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  1. I moreso needed them that thick for the drop of the crossmember. Might still need to add a small spacer to get another ⅛”, or do some trans tunnel beating. Either way, they outta hold up that half of the 400lb engine/trans combo 🤣
  2. Transmission mount complete aside from welding my ‘custom’ ¾” plate mounts to the frame to bolt the flipped stock crossmember to. Using an Energy Suspension urethane universal mount that fit the trans with only minor modifications.
  3. I’d err on the safe side and use green loctite. It is designed as an adhesive/retainer. I’ve used it to hold spun bearing races in skid steers and similar applications with great success. Apply it to the key, the keyway and all around the crank snout. Assemble and torque then leave it to cure for a day or so. Only caveat, she isn’t coming apart again without some serious heat applied liberally.
  4. When you have more tools and ability than money you gotta build sometimes 😂
  5. I cut the center section out of a Datsun steering wheel that was super crusty and beyond functional anymore. Luckily it was aluminum so I was able to weld the aluminum quick disconnect to it with minor modifications to allow it to fit. I don’t recall exactly what modifications but it was just some grinding and material removal to allow it to sit evenly on the steering wheel hub I believe.
  6. Looks like I got some work to do 🤔
  7. Engine bay is almost finally complete! gotta fab up a turbo inlet/MAF housing with room for a diverter valve, get the exhaust built and wrap/hide the wires for the lighting. A bit of coolant line for the heat exchanger for the IC and minor small things here and there. One of 2 rear suspension boxes arrived today. I also ordered some air shocks to try in place of coilovers. They are pretty much what Harley has been using for rear suspension on all their bikes for quite some time and have a rated capacity of 1100lbs. We’ll see. They were a whopping $60 so if they don’t work not much loss. Also got final placement and mockup up the Audi shifter onto the Datto shifter cover. A few nutcerts and that will be 100% solid and finalized as well. Finally feels like things are coming together. Now I just gotta get the ambition to knock out the under dash wiring!
  8. Maybe Datto2 could use some extra beans 🤔
  9. Came across a deal I couldn’t pass up for a Beebani Watt’s link setup so it will be headed my way here in the next week or so 😁
  10. Good eye! I gotta tack the tabs onto the axle just outside of the u-bolts to retain the hose ends. I just stuffed those there temporarily to make sure everything was going to fit. Final position will be retained outboard of the frame to prevent any clearance issues 😂
  11. I sold a complete, good running L20b with a 4 speed carb to pan for $250. Not much of a market really for them out here.
  12. And we have fully functional park brakes!
  13. So far the Datto clutch master cylinder seems to be playing nice with the Audi clutch slave cylinder! Got brake pedal and clutch pedal. The necessary transmission mount and bracket are on their way to me so I can final fit that portion to the crossmember. Thinking i’ll have to make a little ‘porch’ off the front of the stock crossmember and that will be set 😁
  14. Finally some actual progress! ordered up some Silvermine rear caliper mounts, faced the fact that I was never going to get around making my own. Rear discs and calipers from a mid 90’s Trooper All mounted up 😁
  15. Finally got around to moving Datto1 home so I can do small things here and there on weekends and evening as nothing was happening while it was at the shop 😂 I got the new genuine Nissan metal mirrors installed in place of the garbage ebay specials I had.
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