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Heater rubber bits


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For those who have refurbished and reinstalled their heaters, what did you use for rubber parts?  


The black upper box seals to the body/underside of the firewall.  Did you use some kind of gasket for that?  

What about the boot that connects the black upper section to the grey lower heater box with the blower motor and heater core?  Was it Steve who fabricated boots for that?  Maybe Jake?  

What heater hoses did you use to connect the blower sides up to the vent outlets integrated into the dash?  


Any guidance appreciated.  




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Conner, I didn't remove the air box from the cowl, so can't contribute on that; I'd assume something like 3/32-1/8" neoprene or something similar would work there. I did make a set of forms to heat form the elbow from semi-rigid plastic. It is a two piece (left-right halves) secured with two 18" black zip ties. I believe that I have a couple left and material to make more if the need ever arises. I believe that Jake made some 3-D printed elbows. 


For the water hose that goes behind the engine to the water pump, I measured and doodled a dimensioned sketch of the route I wanted to follow and went to Auto Zone with a tape measure and talked them into letting me go back to the molded hoses and picked out a couple that could be trimmed and joined with a coupling to make what I wanted. Did the same on the molded heater hoses on the 620 'Little Hustler'.




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Thanks Steve.  On the third one I actually meant the hoses that pipe hot air up to the vents in the dash.  There are two of those--one of the left and one on the right side of the heater box at the bottom.  For the coolant hoses that go from the water pump into the top of the heater core and from the bottom of the heater core into the engine block I just used lengths of heater hose.  



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Senior moment; in my mind, I got off on the water hoses instead of the defroster hoses, Conner. I found about an 18" length of black paper/foil acordian pleated hose at either NAPA or Autozone that was a perfect fit.. I may still have the box or part of it. I'm kinda ACD on rat-holing and archiving stuff like that.

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