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  1. So the VR6 is just a larger version of the previously mentioned VW rad, and the scirocco's had the fill cap? I'm having difficulties finding any with the fill cap on rockauto. I've heard that Hondas were better with cooling and therefore got away with smaller rads, but my thinking was that a 2 or 3-core aluminum might 'double' the cooling potential and work for a 2.4.. but I have no science to back this up. They're just cheap, easy to source and quite small - the 'half-rads' that is. But if an OE VW rad works for a KA in Texas, then I'm sold!
  2. klam07

    620 KA24DE

    This is good info, I didnt know about this. I was planning to get an ebay megan style header for my swap because its 4-1 collector - or if I can find an oem s14 manifold. I currently have the s13 early style exh manifold that goes from 4-2 then 2-1 on the downpipe, making it a bit more difficult to fabricobble something.. Hardbody or early Frontier trans should be about ~5" shorter than a 240 trans so if you have a single cab it might put the shifter in a better location, ie: more forward. A 240 trans might put it near your hip 😛 something to consider maybe.
  3. klam07

    620 KA24DE

    Do you mean you have new 620 parts, or a completely different front end set up? If its all 620 steering parts then it sounds like you need to flip the center link using the Jeep bushing/sleeves. Unless Im misunderstanding something? https://ratsun.net/topic/72201-important-information-about-tapered-inserts/ https://datsuntrucks.com/center-link-flip-datsun-620/ Regarding oil pans, if I recall I dont think its easily doable to swap from a front sump to a rear sump. Just use the 240 engine/pan and flip center link. Maybe beat the pan in a bit for clearance but that should be it
  4. I always get mixed up with the jargon when it comes to diffs and trans. Short, long, tall, low.. lol. My current wheels are 195/60/15, I'd stay pretty similar in the future with 15's or 16's. A truck needs a bit of meat
  5. @datzenmike From a quick search, seems like my 79 has a 4.11 diff, and s13s were ~4.08 - kind of comparable, so I can probably expect it to jive well and have similar rpm ranges to a stock s13 yea? And to get to about 110km/h or 68mph... - s13 trans with 3.70 diff on stock tires does ~68mph at 2700rpm - s13 trans with 4.11 diff on stock tires does ~68mph at 3000rpm If I did this right.. its less of an RPM difference than I thought. Gas mileage is probably minimal but performance is probably noticeable.. doesnt seem worth the effort. And 3000rpm to cruise the highwa
  6. @datzenmike I dont know which model Frontier trans I had.. seems like a good chance it also had a 0.838 5th according to this though (https://zilvia.net/f/showthread.php?t=89509) . I'd prefer to downshift on a hill than being forced to cruise the highway at like 3500rpm+, but oh well! It'll be a summer putter, not a miled out grocery getter for me so the s13 trans will have to do haha.
  7. Since this post I ended up picking up a different full ka24de swap from a 93 240sx and selling the first engine with the frontier trans. So unfortunately I'll never know.. I still have yet to do the swap, since lockdown its been difficult to get all my parts assembled so I had to leave the truck running. In my mind, shortening the driveshaft would be easier and cheaper than extending it for the Frontier trans. That and I sit pretty far back so the 240sx placement might be better for me in the kingcab.. maybe. The truck gearing would have been nice though for cruising
  8. klam07

    King cab bed cover

    @Gery Do you have any pictures of it by chance? I wanted to do something similar but use the tonneau rails/ends from a different truck and cut them to fit - then cut my own vinyl to match. I eventually gave up as my vinyl order got delayed for months when the lockdown kicked in.
  9. I had pretty much the same issues on my truck when I first got around to running it. Echoing banzai's last post, I learned that these trucks are pretty straight forward - for fuel you literally trace the fuel until the point where it stops flowing then start working at that, then repeat. Even wiring was the same from nose to tail, just follow the wires until you find the break. For my carb I believe it ended up being one of the jets that was clogged/stuck, because tapping it would make it run for a bit. I had a rebuild kit but only replaced like 2 items.That and, having the ai
  10. klam07

    Porty's Chopshop

    The one thats half GM truck? Last I saw a while ago they said it wasn't getting much views so they started some other project cars instead. That and one of the two dudes started a car dealership during the lockdown? So efforts are divided.
  11. https://www.rustyspeedwerks.com/vw620 http://www.speedhunters.com/2018/07/this-is-the-datswagen/ This was a local who swapped a 1.6L VW diesel. Used an adapter and a toyota trans to the original rear end. Not a lot of info on the swap itself but figured I'd throw it out there. Theres a member on here/facebook whose doing an Audi diesel swap: Food for thought
  12. Maybe something else to consider is using air shocks in the rear. Gets you ~1" of ride-height adjustability by airing up or down, and in my opinion makes the rear a decent bit stiffer even despite running it at the minimum psi rating (~30psi). Will get more stiffer (and taller) when you air up. I also have Datsun/Nissan 720 4x4 leaf springs which is a common thing that alot of people do, plenty of info online about it. It'll drop the rear a bit but theyre also stiffer leafs as I've read. Lastly for what its worth, Im also on 2" blocks in conjunction with all this. Ultimately,
  13. Awesome looking truck! Such a unique color. And I'm a hard yes for replacing the titan wheels!
  14. As always, thanks for the information! This is super helpful, I wasn't aware of partsavatar, or at least I didn't think they were local/canadian. Hopefully it can out-price rockauto sometimes. edit: Im now wondering, since many have used these VW rads successfully yet they were intended for a ~1.6/1.8L engine.. if an aluminum half-rad for a Honda would work after all (1.6-1.8L as well). They're compact, no plastic tanks, and can be found with 2-3 rows for pretty inexpensive. Outlets are also 32mm and right-side biased. Not to mention have a fill point, but no temp sensor provision.
  15. I was eyeing these radiators up for my eventual swap also, but then had to consider an overflow/fill point. I had half a mind to use an aluminum radiator from an Integra (honda full size, both hoses more or less on the right side) but I feel like it would be too big, and a Honda half-rad too small to cool a 2.4L. Is that VW rad a single row? And can I ask, where did you end up ordering it from?
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