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  1. I sourced a front windshield via a local shop that gets them from Mexico. Originally that was in '08 but about 4 years ago I had the same shop replace the windshield due to a crack. See if any of the shops in your area are able to source from there. The shop I used is AutoGlass Distributors (520) 573-1616 507 W Ajo Way, Tucson AZ. Give them a call if you need to and find out their connections maybe.
  2. I put in a 90 amp alternator from the 89-91 Nissan Maxima. I had to have an alternator shop put a V-Belt pulley on it, and they gave me a plug for the maxima alternator, then I had to cut part of the alterator mount area on the motor to fit I it I think. Works a treat though and is Internally Regulated. But if your car is electronic ignition you should already have an IR alternator, in which case just take the factory alternator to an alternator shop and have them rewire it for 90 amps at idle.
  3. Alright, since people seem to still be posting to this thread I might as well mention. If you bend up a 10mm box end to a 90 degree angle as seen in previous pictures, you can grind the outside circle of the box head down sufficiently to fit onto the 10mm nuts that hold the Hitachi down. The addition of using a magnet to magnetixe the mounting bolts and the nuts you are putting on is also helpful.
  4. The stock hitachi is a PITA to get off. Bending a 10mm wrench to 90 degrees helps a lot. Use the box end, but you will need to grind the outer edge of the box end ring down a bit for best fit (just a bit a time until it fits well). The weber 32/36 dgev if purchased for a A14 engine should work out of the box jet wise. Start by ensuring your float is adjusted to the correct measurements. 33mm holding vertically from edge of carb to bottom most point of float. 50-51mm when held horizontally (I think). Find the Weber tuning guide posted somewhere here in the forums and read, read, read. So you have the whole process down pat in your head. 1 1/2 turns out of the idle circuit to start with. Once the car is warmed up, turn the idle circuit out until the idle gets rough, then back in until it stumbles, then about halfway between those 2 points. Be sure your timing is at base 10-12 degrees advanced before starting this. And put in all new spark plugs. Then follow the rest of the tuning guide. If it takes more than 2 turns out for the idle circuit the jet is too small, but I doubt you will have that issue if there are no vacuum leaks and the float is adjusted correctly. Since you have no emissions you will want an EGR delete plate. Also premake you spare paper gaskets, as you will be changing these about every 6 months. As mentioned above the adapter bolts do like to come loose. I like to take the copper gasket spray and coat the paper and let it dry, helps prevent fuel from wetting the paper gaskets. You can keep the ceramic piece from the hitachi mounted, this will help keep some heat from transfering to the weber. I actually keep all the base mount pieces from the hitachi underneath my adapter. As for power, well if its and automatic nothing can help it. If it is a manual, maybe 5 more horsepower, better throttle response. And depending on driving style gas mileage may go up, or may go down.
  5. az_rat210

    Tie Rod question.

    I am wondering if the tie rods for the 79-92 210 will fit a 75 B210. From looking at the photos on rockauto the 210 tie rods are longer than the B210 rods, which makes sense as the 210 is wider than a B210. But I would think the diameter of the holes would be the same on the center link, the 210 assembly would just have to be screwed down further. Any one have thoughts on this, or first hand knowledge?
  6. My B210 has an insulator that went with the hitachi. I have been using it with my weber, but I have to make more gaskets when they dry out. My question is this: Will paper gaskets provide sufficient heat insulation between the intake and the weber so that I do not need to use the insulator? So instead of having a gasket-small heat shield - gasket - insulator - gasket - adapter - gasket - weber, I could just go gasket - adapter - gasket - weber? I do live in southern arizona, so that might be a considering factor. Thanks in Advance, az_rat
  7. Time Left: 4 days and 6 hours

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    I need an exterior door handle to fit a B210 73-78. RH/LH should be swappable, so either will work. Handle is about 160mm in length and mounting bolts are about 3.5 inches spacing center to center. Maybe if someone spots a B210 in a junkyard you could grab it for me. Mounting nuts are 10mm.


  8. One side not working is often the contacts within the switch assembly itself (although I have had a wire come off myself) not making complete contact on one side. A little sandpaper to clean them off fixes it.
  9. Nichola,


    My Drivers side door handle broke.  Would you sell me the other door handle from your parts car for $20.


    Let me know,


  10. I would go with the larger exhaust. 1.75 as mentioned above. This makes a noticeable difference in response. Not more HP, just better usage of what the stock motor has, due to less restriction. And you don't need to change the exhaust manifold. An additional cheap mod is to get an MSD Blaster II coil. Pull positive voltage direct from battery via a bosch relay (use positive to stock coil to power relay on). This change will increase you base idle by 200 rpm (due to better burn). Then adjust your idle down to stock settings. More advance can also improve you base response. Try 10 degrees TDC. Nothing improves the performance of a datsun automatic except switching to manual. My B210 has an A15 in it. But I purchased it from someone who had wrecked their B210. I believe the sumps are different from the B210 to the 210 and requires an oil pan mod to fit a B210. (but not positive on that).
  11. Thanks Mike for the response. Ya think this might work? https://www.1aauto.com/1980-86-datsun-d720-exterior-door-handle/i/1adhe00277?f=621342&y=1986&utm_campaign=gb_csv_br&utm_content=DHE&gclid=Cj0KCQiAzePjBRCRARIsAGkrSm6GSfEU6EPkZ4YXxtuDe_qriTknFOWj6y0lXGlUX-Zzzg87m-ko0loaAs2VEALw_wcB
  12. The curved part of the door handle broke on my B210. Are the door handles for all the datsuns the same? If so then I can just order one from any year/type body style with the pull-up handle, but if not then I need the B210 one. And does anyone have a handle they can or will spare? Thanks, James, Tucson AZ
  13. Some of these photos remind of being behind a Semi hauling a mobile home. Others make me wish I was 20 again.
  14. I did this on my A series head last year after I blew a head gasket. But I used a thick piece of sheet metal and glued the sandpaper to it. Then applied oil to the sandpaper to float away the dust, and used a figure 8 motion. Head went back on with no leaks (after I had to repull it and clean out the bolt holes better). Car has been running fine every since.
  15. Erm, I live in Tucson....ponder, ponder, ponder.......now how the fugg would I fit into my B210 hatchback?
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