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  1. nissan720

    Excessive Window Rattle

    i used some felt channel parts from a 5002 frontier
  2. nissan720

    720 parts

    ok thank you.
  3. nissan720

    720 parts

    I know this is not the proper place.I do not yet have access to classifieds,but i do have a lot of nice 720 parts.PM me for details
  4. nissan720

    short road trip

    i made an adapter plate.It was easy.I worked as a machinist for 13 years at an aerospace company.My weber runs flawless and it is consistent.I can go our in 20 degree ,depress accelerator once walk back in the house.and yes i can tell a difference in performance.
  5. nissan720

    short road trip

    no, I did not document it .I got mounts off this site and rebuilt a ka out of a 92 hardbody made a custom plate to mount the weber.
  6. nissan720

    short road trip

    took the nissan 720 out on a 2 hour road trip to see my daughter in college.27 mpg with 4:11 gears and 32/36 weber. The engine is a ka24e .Using stock manifold with a 2.25 inch single inlet ,dual outlet magnaflow muffler.Exhaust system is 2.25 from the manifold high flow catalyst converter flowing into the muffler.Quiet just like i like it.Next to put torsion bars back into stock location and get dropped spindles.
  7. nissan720

    door weather strip

  8. nissan720

    door weather strip

    Yes its for the windows.One goes on the inside and one on the outside of each door.
  9. nissan720

    door weather strip

    Anybody here ever ordered any weather stripping for the outside glass off ebay?
  10. nissan720

    speedometer needle

    I scored a speedometer today at the local savage yard.It had a 104,664 miles on the truck.It had been wrecked.
  11. nissan720

    speedometer needle

    Where can you get a speedometer needle? Will one off a later model nissan truck work?
  12. nissan720

    Header ?

    doug thorley header for the 2wd 720 not available any longer.I have had mine for a few years now.I didn't use it because i did an engine swap.So its just a trophy piece now.
  13. nissan720

    Header ?

    well i have a doug thorley header,not on the truck.It seems to be well made,nice heavy gage tubing.it looks good.I used to have a pasesetter,don't waste time or money!!
  14. nissan720

    oil pan leak

    I found the source of my leak.It is coming from those 2 small o-rings behind the timing cover.My motor is the ka24e.I have change these 2 times already following manufacturers instructions.I am using an aftermarket timing cover made by Dorman.I really think I have a defective cover.Going to get a new one made by ITM anybody got any experience with there products?I found one in the local salvage yard off of a 1997.
  15. nissan720

    Wire a Frontier KA into a 720?

    i swapped an engine out of a 1994 nissan truck after i did a complete rebuild.Used the motormounts from J2eDeYe.Made a carburator adapter plate after plugging the fuel injector holes.Used a matchbox dizzy out of a 1979 620.I did this to my 720,best move i could have made.Noticiable improvement.Using a weber 32/36.All i can say is fun,fun,fun especially since i have 4:11 gears in the rear!!

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