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weber carb throttle shaft

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anyone here on the forum ever had to replace the throttle shaft bushngs on the weber 32/36 dgev carb? i have air coming from around mine.I was thinking of replacing it with the pegusas throttle shaft bearing kit.i ave already replaced them before.any help on this matter is appreciated.

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The stock Weber does not have plastic bushings.

Those are seals.

The shaft turns right in the zinc casting, that's why they wear out. (one of the many short-comings of the weber)

When you install the sealed ball bearings, they serve double duty, of both sealing, and supporting the throttle shafts better.


You don't have to buy from Pegasus, those bearings are quite easy to find on-line.

They have an 8mm ID, 12mm OD, and 3.5mm wide.

Any RC car place probably has them, and they are all over eBay.

They slip right into the same space that the weber seals fit in.

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LoL, Have a closet full of RC stuff from the early '90s when I got my son into it.

Several early Kyosho cars, and a Losi JRZ-II, and about a half dozen matched battery packs with battery bugs still in the freezer...

The last time we used Futaba controller was in the late '90s to run a remote speed control for 1/25 high end slot car at a state points race where my son, who was leading the points had got banned from coming into the raceway.

The raceway owner, under pressure from 35+ racers from all over Texas, decided to allow my son to compete, without standing outside the building, looking in through the front window, and my son then won the largest turn out in state history.

Fun times, both the RCs, and Slots.

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Pegasus - 2 bearings and 2 screws for $20 + shipping.

eBay hobby section, or a hobby shop - 8 bearings for $11 to your door.

2 little metric screws - next to nothing, and if you had went with the high flow button head cap screws, maybe $5 a pack of 25 from any bolt house.


You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.....

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