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New to the forum, looking for L20 head


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Hey y’all! I’m new to the forum. My baby Blueberry (‘76 620) is currently in the shop getting her second rebuild in three years. Guess the previous owner thought it might be fun to put an L20B head on the L20 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so I’m looking for an L20 head if anyone’s got any leads🙃

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The L20 was a much earlier 2 liter 6 cylinder L series engine. When the 4 cylinder L18 was increased to 2 liters it couldn't be called an L20 because there already was one, hence the L20 B.


If it's a '76 it will have a U67 head. L20Bs should have L20B heads on them, nothing strange there.


Second rebuild in 3 years!!!!! find a better shop!!!!!!!


What on that engine now? Look between spark plug #1 and #2 along the bottom edge. Should be U67. Heads are rebuildable too. Why replace it??? Does your shop know what it's doing????

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Sounds like you are misinformed, but that's ok!  As said above, the L20 was a 6cyl engine, the L20B is a 4cyl engine.  You can use just about ANY of the 4cyl L series cylinder heads (there are at least 8-10 different casting #'s), but you should choose based on what engine you have (L16 L18 L20B?), what compression ratio your engine is (dished, semi-dished, flat top, pop top/domed pistons) & what intake/carburetor(s) you are using.  Post some more info & I'm sure somebody can guide you!


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