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 So I have been wanting to try this for a while, and it was time to move to a new house and I needed a big pickup to move some furniture. 


Carmax offers a 24 hour no questions asked test drive, and I have been wanting to see if I could either "borrow" a fun car that I want to drive (wrx, hellcat, corvette, etc) Or utilize this promotion for a truck if I ever needed to move a large item (couch, entertainment center etc) 


Anyways I picked up a ford raptor to haul a load or two to the new place... 


they give you 24 hours and 150 miles... you have to provide your own insurance with collision coverage etc, a valid cell phone in case they need to reach you, and sign a waiver saying you wont be under the influence, or do anything illegal... They actually encourage you to load your things in the car, and car seats for the kids etc give it a good try see if it fits your lifestyle etc...  Employees at carmax don't make commission and really don't care all that much if you buy a vehicle or not.. The process is nearly as smooth as renting a car at enterprise etc... took 30 minutes on a busy day at carmax with no appointment... 


they even scheduled me to test a jeep gladiator tomorrow when I drop off the raptor, so you can string a couple tests together if you are like me and trying to get some moving done...


I'll let you know if the return process is easy... 






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Dropped off the raptor and picked up the gladiator took 30minutes .. told me not to worry about putting gas in the gladiator just bring it back … 1 load down for this budget move .. 





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5 hours ago, Ooph! said:

Wouldn't it have just been easier to pay $20 and rent a truck/van for the day?

Rates for Meridian, ID on 6/19/2022

  • 8' Pickup Truck

Plus .59 per mile… my move is 130 miles.. plus gas, they are not charging me gas at carmax anymore with the new test drive… so no not really… plus I got to drive a raptor which is a lot more fun …now a new gladiator with the top off win win win … 


possibly easier to get a big uhaul for the sake of time, but much more fun to break up the move in small chunks in fun trucks I think… I have a truck and large cargo trailer I’m borrowing for the big items, just getting all the small and medium size stuff in the trucks a little earlier and can’t beat free… 

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On 6/19/2022 at 6:14 PM, Dguy210 said:

The rational part of my mind realizes how bad a vehicle this is but the fun part still kind of wants one.

It was really fun to cruise around… 6 speed manual so kinda fun to shift through the gears in a new vehicle… very slow especially compared to the raptor but I think my girlfriends rav4 is probably a bit faster and it’s not very fast… interior was super cramped… I’m 5ft 8 and with seat all the way forward I still could barely reach the clutch pedal wasn’t a huge fan of that, like they didn’t care much about the manual because most people get the automatics.. 

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