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75 620 Longbed Diesel swap


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Howdy yall. I've got at 75 620 Longbed with a l20b in it. But I seem to have caught the Diesel fever. So what are some good Turbo Diesel options for a 620? I know the Om617 is a common one for the 720 and D21 but it's a little big for a 620. The 4BT is to heavy and tall (and expensive). I am thinking a 1.9 TDI but that's got a bunch of electronics. Is there something around the size of the 1.9 that is all mechanical?

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This was a local who swapped a 1.6L VW diesel. Used an adapter and a toyota trans to the original rear end. Not a lot of info on the swap itself but figured I'd throw it out there.


Theres a member on here/facebook whose doing an Audi diesel swap:


Food for thought

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A 1.9TDI is a great powerplant for these trucks. The cars they came in from the factory are ~3200lbs and are fairly spritely stock. A tune wakes them up considerably. Delete the EGR and you have a very solid, bulletproof engine that’ll be tons of fun and return excellent fuel economy at the same time. 
it will fit almost the same as my audi 1.8t and uses the same transmission adapter i’ll be using eventually to put a Toyota trans in it so I can gain my 4”+ of rear drop back by flipping the diff to a normal position. 

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