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4x4 Nissan 720


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If 2wd the H-190 has a bolt in removable ring and pinion 3rd member. Looks something like this...




By unbolting the axles and pulling them out to the sides to disengage the side gear splines, the H-190 gear set can be unbolted from the axle housing as a unit and replaced. You can find them used in wrecking yards for $50- $100.  You might even try a want ad in the classifieds...  https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/ ... but you will need to specify the ratio you want  and where you want it sent to for shipping costs. To find the ratio look on the outer rim of the ring gear when you take it out. It might have stamped on it 35/8 or 35 divided by 9= 3.889. Alternatively look on the engine tag on the passenger side inner fender just below the hood hinge. On the bottom line it says TRANS/AXLE.... FS5W71B (or L3N71B if automatic) ...... HF38. The 38 identifies it as a 3.889 differential. A 37 would be a 3.700 and a 35 a 3.545 and so on.




You can't get just a pinion from Nissan but the R&P only as a set and nearly $700. Get one from a wreckers.

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