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Engine bolts

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6 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

Datsuns did not use TTY bolts. Don't fix what isn't broke. All the bolts are reusable if not damaged.

Copy that. I've always been a "just in case" sorta guy. Figured before I accidentally strip something, I'd have an on hand replacement.  You're right though. 

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6 minutes ago, banzai510(hainz) said:

Mike I’m thinking his talking like new front cover bolts sets ,just so it looks new


somebody has these

try zcardepot.com 

Others  might have it.

Yes. Thanks. That's what I meant. But not just cover bolts. I suppose if I had to, I'd hit ACE up for miscellaneous stuff. But didn't know if there even was such a kit or availability for actual Nissan/Datsun bolts/nuts OEM. 

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Zcardepot they just pc the bolt kits together.

nissan used niclad plated ones I seen them some where or some one does it.

i like new bolts on the water pump .

also so I just checked zcardepot and he has the long shanked water pump bolts.i usually put anti seize on there to keep from rusting smearing it all up the shank.


key is try to put the bolt back as the front cover are all sizes

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14 hours ago, Oregon_620_Art said:

I suppose if I had to, I'd hit ACE up for miscellaneous stuff. But didn't know if there even was such a kit or availability for actual Nissan/Datsun bolts/nuts OEM. 

This will make me sound like an opinionated asshole, but I absolutely detest hardware store fasteners used anywhere on an engine, transmission, axle, or body. Using hardware store hardware gives an amateur appearance to any build.  If the hardware on the engine is not broken or stripped (as Mike stated) you can clean it up using a variety of chemical and mechanical cleaning products.


I have an ultrasonic cleaner that I use for nuts, bolts, grommets, bushings, carb bodies, basically anything that will fit in the cleaner. Inside I use a mix of simple green and water and it will remove any amount of grime and even some scale. After that process, I have an assortment of threaded holders that I use in my cordless drill so that I can spin the fastener and clean it manually with a brass wire brush. These two methods will make any old fastener look new. Sometimes the plating is gone, in which case, I will blast the original hardware and paint it with the correct color for the fastener.


If you don't have an ultrasonic cleaner, you can simply soak the parts in the mixture in a bucket and brush them clean. Just don't let them soak too long or the chemical will remove the original plating.


Yes, I have very high standards when it comes to finish and originality of certain parts of the vehicle, but I feel that the extra time put in will show in the final product. Harware store nuts and bolts are the easy way to get everything shiny, but I'd rather have slightly worn looking original fasteners. There's an old saying in the industry - "you can restore something 100 times over, but it's only original once."


Here are some pics of some of the parts I have restored in my shop. All original hardware was used in the process.







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