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i got Z fever...

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ok really really pondering this.. i have offered to me 2 260z's and a l26 with dual webers and rebuilt head an is complete.. 1 of the cars is auto an may need valve work 1 is a stick an is stuck in 3rd gear.. supposedly both run tho.. both have titles.. guy wants $200 and he'd deliver for extra.. he's up by seattle.. question is... is it worth my time and effort... check em out..







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i might be willing to do something to help someone out.. i really really want that blue car.. im not sure if its the 4spd or the auto.. but i really f-ing want it bad .. BADDDDDDDDD..... REALLLY REALLLLLLY BAD!!!!!!!!!!! soo... if someone wanted the other car i could let them have it.. and maybe pay them to bring me the blue one.... the only thing is i want the spare engine also which i'd be paying for.. unless the person that would bring me the blue car wanted it.. then they could buy it.. the car with the auto supposedly needs valve work.. so that could mean just ADJUSTING THEM haha .. anyways let me know what whats up... THE BLUE ONES MINE!

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i could take the other, i have engines i could put in the other one no problem. i can even fix the tranny in the one fer ya, its just a broken shift fork, or detent ball. got any pix of the "other" car. ahahhaha nice nice nice buy.

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well anyone interested let me know and i'll figure out what to do.. it has to be easy for me an the other person an the guy we're gettin it from .. i want the blue one.. i hope its the 4spd.. i just emailed the guy askin for more info.. dislexicdime pm'd me and im waiting on his response also since he was the first to ask an he's the closest so far also.. and he says he can get it for me... sooooo.. we'll see i'll keep u guys posted.. anyone interested let me know incase things dont work out with who ever

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any takers?? i dont think im going to be able to get my precious Z.. so if a serious person wants them thats near seattle let me know.. $200 takes em the blue ones an auto an ran when park the red ones a 4spd thats stuck in 3rd gear and may need valve work the blue one has dual webers.. im so disopointed i cant offord the $200 or the trucking costs :( let me know..

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my interest is also restoring them or atleast the one i get... i really want the blue one.. if ALL else fails.. i will let them goto bleach.. he's said he's interested.. but i really want the blue one so im tryin my hardest! hehe my buddy maybe buyin the blue one an payin the guy to trailer it to vancouver.. problem is can only do 1.. he wants both gone.. so maybe i can give bleach the red one .. either way i sent you a pm atleast give it a response cause i've made no decisions yet..

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Man if i had a place to put those cars they would so be in the couve right now! the bumpers alone on those cars are worth some change to me. I really need a rear bumper to go with my front 240 bumper I have. peace.

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kyle.. go get em for me an i give u the red one ;) BLUE ONES MINE!!! hehe i hope.. like i've said tho if all else fails i'll release them to whoever can take them.. i would preffer the person gettin them to restore them since they're in pretty good condition it'd be a SHAME to "part them out" ;p

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