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A choke cable?  Is the 32/36 carburetor on the car a manual choke?  If so, I should have the factory manual choke cable parts...................PM me!  You could also go to AutoZone etc & buy a universal fit manual choke cable kit.  They are kinda crappy looking, but gets the job done.  If the 32/36 is an auto choke, there MIGHT be a kit online to convert to manual (look at Redline or Pierce Manifolds etc), otherwise you would need to replace the carb with a manual carb & cable!

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I had a Weber 32/36 dgv for a long time sitting around that I wanted to use. I also had an adapter plate to mount it on the stock manifold. I had to remove the part that the stock linkage hooked up to on a stock 510 (1600) carb I had an extra sitting around and then mounted it on the 32/36 dgv and hooked it up like a stock carb linkage does. Sorry for the poor pic. Also the choke cable hooks to the carb. It's a bit hard to see but it's in the pic. The hard part was getting the stock linkage hook up part off the original carb cause it's tight to get to the nut holding it on.


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