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new guy here!!!

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that is Steroids, old green truck, glad to see someone picked it up!!. I dig that 62, that is a clean old truck , i am into the skirts,,cool...And your blue 620...very smooth and clean...Welcome to this website....the only one that counts...:D:D

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Hey guys, it is steroids old truck! i got it for a real good $$$,the blue 620 i had posted on another forum in the past ive done some more work to it since then so ill soon post more recent pitcures of her, the 62' chevy is a constant project but worth it,thanks 1lo620 i think the skirts are cool too!!!

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I love the stock wheels on the blue one... Im not even a big 620 fan but I just love them with the stock wheels and lowered..

Im becoming a convert.. better build a bigger garage so i can get one...

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My neighbor had a '62 with a 283 in it. First V8 I ever helped rebuild. Is it called an Apache or was that a previous model?


Both 620s are nice! Try a pre '78 grill, they are much better looking (IMHO). The '80-'85? 720 4X4's had some nice consoles with oil pressure and volts gauges. You could get the proper Z engine sender (oil), or swap your into it. Again, (IMHO) it cleans up the transmission hump and hides the shifter boot.


The best thing about 'Blue' is the clean, uncluttered exterior with stock hub caps. The aerial location and type is better than the stock one which I never liked. I took mine off the passenger side post and mounted a Stanza? one on the drivers side. It retracts down into the post beside the windshield in to the kick pad and allows me to 'save' it from being broken off while backing up in the bush or in bad neighborhoods.


Wish mine looked that nice.

King Rat

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