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  1. Did you get the ld20t where you are?
  2. I like the 350cfm holleys (despite their tendency to leak) I swapped from a 32/36 Weber to a 350cfm, and it used a fraction of the gas. There was a bit of faffing about to get it set up right. But I ended up getting it running g 11.8:1 @WOT, and mid 14:1's at cruise.
  3. Dont put an LED in your charge light socket. Theres some jiggery-pokery that mean with an LED in there your alternator wont work. (Or so I'm told)
  4. Looks great though man! I cant wait to get some color on mine too!
  5. Thanks @dukerollo! Once I get the blower on my SR, i may need to upgrade the stoppers. Aside from the extra pots, are the two pot pads much bigger?
  6. Wow. The cheapest complete assembly on rock auto is only $16. I went and saw a mate who works at an auto parts store. He said that they no longer stock them. We live in a disposable society now I guess.
  7. I can get parts locally no problem. But rock auto is cheaper 99% of the time.
  8. This is the 620 forum, so it should go without saying.
  9. Valvebounce

    Tie rod assembly

    Are the left and right tie rod assemblies the same? Rock auto show lots of right ones, but no left? (Only one listing, but none in stock) mine are fine, but the boots are gone. For what boots will cost me locally, I can buy whole new assemblies off there.
  10. That wont tell me if the hubs are the same. If I upgrade them, I'll buy rotors, calipers, and pads off rock auto. But if the hubs arent the same I'd be screwed.
  11. Hey team, One quick question, Does anyone know if the d21 hubs from a mid 80s four cylinder 2wd D21 (with 250mm vented rotors, and single pot calipers) are the same as the hubs from an early 90's VG30e 2wd D21 with 280mm vented rotors with two pot (inboard pots) calipers? I've rebuilt my 250mm brakes, but after I increase the horsepower I might need to upgrade the stoppers. I can get rotors/pads/calipers easily enough. But V6 hubs would be very hard to find where I am.
  12. Make loads of them, and fund the rest of your build selling them. Mine has a second hole where the column change shaft stuck through too.
  13. Looks pretty serious. Even made the news last night here in New Zealand. (I didnt see the news tonight) this coming summer will be my 15th year as a rural fire fighter. (I guess you call them wildfires) (its spring here atm) looks like a mammoth task to try put that out. Having seen homes destroyed 1st hand, (its actually sickening) I dont envy you guys. Remember your l.a.c.e.s. (rural fire acronym)
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