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  1. Oh, I didn't consider the shifter placement on each. Maybe I'll measure from front of trans to shifter, since I think maybe someone had numbers on here for the 71B... I'd like to somehow fit a nice bench in the KC but its more probable that I'll end up sticking with buckets to keep the console. In any case it sounds like the 240sx Trans should work better and would be cheaper/simpler for the drive shaft modification. I was going off what I read here on the forum for the 240sx trans length. My measurements were a bit approximated and ended up closer to ~34". But that wasn't exactly a straight measurement, as its still mounted to the engine and has part of the output shaft/flange (?) part, so I can't get a flat measurement. The Frontier trans measurement I got from your method, measuring from edge of case and putting a piece of 2x4 across the end to reach the tape.
  2. Hi all, Got a question regarding which transmission to use for a KA24DE swap in a 620 (King cab if it matters). I currently have a ka24de ready with a 240sx trans on it, as well as a Frontier (D22) trans separately. From what I've read, gearing wise they're the same up til 5th gear, where the Frontier trans is more aggressively geared (?). The main difference then comes from the lengths. 240sx trans' are something like 33.25 ~ 33.5", while the D22 is ~28.5". Given that the stock L-series trans is 31.5", I don't think theres any way around having to either shorten or extend the driveshaft for the swap. My question is, would the longer or shorter trans work better in the tunnel and with the OEM console/boot placement? My goal is to modify the body as little as possible and have the most comfortable shifting position. I don't know if I'll be using a 'dual bend' shifter or a regular 240sx 'short' shifter yet. Any input for those who have done this swap and used either transmission? Thanks in advance for any and all help!
  3. klam07

    (Air) Shocks Question

    Thanks for the help Knoriega! Answered all my questions and some. Looks like everything checks out, and the Monroes seem to be the way to go.
  4. klam07

    (Air) Shocks Question

    Thanks for this! Exactly what I was looking for. Interestingly the MA709 are only listed for domestic cars but I checked the mounting code/bushing ID and its 5/8" too. Its a bit cheaper than Gabriels for me, but only by a bit so Ill still consider both for now. Very interested in seeing some pics of your truck in profile! Cheers
  5. klam07

    (Air) Shocks Question

    @Stoffregen Motorsports - Thanks for your input. I'm a 1/10 on fab so at least for now I'll be looking for direct bolt ons. Ill take measurements when I get blocks and eventually swap my leafs - and compare with the models mentioned. @datzenmike - Thats actually a question I was wondering about - with the lowering blocks. Thanks for clarifying. Going with 720 leafs, I'd imagine would have the same effect as a slightly de-arched spring; ie: lower ride height. So, shorter bump stops, and hopefully not a notch. And with air shocks, I'd have the ability to find the 'balance' between ride height (aesthetic & functionality) and ride quality.
  6. klam07

    (Air) Shocks Question

    Admittedly I didn't look up Gabriels. I did however look into AC Delco's yesterday trying to find an application guide or catalogue of some sort but only got this. As far as what I've come across, no info/products (air shocks) for 620 and 2wd 720 rears - which is consistent for other brands I've looked for and the non-availability you linked. So thanks for verifying that 620 air shocks are more or less unobtainable. Gabriel's website has no product page for 49309 (620), but does have the 49311 (720 4x4) which I mentioned in the first post, as well as 49310 (510 wagon & 2wd d21) specs. Both for different applications, but mounting codes for the top and bottom are 5/8" ID, which is the same at least for the 620 upper mount. Lower mount, in theory, wouldn't matter because I have the 720 4x4 lower mount. Again, I just want to clarify that I can use it on my 620; I want to say I've seen it done on this forum but I can't retrace the exact post - is why I'm reaching out. As for lengths of 49309 vs 49311/49310.. Going off of standard lengths for regular shocks on a 620 as a baseline, I'm getting that lengths can vary between different brands, and between different product lines in the same brand by as much as an inch or more. Monroe even has variances of ~3" of extended length and 2" of stroke for the same vehicle.. So is it fair to say that exact lengths aren't too particularly crucial, especially in the case of air shocks? The gabriel catalogue has 49309 listed at 18.52" extended, while the 49310's are the next closest (with useable mounting codes) at 20.35".. In the end I guess Gabriel is my best bet (49310's if possible). Monroe doesn't seem to have anything available, and AC Delco only has the 720 4x4 air shocks which are too long. So, new set of questions: - Will 720 4x4 lower shock mounts fit a 620, allowing me to use 720 style shocks? - Will a slightly taller shock work fine in my application..?
  7. klam07

    (Air) Shocks Question

    Thanks for the info! I guess I'm used to them being make/model specific these days as opposed to a buy-per-application scenario. As far as I know, I think I should be able to use either mounting style because I have the 720 brackets. But looking for clarification on that. Truck is parked away for the winter - so I wont have access to it for some months. Hopefully someone can share some experiences with these
  8. klam07

    (Air) Shocks Question

    Hi all, What brand/model air shocks to use on a 620? Im looking at Gabriel, based on a comparison video between Gabriel/Monroe and Gabriel seemed to be designed much better (Gabriel Vs. Monroe Airshocks). But, do they make them for 620's (edit: yes, but discontinued)? Rockauto doesn't seem to carry any, at least for me in Canada.. however they do have them for 720's. I also found the 720 variant on amazon which is cheaper and delivers faster. I have 720 Leaf springs waiting, but I also have the u-bolt plate/bracket/shock mount to go along with it.. so theoretically I could use either 620 or the double eyelet 720 shocks..? Right? Context: Seems like my ideal setup for me, given what I want and what I can spend would be: 720 4x4 leafsprings, 3" lowering blocks, and __________ air shocks. (ie: still having a traditional shock/leaf spring combo for lowered daily driving, and the ability to 'air up' but mainly stiffen the rear some when needed for hauling etc.) Some users (Ron1200!) have this exact setup but it looks like with 620 shocks. Otherwise he's basically sold me on this setup. While others (ben_upde!) have the double eyelet 720 lookin' ones. tl;dr - Will 720 shocks work in the rear if I have the appropriate bracket/mount? - Gabriel vs. monroe (or even AC Delco?) airshocks. A: Gabriel - Gabriel Hijackers (part number 49310)? Thanks in advance for any and all info!
  9. klam07

    620 bedliner?

    Maybe at least interesting if not useful. Maybe give it a scuff and re-apply on top? Wonder if a chemical could work to remove it..?
  10. Single cab or king cab? Either way, king cab for leg room and lean. I've thrown in a d21 hardbody bench into a 620 because it has a headrest and I believe its a tad wider. Like the ends will squish up to the door panels - that and the rails won't bolt in. Would need to modify or make new mounting holes. I wonder if a bench seat would be a viable option for a kingcab anyways... since the space behind the seat is pretty negligible and really just there for a bit more lean imo.
  11. Turns out their channel was hacked. I found their instagram n they posted that earlier today
  12. Interesting - did they remove their videos? Haven't seen the last couple but videos look like they're gone, and I can't even search up their youtube channel either. edit: looks like the channels been taken down for whatever reason. I imagine it'll be back up eventually - didn't seem like they violated any TOS for youtube
  13. Thanks for the information, very helpful. So I suppose its safe to assume ive got a 71B (some iteration of one), since Ive got 5 gears on my l20. Had a quick read here about the 71-series trannys: 71-series info So from what I gather: • my 71b trans is ~31.5", the 'frontier' trans that I got is a 71C so likely longer (Ill grab a measurement to see if its 35" or somewhere in between). • sounds like the 71C's are pretty standard between all the cars they came in according to that site.. but thats probably not the case yea? I assume there are differences in gearing and possibly physical lengths? • shifter will be pushed back a few inches (?) If using a 71C mated to ka24 • not worth modifying/mating 71B to KA's. • replace shifter bushings so I cant make circles while in gear. Feels like I could mis-shift currently if I wasnt paying attention Sounds like in the end its just best to get a matching trans for the engine im swapping, and modify the drive shaft. Ie: use a frontier, d21, or 240sx trans with my ka24de and go from there. Sorry for the long post! But thanks again
  14. Im keen to know as well how a frontier's trans fits relative to a 240sx, and original l-series. Ive got a 79 KC with the l20 currently, and picked up a 240sx ka24de with what was said to be a frontier trans. Planning to do the swap somewhere down the line but the trans has me confused (between the L's, napz, ka's, etc.). What would fit and: a) bolt up and work with the original cross/trans mount b) not require modifications to the driveshaft (?) c) have a not sloppy 5-speed setup?
  15. Wew, grats grats! Imagine being 1 away from winning the first time, then winning in the end after 2 re-rolls. Also can't help but notice ]2eDeYe's own name on the list 😛 Thanks for putting this on ]2eDeYe!
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