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620 air conditioning

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Has anyone ever installed an a.c unit on a 620 original or aftermarket? i've looked into it myself but have realized that many of the 620's did not have a.c or maybe as a dealer option! an aftermarket i think would work but also could be costly if even one is available. any info would help thanks!!!

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I was wondering the same thing, I have all the AC stuff in my truck except the engine bay stuff... I guess that is half haha I have the little expansion tank and some of the coper lines but I have no idea what to do... I saw a few new pumps one ebay for a few bucks. How much AC stuff do you have?

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I have got nothing so i would have to start from scratch if it can even be done, I have talked to a few people that have done "custom" conversions if thats what it would be called! but it could get very costly i've looked on ebay myself and only found "parts" and i am going to need a full rebuildable unit.

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I talked to a dude last year at Blue lake and he said he spent about 1k getting the ac working. I don't know if he took it somewhere or did the work himself... I understand everything about a car except air-conditioning.... Can I just hook up any compressor with any ac radiator thing?

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Up here, an older system contains the older ozone depleting freon. In order to be recharged the seals and any gaskets etc. have to be replaced as well, so that they are compatible with the newer freon. To simply recharge my wifes car would have cost over $500, other's may vary in cost.

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you can get something called duracool, its butane based and comes in 1lb cans, if you have the guages and some specs its kinda easy, if you open the system, you gotta make sure all the moisture is out. that requires special machines. i got them at twork, but none of my own :( if you want the modern r-134a, then you just have to ch,ange the 0-rings and put a different oil into the compressor, then fill-er up. just make sure all the old oil is out first, or at least all you can get out. ac shops charge super high prices for 1000 bux worth of machines and 20 hours of classroom sessions to get the basics done, from what i can figure, its highwy robbery.

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