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  1. That wont tell me if the hubs are the same. If I upgrade them, I'll buy rotors, calipers, and pads off rock auto. But if the hubs arent the same I'd be screwed.
  2. Hey team, One quick question, Does anyone know if the d21 hubs from a mid 80s four cylinder 2wd D21 (with 250mm vented rotors, and single pot calipers) are the same as the hubs from an early 90's VG30e 2wd D21 with 280mm vented rotors with two pot (inboard pots) calipers? I've rebuilt my 250mm brakes, but after I increase the horsepower I might need to upgrade the stoppers. I can get rotors/pads/calipers easily enough. But V6 hubs would be very hard to find where I am.
  3. Make loads of them, and fund the rest of your build selling them. Mine has a second hole where the column change shaft stuck through too.
  4. I'd use steam sealer or polyurethane glue.
  5. Looks pretty serious. Even made the news last night here in New Zealand. (I didnt see the news tonight) this coming summer will be my 15th year as a rural fire fighter. (I guess you call them wildfires) (its spring here atm) looks like a mammoth task to try put that out. Having seen homes destroyed 1st hand, (its actually sickening) I dont envy you guys. Remember your l.a.c.e.s. (rural fire acronym)
  6. Have you test fitted the body on the frame with the motor and gearbox on the chassis? It makes a lot less extra work to hang it so that the firewall and tunnel dont need modifications. I notched my sump to clear the drag link, and I've got it low enough that bell housing is just tucked under fire wall flange. Any further back and the plenum (jdm S14 sr20) would have fouled on the clutch slave. (Rhd car) also means I can run the factory heater.
  7. My old glass will be available later this year if anyone wants to be different. It's literally worth nothing here. So it will be cost of the postage pretty much.
  8. Anywhere in the US. I believe all their trucks had the one piece door glass. I got lucky, and got some shipped here in New Zealand very cheaply. One piece glass rules.
  9. I dunno if aussie got them. NZ definately didnt. All ours were J15 too.
  10. Had anyone got a picture of this stamping? All the trucks sold here were GN620's. And as far as I know, ours got no stamping on the chassis whatsoever. (Just the aluminium body tag)
  11. Wellside trays are the exception here. (A very rusty tray only recently sold for $750) I have one that's 65% fixed atm. (It was pretty awful to start with) but seeing yours has posed a question, Your tail light mounting pockets are silver. Did the factory not paint them the same colour as the truck? Or have you painted yours the different colour just for a bit of contrast? Only asking because theres almost nothing here to compare against.
  12. If you have a later ball.joint front end on your truck, then 2wd D21 hubs and stubs bolt straight on if you swap the top ball joint too.
  13. I'm very late to the party here, but yes. I bought one off rock auto, and it was considerable thinner. I made a couple of washers on the lathe to pack out the bearing. (Half the difference each side)
  14. Valvebounce

    Cabin vents

    I dont think AC was even offered here as an option. The J15 would have struggled to pull the truck along, and run an AC pump.
  15. Valvebounce

    Cabin vents

    That's what I was thinking tbh. More wind noise sounds much less good.
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