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  1. New carpet. The ‘kit’ didn’t fit well at all but luckily I was able to make my center console fit with minimal modifications to cover up the hack job required to trim everything down. As much as I hate to speak bad on a fellow Datsun guy, I would recommend avoiding buying a carpet kit from Left Coast Datsun. He’s a nice guy and offered a refund if I shipped it back to him, but losing $75 to ship it back, plus no longer having any sort of carpet at all was not in the cards so I made it ‘work’. It looks much better in photos than real life 😞 you can see the disgusting overlap
  2. had to clear everything out of the shop because the owner decided to sell the company to a larger conglomerate 🤦🏻‍♂️ anyway, packed everything I wanted to keep/give away into the truck and trailer. There’s gotta be 5 engines of various sizes in the trailer 😂 pulled like a champ though. Plenty of power to move it along although because the tires are probably 30 years old I kept it under 35. we’ll see what the future holds. For now it’s just a holding pattern...
  3. This is how the holes are going to be filled. Nope to see if I can make the console fit without hacking it up too badly
  4. Ben_upde

    Motor swap

    A swap is always a lot of work so why limit yourself to just Nissan? If that’s what you want, that’s all good, but there are many many other options out there that may be better for the truck depending on what you intend to use it for.
  5. Really liking this color. Kinda blue, kinda gray, depends on the light i bet. Looks great! Nice choice 👍🏻
  6. I’m hoping I can make the stock center console work somehow. If not i’ll have to find something that works.
  7. Driveline is finally done! got to drive it for the first time, again. Well worth the troubles and the cost. Was able to hit 70 in 4th without even realizing it, or fearing the driveline was going to explode from vibrations because it didn’t like being moved to the left side by a massive amount. Started working more on the shifter relocation setup as well. Should work well, hopefully, and with minimal mods allow me to use my console again. Here’s to hoping anyway!
  8. Swap complete sans the driveline that didn’t get finished 😞 I also have to come up with a way to move this I’m probably going to use the bracket and rod end in the previous photo to do a relocation like this, except moving the shifter 10” rearward
  9. 3.70:1 gears installed 😁 Super happy with mesh. Backlash fell in perfect first try 🧐
  10. I imagine so. It was a misclick as I was looking at their stage 3 and stage 4 setups. I had decided on the 3 which is a sprung center 6 puck but ordered the wrong one. The stage 3 apparently is not available-zero stock so I will run with it and decide what to do later. This guy is really easy to pull anyway so not a big deal either way I suppose.
  11. Yep. It’s their signature color, except the ‘knockoffs’ which is what I think I have here. Or they just happened to like blue too 🤷🏼‍♂️
  12. I’ve heard horrible things about Spec. This is a $120 amazon special so i’m expecting the worst but hoping for the best. Quality looks good though. 🤞🏻
  13. And...... out with the old..... Acme adapter bolted perfectly in place stage 4 clutch.... 6 puck 🧐 might be hard to tell but.... unsprung hub 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m a glutton for punishment I guess.... trans bolts right on, like it was made for it back in her home stock trans mount back in stock location, added a half inch thick extension for the Toy mount to bolt to. Yes it’s leaning, I wasn’t about to mess with engine mounts/exhaust/everything just to have the trans sit straight 😂 also yes, the trans mount is only tacked with 3
  14. I don’t think there’s much ‘paint’ left on my frame. It’s pretty much just surface rust colored all the way down.
  15. Final piece to the puzzle arrived today so looks like next week I’m digging in! Only thing I’ll have to do besides the parts swap is relocate/fab a transmission mount/crossmember and get my Toyota driveline made into a 1 piece with a different length tube which is TBD how long. while I have it apart I’ll probably lift the bed off and clean up the rear tank crossmember and tidy up a few other minor details just to have it nicer underneath. Might even rattle can the frame 🧐 nah!🤣
  16. Super fast shipping from Acme Adapters!! Ordered Thursday last week and it arrived today!! clutch is supposed to arrive Saturday so looks like some more surgery on Datto is happening soon! 😬
  17. My Acme adapter is scheduled to arrive Wednesday already. It comes with the adapter plate and a flywheel machined to fit the VW/Audi crank but use toyota clutch parts. Might see about having it lightened a bit by a machinist buddy. I’ll have to see what it weighs and where extra meat lies that can be removed without compromising strength. I went with a 6 puck clutch that hopefully won’t feel too choppy and grabby 🥸
  18. Been a crazy winter already with work and everything but finally got around to ordering my engine adapter and a clutch kit to handle the power level required to blow the transmission/rear axle up 🧐 Also got my Hands on some 3.70:1 gears to put in the rear diff to give me some highway speed. This spring I should be riding at my proper ride height and slaying some curvy roads again!
  19. A 1.9TDI is a great powerplant for these trucks. The cars they came in from the factory are ~3200lbs and are fairly spritely stock. A tune wakes them up considerably. Delete the EGR and you have a very solid, bulletproof engine that’ll be tons of fun and return excellent fuel economy at the same time. it will fit almost the same as my audi 1.8t and uses the same transmission adapter i’ll be using eventually to put a Toyota trans in it so I can gain my 4”+ of rear drop back by flipping the diff to a normal position.
  20. It is the main entry road for a ski resort just north of Boise known as ‘Bogus Basin’. It’s maintained year round so it can be quite a blast winter time too with the right tires.
  21. He knows the road like the back of his hand while i’ve only been up it maybe 6 times in my life. Plus I get a horrible driveline vibration above 55 which i’ve narrowed down to the side-to-side offset from having the diff flipped. Makes my pinion no longer centered and wreaks havoc on the u-joints if the driveline isn’t perfectly straight in the other planes. Yet another reason I need to flip that sucker back over and run it as I originally set the truck up. The first half I was having issues with it breaking up really bad mid throttle. I stopped and disconnected the MAF as I was unsure
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