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1979 stock single barrel hitachi carburetor rebuild

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Gonna do a rebuild and wanted to find out any tips and tricks to rebuilding these carbs. Any info on upgrading the jetting and sizes would be great. Thanks

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Thoroughly  clean outside of carb


Couple of undisturbed hours.

Large table with newspaper covering.

Egg containers to hold small parts.

Digital camera to record disassembly to help with assembly.

Clean rags, carb spray,

Philips screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, flat blade screwdriver (wide and thin) 12mm box end wrench, old toothbrush, brass wire brush, dental pick,


I've pulled apart over a dozen Datsun carbs and only cleaned and adjusted them. Never changed the gaskets because they didn't need it. Dirt and previous owner meddling with setting (and missing parts) were always the problem. 



The jets are already selected for proper mixture and performance don't mess with them it's not needed.

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^^ All that and you will be fine .


  Keep work station CLEAN and ORGANIZED ... Make sure every internal orifice is blown out with carb cleaner and/or air.







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OR just do it outside,,  on a hunk of cardboard, and plastic tote lid ,,, on a broken down flatbed,  whilst sitting on a five gallon plastic bucket.     :lol:  .












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Be aware here are two little steel check balls - one under the accelerator pump and the second under a brass plug near the accelerator pump (carb top must be off to see this plug). If you aren't watching for these when you tear down the carb, either can escape into the world and you may not ever know they were in the carb. Then your accelerator pump won't work which is maddening.


Make sure your small venturis (I think that is the correct name. The round ring thingy on a stalk in the center of each of the carb barrels) are tight in the carb body. There were two version of these. One used screws from the top down into the carb body to hold the venturi assembly in place. The other used a single set screw through the side of the carb body to hold the venturi. I believe was a Cali smog carb but of course some of those may have escaped from Cali over the years. This style has been known to loosen up over time and cause problems. Hopefully you will have the screws-from-the-top version and have nothing to worry about.



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get a big cat box so when these parts fly they be enclosed on the box



the day you go to a weber is the day youll be set FREE!!!!!!!!! But if you can get it the stock carbs are nice quiet, smooth

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Thanks again all gonna go for it this weekend

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