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1986 Nissan 720 Exhaust Manifold


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Try here for a used one that is 'aged' and unlikely to crack.... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/


Headers are a waste of money and time to put on. For one, they are not a permanent fix and will rust out just like any exhaust pipe. Perhaps even faster as they get the most heat. Usually they don't fit and need to be dinged for clearance somewhere. Under hood temperatures are a lot higher in the summer. On my 521 I think I took my torsion bar out to get it in. Steering column is in the way. A 4x4 could be worse. Get ceramic coated, this will reduce the heat and rust problems but not cheap. 


The stock exhaust flows just fine, so a header isn't really going to improve anything much.

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Just had a new exhaust manifold put on my 85 720,it is the 3rd one,the second one was from the Nissan dealer long ago.That one had a pin hole on the inside toward the engine.I am on the second pipe that connects to it. I do have 379,000 miles on it.Listen to Mike,stay away from Headers.I am also on my 3rd tail pipe and muffler.I bought the muffler/tail pipe that came as a assembly from Auto Zone and took to a muffler shop to be put on,he charged 60 bucks to do it and I don't have a cat so he didn't give me a receipt,plus he added another pipe in front of the muffler cause it was bad.I got a pipe hangar to keep it from shaking in front of the muffler,back hangar is good. 

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This is the best looking header I could find for a 720, Z24, 4x4 - https://www.4x4parts.com/i-18915084-720-pick-up-ceramic-coated-ca-legal-header-please-read-product-description-before-purchase.html


It's a 4-2-1 header which would work best for a stock 720.


But headers take work to install, and are prone to cracking. Sealing up the header to the head is best done with studs instead of bolts, and a good gasket, preferably one with a metal ring around the ports.

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Here  are some Polyurethane bushings I had put on my 85 4x4 back in 2009,the same time as when I got my Jasper engine,they are not the stock rubber ones that came with it,I now have 96,000 miles on them.But my 4x4 is better than new.The strut rod bracket was wollered out and they welded and fixed it.It was a mess. I still have the receipt.Here it is.It made the bottom of the tires turn in and wear out on the inside.So I put brand new BF Goodrich tires on my 720 and took it there,they fixed it and it wore even and got over 61,000 miles on them and it still wears even.I had my front end aligned not long ago when I got my new tires and rims.They also showed me what it looked like and said these 720's have a history of this and rubber is not good.The tires lasted till 2016.I now have American Racing Rims and all terrain BF Goodrich on them.My steering wheel is perfectly straight.I bought 5 tires and rims.It was 420.19 to fix it.









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 I went through 3 Chinese junk manifolds in 3 years. Finally started looking in the junk yards. Found that some D21 manifold fit perfectly, pulled probably 3 or 4 manifolds off I think 87-88 hardbody’s that where all cracked on the back side. Finally found a exhaust manifold that wasn’t cracked. It’s been 5 years with no issues ..  

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