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  1. With vacuum advance disconnected what should timing be set on? This is a ka24e motor with a lb20 distributor. I don’t know if this makes a difference.
  2. Thanks for the response Datzenmike
  3. why does my truck perform better with the vacuum advance capped off? As soon as i plug it up it runs rough. doesn't take gas to good under acceleration?
  4. whats the best spark plug for ka24 carburated?
  5. problem solved. had vacuum advance plug into wrong port.
  6. I will try it tomorrow after work.
  7. No not putting gas pedal to the floor while going through the gears. Just only once I get to cruising speed I put the pedal to the floor to keep the truck from cutting off
  8. Okay it accelerates through the gears fine. When I get to cruising speed around 60 it starts to miss. I have to push the pedal almost to the floor to keep it going
  9. Changed the fuel filter. No change in the way of performance. Still chasing this gremlin!
  10. thank you datzenmike for the explanation. Another question. My car idles good around 700 rpm.When i go to accelerate it accelerates really good.When i try to get to cruising speed,its It cuts back.Like it don't want to take the gas?
  11. What causes condensation at base of the carb.I noticed it when i let the engine get warm for about ten minutes.I have a weber 32/36 progressive carb on it.I also have a custom plate made to swith it from fuel injection.It has a ka24e engine.Could this be a vacuum leak? I sprayed carb spray at the base of the carb and the engine sound nor RPMs changed.??
  12. thanks thats what i did
  13. i have tried that and it is not holding.
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