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  1. How has it been a month since i’ve touched it?! Got exhaust parts. Still waiting on a pair of 90° bends to begin fabbing the exhaust up but everything else is here and waiting for me I REALLY wanted to have a through body tip out of each lower beside like this but the driveline is destroying my budget Going with this style; though about cutting a rectangle and going through the body with it but.... It’s not the look I want and patching it later will be a ton of work so i’ll angle them down like so and reassess in the future
  2. Ben_upde

    Rear air shocks

    I’m running just air shocks for my rear suspension. Although I have not driven the truck yet (still in the final stages of drivetrain swap) they hold up the rear of the truck well This is with about 120psi in them
  3. It adjusts both at the same time so you will need to split the difference of what you feel the 1 side to be off.
  4. I imagine he is not pushing the piston as far up the cylinder. He’ll lower compression that way but it should allow larger valves to be used as well with a larger diameter bore.
  5. Did I miss the winner announcement?
  6. I am sometimes a bit cheap for my own good so I went the route that cost exactly $0 😂
  7. That was kinda the major final selling point for me to snag it. I didn’t feel like messing with a ton of geometry setting up a suspension. This made ⅔ of it almost bolt in. Fits nicely 👍🏻
  8. Another piece made up so I can measure accurately for a driveline
  9. I literally read this as 620’s UNTIE 😶🤣
  10. Since the photos I posted on the FB resulted in tons of questions asking for further explanation how I made the parking brake work with Trooper rear calipers and stock 620 cables, I made a quick ‘how-to-ish’ video. Lucas Films beware....
  11. Ben_upde

    79 620

    Disc brakes yes, 5 speed no. I don’t believe that one has it as they typically put a decal on the back just like the King Cab decal. Not saying it can’t have a 5 speed though.
  12. Thank you it’s turning into a larger project than planned but I finally feel like I at the tail end of this part. A little wiring to finish, a driveshaft to get made and a few small things here and there to fab/finalize and I should be able to enjoy her again for a bit before winter 🤞
  13. I can dig it, just not a fan of LS 😕
  14. Set the bed back down in place and put the truck on the floor again. My compressor at home only goes to 120psi so that’s all I could put into the air shocks at the moment. However.......... here’s where it sits at 120psi 😃 awkward angle but looking straight from the side the links are sitting damn near parallel to each other and the ground! And here is with no air. I have to trim the wheel lip under the flare on this side (did 3 of 4 and apparently forgot this one) so the bed is actually lifting slightly.
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