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Stock Front Calipers


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My backing plates are making noises while going over bumps and pot holes. I can't seem to find new ones, maybe I have them in wrong?I tried  rotating them up and down in position.

Is there retro-fit caliper for 13" wheels?


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What's this for??? 13" so... 510?


Drum brakes have backing plates, maybe you mean splash guards? They can get pretty rusty and fall apart. Might be better to just take them off and run without.


The 610 through '74 and the 710 through '75 used the same caliper but if looking through auto supply stores they'll know this. After the '74 610 and '75 710 the calipers were changed to dual pistons and larger pads. They should retro fit the earlier 610 and thus the 510.



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The clips may rattle, but they keep the pads from rattling against the rotor. I used to ditch all that crap, but in the wisdom of my years, I've learned how to keep those types of things on a vehicle. I would try bending them, as suggested, and use some caliper grease on them only where they contact the pads. Then they shouldn't squeal or rattle.

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I have quite a few stock 510 calipers & misc caliper parts if you need anything.  I will also have stock 510 front "splash shields" (behind the rotors).  I might even have NOS hardware in the parts load that I got a few months ago, but would have to dig...........PM me if you need anything!

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So I bent the anti rattle clips and  put the anti- rattle goop on them. Much better, no noise! I discovered another noise that was in the background that became louder. It was the metal vacuum  tube to the automatic transmission, it was  loose, rattling on the bell housing!

Thanks for the support!!!

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