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  1. thanks for the reply,i will check for vacuum leaks.i am going to replace all the vacuum lines to.
  2. okay i will try that tommorrow thank you
  3. Okay I will check that thanks for the response.
  4. truck cranks and runs as long as you keep your foot on the gas pedal.As soon as you take your foot off gas truck cuts off.won't ilde weber 32/36
  5. it is cast i will look tomorrow for the 5a I bought this from 20 years ago from performance parts in New york.On the dgev the emulsion tubes have stamps on them.My father was disassembling the carb .He turned it upside and the tubes fell out one has f66 stamped on it.not sure what the other one has because i cannot read the stamping.is there anywhere i can get a repair or rebuild manual detailing these locations ?Just trying to get my 720 rolling again.i looked and DGAV S32 is stamped in the carb base.I also noticed that the primary jet and secondary jet were both stamped 135?
  6. It has made in Spain stamped on the carb just below the fuel inlet on the left side.
  7. how many times can you rebuild a weber 32/36 dgev? Ive rebuilt mine once before.ihave had it for 20 years.Should i just buy a new one? i plan on keeping the truck.I have replaced the throttle shaft bushings with bearing kit.i have noticed a little difference in the performance over the years.I know nothing last forever.Just wondering if itss time to just get a new one.
  8. i can actually see the gas in the top of the carb.fuel pressure regulator is reading 3 psi.What makes the float sink? Do i need to replace it with a new float?
  9. got everthing sorted out.thanks for the input.did find out that i needed a carburetor. i have a weber 32/36 dgev. i may have to do a rebuild kit.its flooding really bad. any suggestions?
  10. its a ka24e.the shop called me and told me that the truck wouldn;t crank.it has a carburator on it.it will crank up and cut rightback off.i went down to check out what the guy was telling me.and sure nough.it would crank up but would not remain running.checked the fuel pump.
  11. had my distributor changed by a reputable shop.Now my truck will not crank.it's a ka23e i put into my 84 720. i used a dizzy out of a 79 datsun.what happen was my dizzy went bad took it to shop to have it replaced.guy at shop used same kind of dizzy.now truck won'tt crank.any help is appreciated.crnked smooth at first ,now it tries to rurn over hard.
  12. Thank you gentlemen for your responses. I will be picking up one for sure. Again I say thanks.
  13. look at local napa and no success. will a advance from a 1979 DATSun 210 work? I FOUND ONE FOR A 1980 2.0L WILLthat work?
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