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  1. I installed the pegasus bearings this past weekend and it is an awesome upgrade. Throttle shaft no longer sticks and idles down all the way.
  2. No, I bled it with a vacuum pump. And it is still hard and firm, makes for a nice leg work out. Problem is the datsun is my only vehicle. It's 3 buses to get to work and the bus shuts down before I get off, so a 10 mile walk home. *facepalm* Going to have to keep driving it until I can get in there and fix it, or take on a car payment so I can fix it. It does shift and drive fine, at least.
  3. He may not have more actual power, but increasing the exhaust size does allow the engine to breath better. Going to a 1.75 exhaust on mine improved throttle response and acceleration dramatically as I was no longer holding up traffic accelerating onto the interstate. p.s. A resonator before the muffler helps deepen the exhaust tone nicely. I paid $160 when I had mine done back in 08 which included piping, muffler and resonator (hope this helps with some idea of pricing as $600 is just licensed theft).
  4. I bled the clutch this morning and readjusted it. I seem to have good pedal height now and will see how it drives going to work. If the pedal is still hard then I think it will be time to enter the transmission. I have a spare clutch, just need to order a throwout bearing. Wish I had a spare flywheel I could take in and get resurfaced and trued up, just in case.
  5. I just wanted to post "Stay Healthy My Friends". God Bless each and everyone one of you. For myself, 5K mg Vitamin C everyday plus Sambucol. I work at a hospital so social distancing is rather difficult. Just be careful.
  6. More years than major miles. The clutch and master cylinder are several years old, the clutch was new when I put the transmission in back in 09 about. I have only put about 50K on the car. I have to work this afternoon (so gotta drive the car) but am planning on bleeding the clutch tomorrow morning (if i wake up in time). Thanks Mike, I knew I could count on you. Dear Lord I hope it is not a clutch spring, but I had forgotten about noise when a throwout bearing goes bad. No noise from mine.
  7. Was driving this morning and the clutch suddenly went from easy to hard to push on my Datsun B210 5 speed FS5W60A. Throw out bearing or could the slave cylinder cause that? The fluid level is fine. It has been a while since I bled the hydraulic clutch, but this was a sudden change while driving where one push to shift was easy and then the next one was hard, so no gradual overtime change. I will note that I had to replace my speedometer drive pinion gear and went from 75w120 gear oil to MT90 (from redline). Thats the only recent change to the tranny.
  8. Mike, thanks again for all the info. Sounds like the counterman was looking for an up sale opportunity. The stuff you pointed me to is different than what I kept getting hits on. Glad I asked or I might have ordered the wrong product.
  9. Ebay, a guy in Gallup, New Mexico is parting out several B210 and 210's. You may be able to get some donor strut assemblies from him.
  10. Surprised no one has responded to this. The key factors is what type of head the car has. The head type is stamped into the head inside of the top on spark plug side (if I remember correctly). Just removing the valve cover will allow you to see the head type which you can then Google to see if its a round port of Oval port head. B210's with an A14 generally came with an H89 Oval Port head. (the ports in question being intake ports). And now that I think of it, just looking at the intake where it meets the head will tell you round or oval.
  11. Actually I am reading fast. I had 185/65 R14s on the car which were larger and was 10% off; which was easy enough to calculate. I recently had to purchase new tires and after some research found that the 185/60 R14 matched the stock tire for height and rotations per mile. The stock tires turned 886 revs per mile and the 60s turn 887 per mile. Switching out to that shorter tire to match the original 13's in height caused the speedometer to up in variation. I tested this using the speed trap down the road from me and it now shows me doing 37 when speedometer reads 43 and at 50 on the speedometer I was reading somewhere around 43. So about 12-14%. The current transmission in my car is the FS5W60A standard pattern, and yep it is an auto differential. I did not know the differential was 3.88 though. I was thinking it was 3.9. Was just looking at datsun1200.com's speedo gear page and the default a 60 series would be 16T, so 16x.12 or .14 yields me a nearest teeth increase of 2. Guess I should by an 18T gear, that should at least bring me down to +/-3%. Mike are you able to link me the AC Delco oil you are using? If not then I might have to go with Red Line MT-90 75W90 (website says its GL-4).
  12. Additional question. Will the speedometer gear from a 1200 or Z car fit into an FS5W60A transmission (from a B310/210), and does anyone have the 210 shop manual that listed the stock speedometer gear ration? My manual list for the FS5W63A as a 16/5. Currently have about 12-14% difference in speedometer readings (prior to suddenly not having a speedometer).
  13. I usually push in at speedometer by holding the inside wire, never have had any problems with seating it. Going out this morning to see what I can achieve.
  14. I found this http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Instrument_Panel_Wiring Check the page it has information like below that might help you out.
  15. First thing I did was go back to midas parking lot, disconnect, reseat and reconnect the cable at both ends to no avail. Royal Purple claims their max gear oil is yellow metal safe (brass, bronze, copper). Stuff is expensive though. Thanks for all the input Mike, I knew I could count on you to help me straighten out my head and get me pointed correctly. Thanks very much for this, I probably would have broken the gear like I do door panels.
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