them for Datsun Comp.
  9. Where in California are you located. I have a passenger rear wagon door but am not willing to ship. I am in Socal. Let me know.
  10. Use a round port head for even more top end.
  11. If you don't want to tub it, you could go with 205s like this A little bigger than 205s. Car has 245/35/18 tucked in the rear on a 8.5 inch rim.
  12. It is 200mm and the bolt holes are 9.5 inches apart.
  13. I have a 6 bolt flywheel. $50 plus shipping. I am located in SoCal. Let me know. Seth
  14. If you want to over carb just use a set of Weber 55 DCo's.
  15. It is on the backburner for now. I need to finish my other 510 first. Right now it has a LZ2300 with a Electramotive ported head with a 580 lift cam, 6" Carillos and forged flat top pistons along with the electamotive dry sump system. I also run 50mm webers. The plan is to swap heads for the FIA head. I need to finish my KA24DET 510 first. Pictures are on 510 realm under: Update Project K...

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