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  1. The hubs I have came off an early D21. I believe an ‘83,’84. They were the exact same as the ‘79 hubs already on my truck. They are small enough they could go in a flat rate box too
  2. I believe I have some from the D21 spindles I grabbed from the Junkyard. They are yours if you want them. I’m in Boise but my coworker is heading up to puyallup next weekend if that’s closer to you.
  3. No, these connectors have solder pins on both sides of the mating surfaces. They are standard cannon plugs found in the majority of aircraft equipment. The reason I went with solder style connectors instead of crimp pins is availability. These were readily available while the crimp style were backordered for weeks+. With the strain relief body I felt that the engine bay connections would be more than sufficiently strong and supported. The interior side will require some cable mounting attention to keep flex and vibration to a minimum to avoid stressing the solder joint. But again, if they are suitable for aircraft I am more than confident they will suit Datto perfectly ?
  4. That’s a little better ?
  5. Not a ton of progress due to heavy workloads and illness but I finally found how I wanted to bring the wiring through the firewall and made a blanking plate. Now a bit of tedious soldering and most of the wiring should be set!
  6. Ben_upde

    How to remove a bed?

    The nuts are 17mm for the bed. Do NOT use your finger to try to hold the spinning bolt tab down. It hurts.....ask me how I know ??‍♂️ The fuel tank is held on by ~8 12mm as said before, penetrating oil/heat are your best bets getting them removed.
  7. ’77 with what looks to be an aftermarket rear slider ‘79 with what looks to be an OEM rear slider. Neither rattle.
  8. Both of my King Cabs have rear sliders. The ‘77 has the 4 panel aluminum one while the ‘79 has a black 4 panel.
  9. Maiden voyage home. Did some light material hauling on the way to the house too.
  10. Couldn’t find a short enough hub adapter to allow me to use a quick release for extra theft protection. Made one from a cheapy quick release and a crappy datsun steering wheel. i’ll add material to make it blend with the steering column better later on.
  11. This is why you always ensure you can refill your transmission, before you drain it. Better to have old fluid in it than none at all. Gonna take a lot of torque if she’s galled on there good. Make sure you have something that will bite into the plug and hold that much torque. I like to use pipe wrenches on square, male headed plugs if there is room for one. They tend to bite well and dig in and hold best.
  12. Ben_upde

    '77 620 KC Project

    Here’s the dash on my ‘79 KC. No spot for a VIN tag. Not one on my ‘77 KC either. Wasn’t a standardised thing and they chose not to do it on the 620’s.
  13. This is one of those situations where if you have to ask, you probably shouldn’t. Engine swaps are not for the feint of heart. Budgets are not small for whatever you choose, especially paying someone else to do the work for you. Best bet is to either buy an already swapped rig or find something closer to what you want.
  14. Engine/trans are back out. First objective; bye bye Quattro so I can use RWD power ?? Pull out Torson center diff and weld the shit out of it!! reassemble and done.
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