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  1. It is the main entry road for a ski resort just north of Boise known as ‘Bogus Basin’. It’s maintained year round so it can be quite a blast winter time too with the right tires.
  2. He knows the road like the back of his hand while i’ve only been up it maybe 6 times in my life. Plus I get a horrible driveline vibration above 55 which i’ve narrowed down to the side-to-side offset from having the diff flipped. Makes my pinion no longer centered and wreaks havoc on the u-joints if the driveline isn’t perfectly straight in the other planes. Yet another reason I need to flip that sucker back over and run it as I originally set the truck up. The first half I was having issues with it breaking up really bad mid throttle. I stopped and disconnected the MAF as I was unsure of its health anyway being used. Helped massively. My rear suspension is very very soft and gave me some pretty good lean that took some getting used to. The trip back down was much more open with traffic and allowed me to push it a bit. Brakes are definitely matched well with the truck. Power level is good, and will be better when I put the HX30 in. Suspension needs more spring rate but overall quite stable and no funny tendencies on upset.
  3. Finally got a chance to take her out on a shakedown run, up to the ski resort above town. Traffic made the run less fun, but it was still a good time and I know what areas need the most improvement first.
  4. I’d much rather put that money into handling and appearance right now honestly. It’s plenty quick with ~200hp and with the Hx30 going on soon at low boost it’ll still be quicker at 300hp and a lot easier on components. Little turbos come on hard, big ones are lazy 😂
  5. Yeah it annoyed the absolute crap out of me when I discovered the difference. The Audi rear diff has the ring gear on the left side of the pinion to counteract that. The problem is no solid axle is set up that way so flipping my third member was my only option at the time.
  6. The engine spins normal. The audi quattro transmission I have spins the propeller shaft reverse of everyone else because it has to send power forward as well. Swapping a Toyota trans in will remedy that so I can flip my third member back over and run on the stronger side of the gear set and gain 4” of lowering back
  7. Finally gave up the ‘flipped high pinion’ rear axle pipe dream. I don’t want to spend $3500 on an axle for my 300-350hp power goals. I found a toyota 5 speed on Craigslist for $60 that had ‘shifter issues’ quick disassembly and i found the weld holding the shifter arm to the rod failed. Quick cleanup and weld and i have a cheap and fairly stout 5 speed that spins the correct direction on the output shaft. A tdi to toyota adapter can be had with flywheel for about $600 and some driveline mods will get me back in working order and proper suspension height over winter 😬
  8. Mine didn’t protrude through enough to get the large nut started. I also didn’t want to screw around with trying to figure out how to make the turn signal lights work so i reused the gauge body.
  9. Gauges arrived and are installed! I used an extra gauge cluster setup from a junkyard truck so as to not hack the fully functional set from my truck, not sure why though 🧐 bit of glare here but🤷🏼‍♂️ Everything working as it should overall super super happy with the set and the quality. Highly recommend speedhut if you’re after gauges. Not cheap, but then again what gauges are anymore?
  10. Night and day difference in light output 😳 Low beams High beams Super happy with the upgrade! I’ll likely upgrade the power circuit with some relays soon for maximum life
  11. should be able to see a bit now that the days are getting shorter 🧐
  12. I think i’m missing something 🤔
  13. Definitely what made me decide to go this route. I didn’t feel like cutting into the radio delete panel, or making a new one to put small gauges into. my boost gauge can just go into the top of the center console if i decide to run it full time. Probably won’t tho.
  14. I’ve not used to potentiometer method, but have used inline resistors to take up the ‘remaining resistance’ from a sensor that is too ‘broad’ for the gauge. Luckily most new gauges can either be changed or ordered for the sender option you have or desire to run. It seems most oems are going to a single standard lately anyway.
  15. If you call them, I believe you can get the gauges fully customized and they should be able to put a temp gauge in place of anything you’d like.
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