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Being familar with Z's, I'd say that is for a 240Z. That will not fit a 280ZX... and the 280ZX and 510 have the same type of strut/ lower control arm connection.


I think the seller is not accurate in their description unless there is something I'm missing. Items that fit a 510 usually fit the 280ZX and not the 240Z/280Z.


Same goes for camber plates and tension rods

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The 280zx has a different lower ball joint, only three bolts if I remember correct. The 240-280z had the same ball joint as a 510 but the 280zx and 510 have the same steering arm bolt spacing.

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I have swapped 240Z lower control arms on a 510. The 510 came with 2 different size lower ball joint shafts (the tapered shaft). The larger shaft is 14.5mm, the same as a 240Z. If you have the smaller ball joint it will still mount on the control arm-510 or 240z- but the steering arms will be different. I went to the web site and they are a local shop close to me. :D I am going to try and swing by this week to check them out.

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I stopped by at lunch today. Took a couple of pics.




Didn't have alot of time, but the shop looked awesome, very professional. They manufacture alot of parts under private label for companies we all have heard of. I was also concerned about the threads on the arms, but after seeing other parts that they have made for other racing platforms, I feel that these guys know what they are doing. Dont have the funds right now, but a buddy met me down there to see them- and he's purchasing a set for his wagon this week.

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half weight of the stock arm.... Only have of that counts in unsprung weight anyways.... seems like getting rid of the pogo stick would be more effective. The LCA is nothing compared to the strut and brakes and they are 100% unsprung... They sure look cool though I wouldn't mind a set if I wasn't so dam cheap :D

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