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Head alignment ring thingy

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Somehow I ended up having only one of these...:rolleyes:


Anybody have one the could mail me? It's the ring the fits between the head and the block which the head bolt goes through to align the head.


I could take a pic of the one I have and the place where the one I don't have goes if that would help....


I could also still use a single groove crank pulley :P

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If no one near you will part with one, I'm sure I have one. I think they are called head alignment dowels. There are also two on the block to transmission mating surface.... wonder if they are the same??

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I figured some one could toss one in an envelope if they had one laying around...I'd pay shipping lol :o


Just one of those things that didn't get saved...in the teardown of at least 4 or 5 L's....:rolleyes:


Besides I thought it'd be a good time to ask about a single groove pulley again as I still haven't come across one :D

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Anyone else?????????????


Just got one off an old L head, it's in my hand right now. I also checked and it does fit the hole in the back of the block (lower drivers side) where the transmission lines up. See if you have one of those laying around.

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