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  1. Yes. Thanks. That's what I meant. But not just cover bolts. I suppose if I had to, I'd hit ACE up for miscellaneous stuff. But didn't know if there even was such a kit or availability for actual Nissan/Datsun bolts/nuts OEM.
  2. Copy that. I've always been a "just in case" sorta guy. Figured before I accidentally strip something, I'd have an on hand replacement. You're right though.
  3. As I'm on my first L20b rebuild, has anyone found complete engine bolt kits for the L motors like you can easily find others elsewhere for GM motor rebuilds?
  4. I tried to. It says you cannot receive messages. I'm such a forum noob. Still trying to figure out how to use the sites functions.
  5. first question is, how do I go about buying Beebani's disc brake changeover kit? Does he have a website or eBay account to find his brackets and parts?
  6. Thanks, I'll keep on posting as I need coaching now and then as we all do. 😉
  7. There's a ton of rust. Not cleaning it up for looks, but to prevent it from worsening. Here on the Oregon Coast, everything rusts. Not just over time, but nearly instantly. More rust would certainly deteriorate the 620 even worse.
  8. Hey there Datsun fanatics! I'm here out of Southern Oregon and recently bought my "dream truck". For a mere $500 I bought this 1976 King Cab Deluxe. My love for Datsun started back in 1979-80, when my older brother (who was then in high school) began to build and restore his Datsun 510. As he progressed, he ran his car in autocross and slalom at the old Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego ( now Qualcomm I believe). As I got my first ride in 1986, it was a handed down 1974 1200. Green, a little beat up, but fun! Second car, 75 B210 Hatchback. As I drove that, in rolls this pumpkin orange
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