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  1. just wandering why nissan didn't use a double roller timing chain set up in the ka24 engine.did they think it might last to long and they not sell enough trucks or parts. just food for thought.
  2. nissan720

    price for dizzy

    i found a 1982 210 dizzy in a salvage yard about 2.5 hours from my house .i bought it and a dizzy from a 1981 maxima both for 75.00 gonna use the 210 for parts to build one for the lb20 .i have a matchbox housing for the lb20 already.both were complete.the 210 shaft is made different on the bottom. it doesn't have the slot machined in the bottom of the shaft.i am going back later when i got time to look around. told me he had over 3,000 cars.and the grass was cut and it was a very neat and clean yard.found another matchbox in a yard 45 minutes from my house.it was a little rusty,but had good breakerplate. paid 25.00 i try to look for salvage yards tucked away. i found a complete 620 sitting behind a house while out riding one Sunday after service.could not get up with the owner yet.will try to get up with him tommorrow.would be nice to add a 620 to go along with my 1984 720 equipped with a KA24E.
  3. well got fortunate today and found a dizzy out of a 1982 datsun 210 with 170,000 miles on it. Guyalso had some 1982 maxima dizzies as well so i picked up one of those for parts.he told me he had 3more maximas on the yard,but it was a little late when i got ther.its 2.15 hours one way from my house.i told him i would be back next Saturday morning. he has about 3500 cars .
  4. nissan720

    oil pan leak

    i went to the alvage yard and got one off of a 1997 and i used rtv where recommended
  5. nissan720

    EI dizzy

    Time Left: 8 days and 21 hours

    • WANTED
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    looking for a good EI dizzy.Let me know what you got.


  6. another question about the matchbox dizzy.I had to put a new pickup coil in my matchbox dizzy.i noticed the magnet had a crack in it.will this affect the performance.i noticed a litse mis at idle.

  7. Your right that’s just a plastic cage to hold the three balls. I cut the rivets out of the one I had that was broken.
  8. Thanks ,i set my ka24 with the matchbox dizzy at 12 and its working just fine for me. like i stated earlier vacuum advance plugged and so are ports on the weber.
  9. well left the vacuum advance unhooked ,plug the vacuum ports on the carb timing set to 10 and it runs really good .driving it everywhere again.thanks for all who chimed in .
  10. Bruh that is really nice and well thought out. Good Job!!!
  11. i want ever use it.just picked it up because it was there.but on the other hand i guess i could just keep it in case.is there any advantage in running an all brass distributor cap.
  12. i think that number is 22000-B8001
  13. is there any such thing as rebuilding a vacuum advance?i got one off of an old points distributor i picked up from the local salvage yard friday.i found a old points distributor in the truck bed of a 620.the tag on the fire wall said it was a lb20.the numbers on the distributor was D4A4-07.it was rusty so i put it in a can of evapo-rust to clean it.The shaft is stuck.so after i got the rust off. i sprayed the whole thing in PB blaster to hopefully free up the shaft.
  14. sent distributorguy a message and hr told me why they were made like that.
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