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  1. nissan720


    was someone hear looking for a 720 dash black in color?
  2. nissan720


    i will give them a try .thanks
  3. Time Left: 12 days and 23 hours

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    Datsun tailgate in great condition. Listing for a friend. It’s located in California. 200.00 plus shipping cost contact him at 619-867-3690


    California , California - US

  4. nissan720


    well after searching the internet and calling different companies that claim to fix broken tachs.they all told me they did not work on foriegn car instruments.bunch of bull and false advertising.only worked on classic cars.well what is a 1984 nissan truck?
  5. nissan720


    Well contacted the people in SC they don’t do tach repair on 84 Nissan truck
  6. nissan720


    found a place in greenville sc that does tach repair.D&M Restoration its only 5 hours from me which i will ship it to them.
  7. nissan720


    tried what you told me Datzenmike.It read 6.8 volts wuth my voltmeter.So i gess the problem is the tach itself.I aint complaining.To quit working after 35 years aint bad at all. just look around at the local salvage yards.Found some 720's at the local salvage yard ,but no tachs.
  8. nissan720


    thanks datzenmike.I will try that tommorrow .I am off work so i can trouble shoot some.
  9. nissan720


    Thanks datzenmike
  10. nissan720


    my factory tach stop working.i know you can't find replacement nissan.what is the next best option?
  11. anyone here every bought one of these dizzy by a1 cardone? Looking for some feedback .I may have to purchase one from them.Mine is worn prettg goood,but after 40 years who can complain?Summit racing is offering it for 85.00.This is my daily driver and i need to get a replacement asap.found one in a local salvage yard original used,but it was in as bad a shape as mine was.its for my 620.any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. i put a ka24e in my 84 720.I used a matchbox dizzy from a 79 datsun 620.the situation i have now is that distridutor needs replacing.It has a lot of play in the shaft.Where can you buy another distributor get parts to rebuild this one?Any help is greatly appreciated.This is a daily driver vehicle for me.
  13. well i meant to ask,will the transmission from a 1982 datsun 200sx fit a 1984 nissan 720.sorry for not wording the question correctly.
  14. will the transmission from a 1982 5 speed fit the 720.would the shifter location be the same?
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