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  1. Been enjoying your adventures along the way to your first victory, this corona business is really sucking and a shame that it is ruining our racing so far this year. Hoping that you might be able to keep up with your journalistic skills and do some inside stories on the front sway bar, brake set-up, flare install, and your rack and pinion steering. Had the pleasure of joining a team to do a Champcar race at Daytona, your thread has me fired up to find another team or else try and start my own team.
  2. A lot of people run into fitment issues when putting seats in the Z due to mounting points being narrow as well as door interfering with shoulder supports on some seats. Have Celica seats in m 620 which are pretty comfortable and should be a good match for the Z. As you say in your post price is not an issue, Corbeau and some of the other seat manufacturers have some vintage lines that look real sweet in the Z
  3. Had a great time there and having the opportunity to hang with friends and make new friends, brought my 620 that is a tribute to the first 510 to compete in a FIA event in 1970 at Daytona where it was the first Datsun to race at the 24 hour race. 510 was built by Don Kearney at his shop in Clearwater Florida called Dons Foreign Auto, car was given to Clearwater Datsun for them to compete at Daytona.
  4. There is a company called Pilkinton that does classic glass your farmer guy wasnt totally bsing, the other alternative is cheap chinese glass.
  5. Where did you get the replacement grease boots, they look good
  6. Would the NGK wires be spiral core or solid for my wagon and the Magnecor wires be spiral or solid for track 510? Been following the extra stuff that popped up on my original thread with an interest to changing the distributor on my 510 to the HEI type distributor.
  7. RJRACIN240

    Nissan 240RS

    Don't forget all the Plexiglas windows with the Nissan seal on them and the reinforcements built into the body, very unique car.
  8. Not sure if I saw you there, I had the Blue 510 in front of the Nismo trailers with the BRE rally Z and Bill Coffeys 240Z race car
  9. That is a mouthful for a title, here is the nitty gritty for the Amelia Island Concourse de Elegance being held on the weekend of 10-12 March in Fernandina Fl; On March 10th Adam Carolla is putting on a Seminar with racers and teams from back in the days of racing Datsuns, this panel is to include Pete Brock, John Morton, Sam Posey, and Chip Robinson. The following day Saturday the 11th the Cars and Coffee event will be held with a big emphasis on Japanese cars, my 510 has been invited as well as several of my other friends Datsun Z's. So if you can make it out should be well worth the visit, stop by and say to us.
  10. Thanks Datzenmike for the input. After getting the Hotspark distributor I wound up with a 78 620 camper, it has the electronic distributor you were mentioning. Unfortunately the distributor in this truck is toast and unusable, a Rockauto distributor is cheap enough like mentioned @ $110, however you still need to buy the ICM at $100-180 so this almost doubles the cost on the Hotspark. Did receive a distributor cap and rotor in the mail yesterday that was ordered against a 70 521 pick-up. This cap did not have the tab that the other early distributor caps for L16 motors have that I had ordered for later 521 and 510's and wound up fitting perfect. The L20 caps for the 74, 75, and 78 620 pick up I have did not work due to the difference in height for the clips to hold the cap down. So if you get a hotspark distributor in the future, a very early distributor cap and rotor for a 521 pickup will fit it. Interested and curious to see if there will be much difference in performance for this distributor versus stock or not. When I get around to putting it in and trying it out will make a post and let you all know if it is worth the time.
  11. Lockleaf thanks for the positive replies, will use the information you have given me to order one for the early 200SX and hopefully find that it gives me a good fit.
  12. Thought there would be some respect on this web site for each other unfortunately can see that is not necessarily true. So when you take a look at the P/N number posted on hotspark web site and do a search for it, it lists the application for a 521 pickup. AS I MENTIONED TRIED A EARLY 70's DATSUN CAP FOR A L SERIES MOTOR AND HAD ISSUES WITH FIT DUE TO A TAB THAT PROTRUDES. The cap I tried, covered the 521 pickup as well as the 510/610/620 L-16 powered cars applicable to the P/N provided to Hotspark. So for all those that are having a bad day and want to lash out, please keep your comments to yourself unless you have something constructive to say. Those that want to help, thank you ahead of time for your constructive input.
  13. So I bought one of these distributors, trying to figure out what distributor cap and rotor to use as a replacement. trying to get an answer from vendor is hopeless. Anyone purchase one and what are you using for a replacement cap and rotor, distributor covers a wide range of L-4 motors, found 70 model years are closest, however these caps have a tab on them that interferes with rubber gasket at base of cap causing cap to sit cocked and rotor to bind. http://www.hot-spark.com/1-HS-HIT4-Distributor.htm Have not hooked it up yet so not sure how it performs, so any comments is appreciated?
  14. Those old Datsun license plate frames are definitely a cool addition to a truck or car from that time period. Sent you a PM about some parts, looking forward to reading more about your projects. Both trucks look really sweet.
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