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Those stories you hear from previous Datsun people.

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On 1/16/2019 at 10:50 AM, Seeker > 620 KC said:

Hey Emanistan

My 620 doesn't need as serious repairs as yours, and it's been off the road 5 years due to my old age and financial situation! I hear exactly what you're talking about, wanting to get her on the road sooner than years later.


Just be sure to find someone who has some familiarity with Datsun's or is an old school mechanic vs. a tech who simply swaps parts in/out. I've had some really bad work done by a couple local "professionals."  One was an alignment shop who installed lower A arm bushings and a front sway bar kit. They drove the lower bushing in from the front vs. the back, and shredded the outer edge of it. And the sway bar kit was the wrong one with over length bolts. They did not compare the old ones to the new ones to ensured they matched,  and installed them anyway. The nuts bottomed out on the over-length bolts and luckily they rattled as I drove it home.  Otherwise I would have kept driving it and wouldn't have jacked it up to check their work. Lesson learned.


I'd like to drive the 620 to the new Powerland Event that is replacing Canby this year (the second weekend in June), but I doubt  I will get it completed in time.  Hopefully, I can get the dash back in my 200sx and drive it there instead. If so, I'll give you a shout and maybe we can meet up as I drive through your neck of the woods on my way up?  Maybe you'll come to Powerland too?


Last, Perhaps the guy in your story whose eyes were misting up... was  because he was remembering riding in the back of the police car? lol


Thanks Seeker. I've had worries about just the sort of things you're talking about, but luckily I live in an area with a lot of old-school mechanics and restoration shops, and the bottom line is, I'm determined not to be one of those guys with a stripped rusting out hulk in their driveway that they've been saying they're going to restore for all the decades since they had it hauled home. If something isn't done right and it has to be fixed, it's better than having a once good car hopelessly rust away because I didn't have the time or skills to get to it.


I think I'll definitely go to Powerland this summer, and...is this Hugh I'm talking to? I've been shut out of the forum so long I forget your screen name and I'm to lazy to check my old messages at the moment...anyway, whoever you are, I'd love to meet up as you head this way. If this is Hugh, I emailed you my number.

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