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  1. klam07

    Turn Radius

    Yes, it definitely is lol. Im wondering if one from a Hardbody would fit. But its not too big a deal since full crank right turns almost never happen. Ill just be mindful
  2. klam07

    Turn Radius

    Other side. Hit image size limit
  3. klam07

    Turn Radius

    Found my issue. As initially suspected it was the steering stops. The right side (left turns) was adjusted pretty far out I guess so I turned it in and it helped a lot. Turn radius feels closer to any other vehicle. The left side however is missing the screw all together, so ill just be mindful not to crank it on right turns. Does anyone know if one from another truck might fit? Like a hardbody? Also measured my tie rods and theyre more or less even, with my pitman/idler being pretty straight along the frame. So that and the steering wheel checks out, alignment is safe!
  4. klam07

    Turn Radius

    Yeah, the trucks just a bit low and ive got a lip. Its a bit hard to see clearly under there. I did have the steering wheel off to address a signal/brake light issue recently but I marked the wheel and column splines to make sure it was put back to its original position. Driving down the road the steering wheel is 'straight' but theres also a lot of side to side play in the steering wheel that doesnt translate to the wheels.
  5. klam07

    Turn Radius

    Yeah, Ill definitely run through these tests when I can get the truck off the ground. Im thinking that its adjusted off center or the arms are unequal length. Im hoping its not steering box related 😕
  6. klam07

    Turn Radius

    So my left turn is definitely a bit funky. Tight right turns were much easier to complete but they're pretty useless on North American roads hah. I still need to take a look under the truck to see if anything seems obviously out of wack. A thought crossed my mind.. I installed adjustable 720 tie rods so each side is technically independently adjustable (center link is also adjustable).. maybe one side is longer/shorter than the other, meaning the center link, pitman and idler are skewed/biased to one side. I did my best to match each tie rod length to the old 620 one but they could have been re-adjusted since I had an alignment done. So maybe the steering being dead set down the middle was overlooked since the shop would just be looking for the final number by using the tie rods and not the center link..? Ill have to do some measuring it seems
  7. klam07

    Turn Radius

    I was wondering what the consensus was on the 620's turn radius. I can't help but to feel that my 620's turn radius is pretty bad, at least turning left.. A 280zx I had a little while back could throw a 1-point u-turn in my tight residential street (~30 ft across), whereas my 620 is a 3-pointer. But even more telling is the fact that I can barely do a 1-point u-turn on another residential street I frequent that is especially wide (~40 ft). It feels tighter when turning right but I'd need to run a test on these streets to be sure.. also I'll have a look at the adjustment screw/stops on the LCA, but in the meantime, has anyone noticed their turning radius to be particularly booboo? Ill update with info next time Im in the truck
  8. klam07

    Headliner Pattern

    Oh, I totally misred your other post. Thought you said you ended up getting both a black and white! Woops, my mistake Thanks for the pictures and measurements though! This is definitely helpful and Im sure it will be in the future for others. Its interesting because, mentally at least, I cant really picture how the shape translates onto the roof. I had a look at a single cab roof liner recently and where the liner meets the A and B pillars there were little 'tabs' that would tuck under a small plastic trim piece on the pillars. On the kingcab Im not sure if there is such a piece, if mine came with them theyre in a box of other misc things that I didn't have a close look through. Maybe if I stare at my roof long enough it'll make sense!
  9. klam07

    Headliner Pattern

    That would be awesome if you could! Maybe if you decide to part with your black headliner Ill scoop it up, we're only a few hours apart. But I wouldnt mind trying my hand at making one. I have the 3 bows still thankfully. If the pattern is pretty straight forward Ill take a crack at it. Im no upholsterer but I can work a sewing machine lol
  10. klam07

    Headliner Pattern

    That sucker would be me! Ive got a kingcab that needs a headliner. Previous owner had door cards half made and just gave me the material (foam, vinyl, etc.) but nothing for the headliner and I wouldn't know where to start for that one.
  11. I just did an alternator swap using a 100amp sentra unit. Similar to the 240 I believe, but the ears are clocked at 12 o clock and not at an angle. Cant recall if the 240 was also dead across. But anyhow, because the alternators are bigger it is a tight fit - I had to shave a little aluminum tab off the alt because it would touch the rad hose. Also used a plug on the idler arm to replace the grease fitting that stuck up. I went to the part shop with my old belt and grabbed 2 v-belts that were the next 2 sizes up from original, I believe I ended up using the longer of the 2, then returned the middle length one. Struggled to slip the belt on with the alt bolted in, so I had to slip the belt on and then bolt it up - very difficult, but the only way I could make it work. As for tensioning, there was some room to adjust but it was down to the last ~1" of the tensioner arm before I maxed out, but it gave me good enough tension. The middle length belt might net more travel for adjustability but would make it that much more difficult to install, so I dont regret it. Ill be pulling and selling the engine long before any of those parts need changing. As for the wire length vs gauge, does that apply to just the power wire? What about ground? Im using the same dinky ground from the original harness to the back of the alt and Im wondering if I need to beef it up. Its been running fine with no issues so far, but still.
  12. klam07

    620KC onto 720 frame

    Neat, it just dawned on me that you're in Edmonton..! Guess theres a good few of us now in Alberta, a definite handful in Calgary including me
  13. For some reason when I host directly from google photos the images show up on my end but not to the public - is what I've found out. I end up having to use a third party like flickr for properly embedded images. Nice truck!
  14. I recently retrofitted a nissan sentra 100 amp alternator in my truck. I think its the easiest upgrade thats mentioned the least, no major modification just some knucklebusting and a bad time. If you decide to go that route I can share the details
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