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Selling the Datto farm rev 2

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Experimental Engineering 510 5 speed trans crossmember with Nissan trans mount $125


Professionally shortened and balanced driveshaft for long trans in 510 $100


ZX 5 speed with .754 5th gear $200


Wilwood rear brake setup - brackets, z31 rotors, wilwood 2 piston calipers, pads $450


Wilwood front brake setup for 280zx struts. 12.2" x 1.25" rotors. 4 piston HUGE calipers. Pads. Billet aluminum hats & brackets. All hardware. $750.


Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator with VDO pressure gauge & -6AN fittings. $150


Top Motoring rear coilovers. About 3000 miles on them. In great shape. 225# springs. $400


Gauge cluster with tach. Red in color. $200


'68 grill. Not perfect, but will polish up very nice. $150


NOS front hood trim. $75ea


Stock 510 fuel tank. Very nice condition. $50


L20b. Recent rebuild (from previous owner). About 3k miles. 1mm overbore. 8.8 compression. Oil pan plumbed for turbo return line. Round port head. Stock cam. Long block with oil pan, early 1600 valve cover with nissan comp oil spray bar. $1000


Lightened 225mm flywheel (Dan Hall machine did the work). Balanced with new Daiken clutch. New T/O bearing. $300


Garret T3 turbo. Zero shaft play. $200


Brand new Blitz blow off valve. $150


Brand new Tial 38mm wastegate. .5 bar spring. $200


The entire L series EFI setup I have put together $1600 -

L18E intake.

Injectors with custom fuel rail.

60mm throttle body with rod actuator setup

All sensors

MSII ECU with relay board

Wiring kit

EDIS setup - trigger wheel, pickup mount, coil pack, etc.

It is all there to do the conversion.


S12 5 lug entire front suspension, including crossmember & power rack. $200


Another L20b. Was in a car I bought. Was told it was a "performance" build. Not sure what that means. Was pulled because of oil leaks. $100


Adjustable LCA's for 510 with Battle Version adjusters and heim joints. $250


Perfect 510 hood. $100 and you give me your old hood


Nice passenger fender $75


Pair of rear 1/4 windows - nice $40


New Nissan later style auto adjusting (280ZX) clutch slave. Steel body not aluminum. $40


New Nissan 510 throw out bearing $25


NOS 510 heater valves. I have one of each style. $75ea


Z car day/night mirror. fits z cars and 510. $25


250A AC/DC TIG welder. Complete runner with new 150a air cooled torch with cable cover. New owned bottle (Full). New argon manifold. Very nice machine with digital display. Torch mount current control. $1500.


First come, first served. Cash in hand.


Call me at 503.933.2967 or PM.

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