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  1. Thanks! Im not worrying about the rear end I'll be doing a Ford 8.8 swap.
  2. Yeah thats normal. But they are fun. I'm just wondering if there is a small I4 diesel that fits these 620s that's capable of making some power.
  3. Yeah. Im thinking of trying to get something up to around 150 hp and 250-300lb of torque range. I know that would take injection pump, turbo and injector modifications/upgrades. That's why I wasn't thinking the SD was a good option.
  4. Howdy yall. I've got at 75 620 Longbed with a l20b in it. But I seem to have caught the Diesel fever. So what are some good Turbo Diesel options for a 620? I know the Om617 is a common one for the 720 and D21 but it's a little big for a 620. The 4BT is to heavy and tall (and expensive). I am thinking a 1.9 TDI but that's got a bunch of electronics. Is there something around the size of the 1.9 that is all mechanical?
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