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  1. Ben_upde

    What lowering blocks?

    Spring under has less leverage on the pack than spring over. This is because the bulk of the rotational prevention strength is in the main leaf, which is also the upper leaf. I would much rather run a 3” block on top of a spring than below. I had first hand experience when I did a Spring Over Axle swap in my Wranger I had. V8, 5 speed, plenty of tire shredding power. Never had a single glimmer of axle wrap or hop when the spring sat under the axle. Moving the spring on top of the axle caused so much wrap and hop that I had to make an anti-wrap bar to keep u-joints in it. Same spring pack. Just mounted differently. Moving the axle upward in relation to the top spring is much less prone to wrap than moving it downward. Plus, with the power range of these things, good luck getting axle wrap even with lowering blocks. On Topic, I purchased my blocks and U-bolts from Oreilly Auto Parts. They came with 2° shims to correct pinion angle. Cost about $45 for everything.
  2. Ben_upde

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    I finally got my wheels in my possession. They look like they are going to fit perfectly with what I envisioned when making the deal 😁
  3. Ben_upde

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    Cars and Coffee debut today. Was kinda sad that no other Datsun guys showed but this dime and a Z car
  4. Ben_upde

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    another piece to the puzzle for the look i’m going for on this truck 🙂
  5. Ben_upde

    pic of your truck

  6. Ben_upde

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    Had to rescue a truck/trailer combination up in the foothills after work. Decided the Datsun would gladly ham it up for a few shots!
  7. Ben_upde

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    There is no substitute for the old style grille. The ‘updated’ one just doesnt look right. Not a bad score for $50 🤔
  8. Ben_upde

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    More scrubbing and polishing...
  9. Ben_upde

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    My flares finally made it through customs. I should have then some time next week. My wheels will be at my place next weekend as well so the next steps should be completed within a couple weeks!
  10. Ben_upde

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    No. Got it off ebay for like $89 or something like that. ⅛” aluminum sheet bent and shaped. I couldnt make anything near that nice for that 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. Ben_upde

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

  12. Ben_upde

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    Got the lip and nice grill installed on the truck. Super happy with how both look!
  13. Ben_upde

    Question to WA oldschool datsun/620 owners about licensing

    Not heavy duty enough to require truck plates. Those were for vehicles that had the capacity to haul 18K+ lbs
  14. Ben_upde

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    Finally got around to putting the blocks in the back. Now it sits much nicer 😁 I also couldn’t get the smell out of the original seats so out they went
  15. Ben_upde

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    Got some half decent tires on the front and reclocked torsion bars. As soon as I get some new U-bolts i’ll throw some 3” blocks in it

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