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Broken drive train U-joint/flange yoke


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Hi everyone,

First off I love the site. It’s been a lot of help keeping my Datsun on the road. 
I own a 72 620 pickup and its hard to find any good info anywhere else. 
I recently ran into a problem where my car continually vibrates. I originally thought it was low on oil and maybe a misfire cause of old spark plugs. But it kept getting worse. 
Turns out my drive train was the problem. Was on my way to work and I heard a loud thud and then dragging. 
The drivetrain completely separated at the rear end. The u joint snapped and I’ve been looking to buy a new one. Just not sure where I can get the right one that fits my car. 
If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated. I’m 21 and this is my first/only car. Not ideal I know, but I love her more than anything and she is what’s keeping me going right now. Been a rough couple of years. 

here’s a couple flanges I was looking at online. Don’t know if they will fit though 

this one has two different versions


this is the other one



I need the cross piece that goes in between the two joints also. Would this one work?


was Reading through some of datzenmike’s old posts and he shows how to replace the cross joint. I just need to know if I’m getting the right parts. 

Thank you




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Generally the U joint gets all the wear (and is replaceable) and the flanges are fine and never need replacing. 


Unless damaged like this, it's fine.

Honda CR-V Drive Shaft U-joint Replacement


Can you post a picture?


Any auto supply store, like NAPA will have what you want for U joint replacement. Try to get the expensive ones with the grease fitting. And made in the US or Japan if possible.

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Can’t figure out how to get a photo on here.

The flange is torn apart so I’m definitely going to need a new one. And the pieces holding the cross piece are missing. 

Ive got the flange and the cross on order and I’m going to see if they are correct. 

If I could get a pic on here you’d know it’s no bueno. 

As far as replacing it I know there a certain alignment needed but I don’t really have any help. I did see an old post from you saying how to do it. 



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I think the I joint was loose maybe because it was so old and the spacers wore out. Which explains all the vibration. The joint is still intact but really loose. But one of the rings on the flange/yoke broke open and the drivetrain dropped.

Its right where it connects to the differential. 


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So took a closer look and the flange that is connected to the driveshaft looks like the one in the picture you posted. The ring on the one connected to the differential is snapped open. 

Does this mean I need a whole new driveshaft. Both flanges look broken



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I can’t find any yoke online that would work. 
I order some a flange from oreilly but it was

 the wrong size. I’ve checked autozone and Napa but they don’t seem to have anything either. Kinda shit out of luck right now

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Some of these are not in a square pattern but a rectangle.


The Nissan yoke/flange part number for the early 240z to '75  is 37117-14601. The U joint for it is 37125-14627*


The U joint is Nissan part 37124- 14627* and 37124-P3000. This means the 620 U joint will fit the 240z yoke/flange but the bolt pattern is unknown. I don't have the part number for the 620 flange.


The 510 also uses the same U joint and flange and the 510 wagon used an H-190 differential (same as the 620) so a good chance the 240z yoke/flange will work on the 620.

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